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  1. Take it for what it is worth but I have heard that Lewis has worked very hard in the off-season and has become much better and stronger. It also sounds like Mickey will definitely get some playing time.
  2. I agree Golson on game one I expect him to be a dynamic qb that is able to run and throw. I also expect him to throw downfield, look to throw receivers open and take some chances. Those chances will result in more int’s than we are used to, but I also believe it will give us more big plays through the air than we have been accustomed to. i might be in the minority though for game 1. I think he is going to shine against O$U. Could he have an int or 2 sure, but I look for him to make some big plays and the offense put up points in the 30’s.
  3. Haha. Sounds like we are listening to different people. You don’t think I’ve listened to factual reporting? I have acknowledged that he has to prove it and that he isn’t perfect. I know he has things to work on. I just know that I have heard he also looks very good. And of course it will play out. Yes it has been reported routes were run wrong. You also like to cherry pick things I say. I said some of the miscues were receivers, not all.
  4. In my opinion it is a competition in name only. Those 2 are not close to neck and neck. Buchner is taking most of the first team reps.
  5. Lol. Not shifting blame. It’s a fact. Not all incompletions are the qbs fault. A source I listened to said that some of that was very much on the receivers. He said buchner put the ball where it was supposed to be and that the receivers weren’t there for different reasons. They said they saw that on a few occasions. Just reporting what I heard. Do with it what you want.
  6. You also have to remember that not all of those accuracy issues are his fault. Being early on in full camp wide receivers aren’t always running the right routes or running them correctly.
  7. I’m hearing great things about tuihalamaka and Bauer might end up being the odd man out. Not because he’s bad but because tuihalamaka is just that good.
  8. Tuihalamaka is going to get his fair share of time. He might even be starting by midseason.
  9. Lol. Perspective I guess. Everything I posted is also reality based on what I've heard and read. It's not pumping sunshine. It's what has been reported and seen. Of course he will grow and develop this year. I guess I think he will start the year farther along than you do based on what I have heard and read. We shall see.
  10. I agree with this, and raridon won’t be far behind.
  11. Agree. I’ve heard he’s getting passed by other guys and right now is running more with the threes.
  12. Lol. You are cherry picking everything negative. I believe there is nothing I can say that will give you optimism that Buchner is the real deal so I will stop trying. I for one look forward to seeing him play and lighting it up this year. Go Irish.
  13. I will agree to disagree with you that his ability and skill set are not elite. His ceiling imo is an elite QB at the college level. I agree with you that he certainly has a lot to prove with his passing on Saturday's, but there is evidence that he is much closer to doing that than not. IMO some of these guys that report on ND football are clowns. I have listened to many different ND media members for a while now and to me hands down the best is Driskell and his team. They know the game of football and exactly what they are looking at, and are fair and honest in assessment. I listened to many podcasts of theirs (I highly recommend by the way) this spring and summer and this is what they saw and came away with. Buchner has shown great feet, an ability to throw on the run, hit deep balls accurately, throw receivers open, and throw from different arm slots. Throwing short routes consistently has given him some trouble, but all accounts are that he has worked hard on that and has gotten better. Driskell’s team has said that Buchner is the number one hands down both in the eye test and, their words, "He got 90% of the 1st team reps in practice on Friday." Also, Freeman's not stupid. If I were him, I would absolutely downplay Buchner's ability to throw. Then come Sept. 3rd and Bam here you go.
  14. Book got drafted! He was no where near an nfl caliber qb when he came into college. Rees developed the hell out of him. Unfortunately he had limitations and refused to trust himself. A coach can only do so much, imo to say book was undeveloped is not accurate.
  15. I think you are completely underrating Buchner. First off, he is their qb 1 and it isn’t even close. Marcus is just doing what he needs to do and say to the media. Buchner was a high 4 star/5 star. His ability to change a game with his legs and throwing ability could be unparalleled in his time in college. Imo there is no way Pyne is a better pssser than Buchner. I hope you are pleasantly surprised by him this year. He has the ability to be an absolute stud. It sounds like his foot work was top notch and decision making was strong in the first practice. He also has the ability to throw receivers open. Now does he have to prove it on Saturdays. Absolutely! But I for one am extremely excited for what Buchner brings to the table.
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