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  1. Imo it’s one reason and one reason alone. Ticket prices! Why pay a stupid amount for a ticket when you can stay home with family and friends, have a few drinks during the game, and watch it on a 70 inch tv in a full home theater. It’s not just nd facing this problem. All sports venues with stupid ticket prices have an issue with this.
  2. The guards suck right now. Their technique is awful. They are not firing off the ball and when they make contact they quit moving their feet. That is horrible technique. I urge anybody to go back and look at maddens last year film and compare it to this years film. His technique was better last year. Tash Baker was actually pretty good. the only time he had trouble was on the speed rush like what was mentioned above. His technique was bad. He was hopping instead of taking long strides. Lugg was doing the exact same thing. I don’t have a Whole lot of faith that the technique is going to get cleaned up. by the way, Carmody needs to be moved inside. he’s not a tackle. He is physical however.
  3. I don't think that's true. I think ND is a program now that is in reload mode. The problem is we have an abomination of an OL coach and a new DC that is bringing a different scheme that needs some time to settle in. In my opinion the talent is there.
  4. I have to disagree. What hurts the run game is that our oline sucks a**. Lol.
  5. I have no problem with Rees. I like what he has been doing. Quinn - Not so much.
  6. Quinn absolutely must go. I can live with a young line that makes assignment mistakes. What I can't live with is a line that doesn't fire off the ball and is not aggressive. They come off the ball and catch instead of deliver the blow. This is why they are getting blown up. The biggest loss from this team this year was Chris Watt. Even though he was a graduate assistant, he had a great influence over that line last year. He brought an aggressive mentality that he was teaching these guys. Now he is Tulane's Oline coach. In my opinion huge loss. He leaves and these guys revert to a soft mentality.
  7. One game. A road game against a good team with a new defensive scheme. That’s a tough ask to come out and dominate. There were some good things. Many things to get better. When they got up 18 they were conservative across-the-board. It turned out to be a huge mistake. That may not have been Freemans call to go three upfront. What I believe, is that these coaches are going to figure it out. They have some things to fix, and I think they will. One of the big things They need to figure out and change is how they shuffled guys in and out. If they recognize that it was a problem, that’s a pretty easy fix. I don’t know if you guys realized, but when that guy ripped off the 89 yard touchdown run most everyone in there was a second teamer. Hopefully they are going to realize that you can’t trade out first team for second team altogether. Again easy fix if they recognize it.
  8. I also believe that we went Very conservative when we got up by 18 on both offense and defense. We didn’t go consistently 3-D lineman until we got up by 18. I felt like that was our prevent defense. Terrible! Yes the will needs to be better. Clark Lee was a master at in game and halftime adjustments. Freeman is going to have to show that he can do that. Plain and simple he got outcoached in the second half. This defense has athletes and skill players to be great. They just need to figure it all out. I think they can.
  9. He did not mean freeman would be next Nd coach. Kelly is very careful with what he says. There is no way he would slip up like that. Plus there is no way swarbrick would have promised freeman to be the successor just like that. The guy that wrote that article is really stretching this one to get eyes on his work.
  10. It sounds like a lot of quick passes to allow playmakers to make plays, also so the rush won't have time to get there. Williams and Tyree can also catch well out the backfield. This should actually help the line. Coan is very good at having a quick release and getting the ball on target.
  11. Listening to Rees this off season makes me think that they are going to be aggressive on offense. IT sounds like Coan is going to be getting the ball out quick and letting his guys make plays. You could see some Rpo’s as well. I’m very excited to see this offense this year. I’m fine with the punt return. The rule changes have not been conducive to having big returns. Just No turnovers. I love this wr group. They are extremely talented and can be explosive. They just have to stay healthy. If Nd feels the need to play many freshmen a lot, then it will not be the kind of year I think they can have.
  12. I really like Angelli a lot. It looks like he may have great intangibles that will help him succeed as a qb. I'm calling it now. I think he is going to be a special player at ND.
  13. According to Driskal, after he received db offers, ND asked him if he wanted to play def. He told them he wanted to play wr.
  14. Notre Dame is going to end up doing what everybody else is doing. That is what ever scenario is going to make them the most money.
  15. It’s strictly about money. Period. Which is very sad. Apparently they would stand to make about 15 million more a year than they do now.
  16. My favorite takeaway was at the end of the Irish breakdown interview, when rees said that he would consider it a disappointing year if he wasn’t more aggressive. He said he wants to go for the jugular and have a more aggressive overall attitude/game plan.
  17. Pat has also played a very big role in this run as well. Arguably the most valuable role player of the finals. Great for him. I loved his game at ND.
  18. Too bad. I think he can be a stud. I just wish he had the confidence in his abilities to fight for a spot at a school he clearly wanted to go to.
  19. Interesting article on singleton and how close he was to committing to ND. They may not flip him, but I hope they stay on him. Nothing to lose. https://www.readingeagle.com/sports/high-school-sports/gov-mifflins-nick-singleton-almost-committed-to-notre-dame-not-penn-state/article_d1e749aa-e0e3-11eb-9d48-bfee2cd6adbc.html here is a little excerpt from the article. Head coach Brian Kelly and his staff pulled out all the stops. Singleton bonded with the players. He spent time at Kelly's lake house. He was assured he was the program's No. 1 priority at running back. He was told he'd be set for life with a degree from Notre Dame. “(Coach Kelly) was telling me I could be the next back to take (them) to a national championship,” Singleton told Irish Illustrated.com shortly after his visit. “I really took that to mind.” He was ready to commit before leaving campus. He called his father. Tim Singleton advised his middle son to hold off. He urged him to complete his June recruiting sweep, to take planned stops to Alabama and Texas A&M, before making a final call.
  20. I think they would probably be done except for continuing to pursue singleton. He really likes Notre Dame and from what I’ve heard he may have even told them that he was in after his visit. I think if he chooses PSU the pressure of staying home was too much. Knowing he really likes ND they might have a shot at flipping him if they stay on him.
  21. I’m pretty sure sneed, Pope, and singleton are already wrapped up. Just not public.
  22. Jake “POPE” Ends his tweet with God bless? Come on, it can’t be anybody else right?
  23. Screw that! Basketball in the winter! No reason why the basketball program shouldn’t be better than it is.
  24. According to driskel’s sources They made up ground on the schools in the lead. They had him hang out with Fisher a ton. They used Fisher as a selling point. They showed him how guys like Eichenberg started at right tackle, moved to left tackle for a year or two and became high round picks. and yes it sounds like the longer this one goes the better for Notre Dame.
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