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  1. To quote a UCONN fan seated behind me, after ND was beaten in OT to pretty much end the Charlie Weis era.. ''STICK A KNIFE IN THE FAT MAN!!!''
  2. I don't see a cause for concern of injury. He keeps the play alive by moving outside the pocket and keeping his eyes down field. loved seeing him dump it off to Bryant or Folston when under pressure, and giving them a chance to make a big play out of nothing. imagine Tommy being in some of the situations Golson was in last night.. could have been ugly.
  3. I agree. I would like to see Bryant start and get over 50% of the carries. He's faster and more explosive than both Cam and Folston, and he's the youngest of all three. I love Cam's game, but would like to see Folston as the second back because of his speed. I could also see BK using Cam as a goal line type back. I don't like seeing us switching to a different guy every series and only using one guy per series. No one can get in a rhythm and it could be the cause for the O-line's struggles. Bryant is the best back, and should be treated as such.
  4. After being at the scUM game, and thinking about it for a while, it made me realize something. This is one of the best Notre Dame defenses in a long time. They are the only team in college football to not give up a rushing touchdown, and are only giving up 9 points per game so far. But my question is, can the defense carry this team all the way to a BCS bowl and perhaps, an undefeated season?
  5. Defense- Teo, Fleming, Smith Offense- Crist, Floyd, Eifert
  6. I think Nix will end up starting over Cwynar on Saturday. Anybody else think that?
  7. http://bloguin.com/articles/college/bcs-predictions-not-just-championship-game-all-the-bcs-bowls.html Fiesta Bowl Texas A&M vs Notre Dame
  8. I think if we kill USF, then the next two games are going to be the important ones. EVERYONE will be watching that Michigan game if we destroy USF. The USF game will only have the skeptics watch us more closely. The Michigan and Michigan St games are the games that will us prove ourselves as legit contenders.
  9. Not that I expected it but I don't see how ND did not get nominated for one "Herbie" award. Not even Teo for "Hardest Hitter". The guy has something against us
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