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  1. I’m going with Hinish’s little brother Donovan.
  2. I would argue that he has a better job at Loyola. Loyola's number one sport priority is basketball. They have at least as good of basketball facilities as ND and he makes about the same salary. ND is going to have a really hard time bringing in a good proven basketball coach.
  3. Losing Patterson and the girl from South Bend Washington are tough recruiting losses for the 22' class, but It's only been 1 year. I'm not throwing in the towel on her yet. She needs to bring in the 23' class top 10 player from South Bend Washington.
  4. Women's basketball has been very liberal with the distribution of 5 stars. 46 girls were 5 star players in that freshman recruiting class. Lol. 7 of the 11 players still on the roster are 5 stars. Espn has finally started to be more conservative in giving out 5 stars starting with the 21 class.
  5. Not alarming or surprising at all. They all saw the writing on the wall. They aren't going to play. This team has a ton of girls with a lot of eligibility. I'm not concerned about those defections.
  6. Higher rated according to who? ND has their own board. They could give two $%#&$ less what players' star rankings are. That means nothing to them, so maybe they did get a highly ranked player.
  7. 1st top 25 win in over 3 years. I'm very indifferent about this win. They came to play when they had nothing to lose. They have been so disappointing, and this win just shows that they should have been so much better this year.
  8. From the sounds of it, my take is not a popular one but I really like this pick up. I think there is a lot to like here. The ball comes out of his hand with some zip and quickly. He is big and mobile. He is accurate with the ball and is said to have great mechanics with an easy fluid throwing motion. He’s also said to have a good head on his shoulders and great attitude and work ethic. He is also said to be able to make all the throws. The one knock on him is at this point he doesn’t have “elite” arm strength. I saw that 40 yard plus throw that he made rolling to his left and throwing across
  9. You can trash Brey all you want. I've done my fair share of it in the past, but have you met Jack Swarbrick. A long time ago I came to grips with the fact that Brey is going nowhere until he wants to. It's that simple.
  10. Well, not sure you read my post but that's ok. I am far from a Brey apologist. :rofl:
  11. Of course I watched the game. They had more than one or two turnovers because of the press. They also allowed the press to speed them up and get them completely out of their offensive rhythm. If they would have broken the press like they should have, and made easy baskets or gotten into their set offense, they would have won the game bad defense and all. Like I said the same thing happened at Georgia Tech as soon as the Yellow Jackets ratcheted up the full court press. Plus, who said they were well coached? no one. Lol. but you also have to blame the players as well. Brey has had tea
  12. Wrong. It was completely the press. They didn’t start losing their lead until Syracuse started the press. It was the same story at Georgia Tech.
  13. They can’t handle the press. You never pressed breys good teams in the past because they broke it easily and would make You pay. This team keeps throwing the ball in the corner. Ryan is beyond weak with the ball on the press and hubb panics.
  14. Hmmm interesting. So who is she going to take minutes from? Brunell, Vaughn, Raheem, Marshall? Westbeld also offers some size and post play. They don't need more bodies for next year, they just need to keep who they have healthy and develop them. It makes me think not all of those girls will be back.
  15. He was a pompous arrogant ***. Good riddance.
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