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  1. We go way back on forums together & yet again, i agree wholeheartedly. I still think that academics play a roll but let’s not fool ourselves into thinking every player on bama, clemson and osu are “dumbasses”. As far as developing players, you’re spot-on. I remember reading an SI article,MANY years ago, about how Nick, Les & maybe some others often recruited quite a few “athletes” as position in Rivals & Scout. These athletes were recruited and developed as needed. I’d venture to say you’d better be one helluva coach with one helluva developing system & personnel
  2. Merry Christmas and peace be with you and your family & friends
  3. I’m not sure why so many don’t see this. Create a bubble, call it almighty. Then, when teams lose, restate how tough the mighty bubble is, within and how much more of a testament such games are to the proclamation. In-turn, keep 1 & 2 loss teams of the bubble within reach of a potential playoff, just in case the power team of the bubble trips up, you still have bubble teams ready for insertion.
  4. I’m hearing rumors of the Rose Bowl game being played at a diff venue
  5. Ugh! It’s tough enough to sit in a restaurant near one
  6. I still get so disgusted with that Tulsa game. The program was so ridiculously out of control at that point. That one senior day where the student body threw snowballs at the players was pretty bad as well.
  7. I’d like tonsay losing streak brlken by Navy. But This: https://www.espn.com/college-football/matchup?gameId=303030087
  8. I’m in this dogleg near lake lewisville. Postal says aubrey, but wedged at lil elm & prosper
  9. Thnx fellas. I do like hitting Frisco to eat and drink, then check out the porsches, lambos, etc
  10. I think our players looked better conditioned. That’s HUGE
  11. We’ve seen this team fold so many times in the last 27 yrs, it’s hard not to do what you did. I kept watching that clock & kept beginning to believe. Set my phone down to avoid the negative tendencies I usually spew in the front page chat and just breathed. Damn them officials Damn them! Again, and again and again. Not just as a Fighting Irish fan but as a college football fan! But then the boys in Blue & Gold took over the reigns of their destiny & became authentic and classic Fighting Irish football players. Thunder shook down....
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