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  1. Here’s a great video of shephard. https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&hl=en-us&tbm=vid&q=jamarcus+shepard+video&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiipqrN8ar1AhUNCs0KHc5zBwoQ8ccDKAJ6BAgGEAU&biw=390&bih=664&dpr=3#fpstate=ive&vld=cid:38c846e8,vid:H4cpgsSwZWY,st:0
  2. Not crazy about this one or quite understand it, especially if they bring in the transfer from Northwestern. Don’t see a spot for him in regards to playing time. I see him fifth on the depth chart, if the guy from Northwestern comes in.
  3. That looked a little cold between Hiestand and Kelly. Hell Kelly, this guy and your offensive line are the best in the country. Be excited. That clip (and I know it might be cherry picking) substantiates the rumors that Hiestand and Kelly did not get long/see eye to eye.
  4. Not saying you’re wrong big, but I have heard different about Davis and lenzy. Heard Austin prob. gone.
  5. So it sounds like you are making a case to keep del. Which is it? Fire him. He sucks or defend him?
  6. I think Rees took these guys at their word and was convinced he would get them. Im sure he has learned a very important lesson.
  7. Xayvion Bradshaw did not sign today. He could be a target now. Rumor is Rees liked him and wanted to take him, but was being overruled.
  8. I can't listen to you spout off about Rees being a bad recruiter anymore. This offensive class is a very good one. He is the reason schrauth, merriweather, and williams are in this class. He is the reason Diggs is sticking around for now. Our offensive skill players are good enough to win a title between Colzie, Styles, Merriweather, Williams, the backs, and the TE's. What evidence do you have that Rees isn't doing anything about the Wr's wavering? I have heard that Williams is much closer to staying now that he talked with Rees and Freeman. I have also heard that he reached back out to Nick Anderson. Can his QB recruiting get better? sure. Should we write off Angelli already? Absolutely not. You never know how recruits are going to pan out. Just because you say he isn't going to be good enough, doesn't make it so. Also, Rees is still learning. Has he made some mistakes? sure. He is young and is only going to get better. He now has much more recruiting help and support from his head coach. I for one love the upside of Tommy Rees as a recruiter and play caller.
  9. This deal is done. No worries. I believe Father Jenkins has to sign off on it and he is not in town at the moment.
  10. Del alexander sucked. Hopefully they can get a strong receiver coach and work on keeping Williams in the meantime.
  11. I would love that but there is zero chance Fickle and freeman will both be here.
  12. If notre dame wants to be a winning basketball program, it’s time for Brey to go. He has things he does/doesn't do that just hold this team back from being a consistent winning program. At notre dame, the basketball team winning isn’t necessarily priority number 1. Which imo is why Brey is still there which is frustrating.
  13. I have not read all of the posts diligently and this may have been said already. I apologize if it has. I truly believe that if Notre Dame goes into Palo Alto and curb stomps Stanford and Cincinnati wins out with standard wins, nd has A realistic shot of jumping Cincinnati. Cincinnati’s strength of schedule is just freaking awful and the committee knows that. If those two played right now Notre Dame would win more than likely. Notre Dame also makes them a shit load ton of money more than Cincinnati. I truly believe there is a scenario that Notre Dame Jumps Cincinnati even if they don’t lose. What say you?
  14. The rankings don’t start until week 8 so I don’t see that as a problem. I don’t have an issue with it. More playoff games and nd getting a shot almost every year at the playoffs. Sign me up. Hell if Alabama loses a close game to Georgia they will be in with 2 losses this year. Might as well open it up.
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