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  1. Moore is a tough battle. Harbaugh would give Michigan continuity and it’s easy to see him going there. I’d bet Jackson Arnold commits to Oklahoma in the next couple weeks. I think they went all out and won. This is a loss for ND, flat out. Vizzina is a player for sure but what happens if Alabama comes calling? Clemson will be tough too. As of today Avery Johnson can’t be the guy alone. He would have to be a part of a two man QB class. Maybe that changes with another season under his belt but ND can’t wait that long. Dominoes might start falling quickly here. I don’t think there will be time for Buchner and O to show out for a 2023 recruit unless it’s a late bloomer but let’s hope ND avoids that.
  2. It is going to be interesting to see how recruiting goes the next two years. Setting aside NIL and all that, this staff is swinging for the fences with recruits. The blend of finding the high level kids that can get into and stay at ND will be interesting. Hopefully enough was learned under Kelly that they know the balance. It needed to happen.
  3. Top Performers: Day 1 of Polynesian Bowl Practice
  4. Lowe is no longer an option for ND, likely Oregon. The RBs probably are on thin ice because there is no RB coach. Hoosier you meant James, he’s unlikely and even more so without a coach.
  5. WR Caleb Douglas, WR Justius Lowe, and RB Andrew Paul. In wait and see if they visit mode right now.
  6. Caleb Douglas did but not Lowe to my knowledge
  7. His OV to Utah was or was supposed to be this weekend. Next weekend he plays in the Poly Bowl. Weekend after that he visits ND then it’s signing day. He may try to visit Oregon too. So ND looks good provided the visit goes well.
  8. ND should be too 2-3 for M’Pemba. Not sure ND is pushing for Ford, others higher in the board.
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