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  1. As someone who played high school and college football and did some GAwork I can tell you oftentimes plays are called and “used” to give future defenses extra plays to account for. We had entire sets with only a few plays that we would “show” just to force opposing D coordinators to waste time inserting defenses to combat it. Additionally, a play like the one called for Jafar kept defenses honest and made our bread and butter play (toss or dive to Dexter) more effective.
  2. #s 9,11,13,14,15, 20 and 25 all went down today with many more games left to play tonight. If ND wins tonight,regardless of margin, let’s continue to maintain perspective. Safe to say that if Syracuse wins next week they will be a top 15 by the time we play them. Just not sure how anyone can argue with our SOS top to bottom.
  3. What games left not only on our schedule, but throughout college football do we have a vested interest in? Obviously we are rooting for all teams we play in every week but the week we play them... The most important of which are Michigan v PSU, Syracuse vs Wake and VT v BC. Any other important ones I’m missing? Outside of our opponents I would imagine this week we would like to see Louisville upset Clemson. Do we want LSU or Bama, Georgia or Kentucky, WV or Texas? Just curious what people’s thoughts are? Also don’t need the obligatory “just take care of our own business and win out”
  4. Anyone who lives in the New Jersey area and has some time should watch this kid play. It's like a man vs boys except these boys are the best of the NJ Catholic League. He is the best player on his team an he plays on the same team as Jabril Peppers. This kid is a freak. Does anyone know why we are not on him? Grades?
  5. In the mold of a Manti. He seems like an awesome teammate. Not an ounce of entitlement despite all the hype. Really happy to see tht he seems so at home in South Bend. He is the future, hell, he's the present!
  6. I get BK wants player who play mistake free football and values that over talent alone but aren't missed tackles mistakes? One thing we did last year was tackle (except for the national championship) missed tackles are like allowing your opponent an offensive rebound in basketball or committing an error in baseball. If you give opponents extra chances eventually they will make you pay.
  7. Has no feel for the game. Missed tackles leading to huge runs. Let Redfield get some experience. On a brighter note Jaylon and Russell make me feel great about the future.
  8. If you were to try to put a value on our wins and losses so far what would those values be? Would you agree with my assessment below? Temple +3 only because we won by a solid margin Mich - 5 we looked terrible and that was the best UM looked all year Purdue + 1 they are terrible and we did not look dominant MSU + 6 would be more but it was an awfully close game OU - 4 we looked pretty bad in this loss as well but at least OU is playing well ASU + 4 good win against a solid opponent USC + 5 a good win against a team on the rise AFA + 2 a convincing win against a bad team Navy + 2 a win is a win and they are better than many give them credit for That leaves us at +14. Interested to see how everyone else grades the quality of our wins and loses so far.
  9. 247 has experts predicting 91 percent chance he lands at ND. Also a CDH product like Floyd and so many others.
  10. Most believe he will end up Irish. Would be a great start to next years class. What say you?
  11. That's fine but I would rather him know that it is grades that are keeping him out and not his God given physical stature.
  12. Found this to be pretty interesting and a little worrisome. while kellys track record should always afford him the benefit of the doubt in regard to player evals, it is hard to understand why we dont see what literally EVERYONE else sees. Indianapolis (Ind.) Warren Central linebacker Tim Kimbrough said he never paid much attention about what people say and added that once they see him play it is not long before the critics are silenced. "I don't think it would really make any difference if I was 6-2 or 6-foot," Kimbrough said. "It doesn't slow me down, I can play, and I don't care what people say." Kimbrough is listed at 6-foot-1 and 226 pounds. He is the first player from his storied high school to be a part of the U.S. Army All-American Bowl. He elected to attend Georgia over 22 other FBS-level offers. That number was one shy of what Kimbrough thought he deserved. "Notre Dame still thinks I am too short," he said. "Wisconsin tried for a long time to think that, but they watched my tape and offered but Notre Dame just thinks I am short. They won't offer me. Listed at 6-3, 300 pounds, is anyone calling Khaliel Rodgers small? "I will just keep going out and playing." Rivals.com Midwest analyst Josh Helmholdt said that height does not limit Kimbrough. "He is probably one of the hardest hitters I have seen this season," Helmholdt said. "Ask the receivers who come across the middle or the running backs that get stuck about him being too short."
  13. I stand corrected. It was another recruit who said that. With that said, he did rate his visit to UM as a 10. Better than what I originally thought, but still not great news
  14. AQM gas stated there is a 70 percet chance he will sign with the canes, why is everyone still so confident we will land him?
  15. I just think that if Nix can hold up and get some push first contact will be at the line of scrimmage. If we are not getting any push, not controlling gaps and allowing interior linemen to get to our Lbs the battle is lost. Sound tackling is imperative but if we are not getting a hand on a back till they are four yards beyond the LOS we are in trouble. If we can prevent them from getting to the second level with our front seven the game changes. The secondary will not be forced to creep up and Play action becomes an interception opportunity instead of a back breaking big play. The more I think about it the more convinced I am that Louis (and tuitt and KLM) are the keys to this game
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