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  1. 247: WATCH: Weekend Highlights Notre Dame Recruits (April 18)
  2. That class had a lot of disappointments too. It should be improved now. They need to hit at RB and WR
  3. FWIW, today in interviews Kurt Hinish was asked about his brother being recruited by ND. He said Donovan is 1-2 inches taller, ~275# right now, and a better athlete than himself. Said Donovan moves better laterally and overall. I was hesitant about Donovan personally given the quality of guys with interest in ND this year. But if ND can get a more athletic, slightly larger Kurt Hinish for 4 years, sign me up every day. For those worried about his offer list, it was reported a while back teams aren't pursuing him right now because they believe he is 100% locked to ND and would be a waste of tim
  4. Will be interesting to see how this plays out in the end
  5. An amazing visit can always change things but I would bet against ND as of today. FWIW, new 247 rankings are coming out soon. Aiden Gobiara will rise along with some others that ND is in good shape with.
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