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  1. I doubt anyone else knows the inside scoop. Be patient. Driskell will share it when freeling commits. I’m assuming that’s where you got the info.
  2. I think ND has another blowout. USC is a 4 win team that will still be awful in the trenches. I think Riley is overrated personally. His defenses were weak. We will see but I'm not buying him totally turning around USC.
  3. No. It was an unofficial. Nothing to see here.
  4. Moore is still very much in play. He loves ND. From everything that I have heard and read, Carr's guidance around him guided him in a way that allowed him to see everything he wanted and make the choice that HE felt was best for him. No pressure was put on Carr to go certain places. Moore has some guidance around him that may not necessarily be looking out for his best interests. Let's leave it at that. I think we have to be careful judging these kids. They have many outside forces in their ear that aren't always on the up and up. It has to be very stressful picking and knowing who they can trust and who they can't.
  5. According to driskal’s podcast, ND told irvin that they didn’t have room for him anymore.
  6. You may not see Angeli anymore than you would have. I believe Pyne is going to be the starter for both the blue and gold teams.
  7. Here’s the way I see it. If it is just a 4 team playoff, Notre Dame just made their margin of error smaller than it already was. With not playing a championship game, and only having 12 games, they did have the fact that none of them were FCS teams and many of the teams that were playing in championships had an FCS team on their schedule. So in essence ND played the same amount of games as everybody else. For the year that they play Tennessee State, they cannot say that. It will be even tougher as an 11-1 team with other 11-1 or 12-1 teams to make it in a 4 team playoff.
  8. Recruiting also might become a little easier once the word is out about freeman and they win. Here’s the thing, freeman is being genuine with these boys and selling the hell out of the positives of ND. BK never did that. That is why he didn’t recruit tremendously. I do agree that everything will eventually take a toll and he may not stay 12 years, but I’m not giving BK that excuse. I would push back on the word great. To do great things would be to have won a championship or very close. In my opinion his teams weren’t close to beating the best. I know they got to the playoffs but no realistic chance to win. I think he did good to very good things for the program. Now, Those things were done to make himself look good and further his career, but they did help the program. I will say though that he might have done one great thing (quite possibly his best thing). He brought freeman to ND! That might be his legacy for me.
  9. And I love every minute of it. That jackass was taking shots at the players. bryan driskell wrote a great article responding to Kelly’s nonsense. https://www.si.com/college/notredame/.amp/football/brian-kelly-didnt-win-at-notre-dame-because-of-brian-kelly-not-notre-dame
  10. When he publicly commits to ND, he is going to set off a chain reaction of incredible offensive commits.
  11. Agreed. It would be very hard to do. I think Rees and the staff have handled this qb situtjust about as well as you can.
  12. I’m just telling you Ive heard they have always been and still are in contact with him. He knows where they stand and vice versa. I think rees and company have done a great job maneuvering through this situation. Also, I would not be shocked if Dante was a silent commit and he was aware of that.
  13. He is not scorned. Nd has been completely up front with him, and I’m not sure I completely believe they are trying to bring him on campus now. I still believe that ND is completely in the drivers seat with Dante.
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