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  1. About halfway through most high school seasons right now. I'd say ND has three 3* players in this class when all is said and done: Hinish, Bellamy, and Craig. Hinish lacks exposure to really rise in rankings and he may need some time grow like his brother. He is still a take. Bellamy lacks size, but has very good speed and plays great competition at a very good school. His film has been very good though so far. Craig plays awful competition and needs to add weight, but he will have a chance to prove himself as an All-American. His film has shown growth from last year. All in all I really like these 3 and they each bring a nice skill set to ND. I love the rest of this current ND class.
  2. No. Would have happened already. He’s been available for quite a while. Injuries and such too.
  3. Meaning to take his commitment or that he picks ND?
  4. Irvin could very well be Irish. ND has done well with him. and the second part is an interesting development
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