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  1. That ended when Lebby went to OU. He's more than solid there.
  2. He really liked his Cal visit. Not sure if ND was pushing or not, they have a numbers game in the secondary with this class. Surprised they didn't make the top 4, but maybe he just didn't like South Bend. Maybe ND filled up at CB. Reports were positive though, my gut says this was more on ND unless something really changed when he got home.
  3. As of now, this should be correct 6/29 - Williams (2024) 6/30 - Jagusah 7/1 - Bell 7/3 - Flores 7/4 - Gray Need to fill 7/2…Hanafin, J. Moore, Greathouse, who wants it?
  4. No, not yet. Carr may reclassify, but the timing of everything QB related in 2023 was coincidentally awful. ND should have gone with Vizzina. I will post my opinion/thoughts when the 2023 QB board cleans up officially.
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