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  1. I think ND will add an Edge regardless of Keeley leaving or not. If he leaves they may target two.
  2. Not sure ND can beat UGA and Miami here but if they lost Keeley it would be huge
  3. I think Keeley is special. A Tuitt/Lynch type of impact. He also has the grades and connections to ND but this sounds like other people may have gotten involved and now its going to be hard to keep him. I do think that if ND plays the way they are capable on D this year they can get a high end player to "replace" him and it really is a must moving forward. ND needs to come out swinging Sept. 3rd.
  4. I don’t think there are any current prospects that are ND leans. ND is probably top 2 for a couple. They need to hold the current class and go win some football games.
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