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  1. In my eyes we should of fell to 15th. We are not a good team. Unfortunately it is going to be that type of year. We are talented but we are not top 20 talented...we are gonna lose 5 to 6 games this year. We have a good chance of losing to Purdue Folks we are bad. We have a lot of up side though. 2 years from now we will be good again. We don't reload at ND we build in 4 year increments, then we have a couple of good years. We are in the toilet right now.....we have a couple good players and we will be competitive and put up a good fight. Over all though this team stinks and we just need to root for them and take it for what is.
  2. We look really bad. Our defense is not very good. Our O line is pretty bad as well If we can't run on toledo then we are going to face many problems this year.
  3. What a game man I was first row 50 yard line on the ND side....greatest game I have ever been to.
  4. Anyone going to the game? Hope to see y'all there....we will be in section 10 row 4. Anyone gonna be tailgating. Hope to meet some domer domain peeps while at the game.
  5. I would have to agree with this totally. ND needs an elite qb. Nothing against Book, I enjoyed watching him play. This is one of the best comments. I couldn't agree more. Also stop blaming Kelley he is doing fantastic for what he has to work with. Cold, Academics, and City.
  6. We don't get up for championship games...they made no adjustments. Kelly needs to coach better thats it..to busy talking about boycotting college football playoffs...he isn't even there yet. He put that MOJO on his team.
  7. This is definitely intriguing. I Would like to see more Financials. What are the yearly earnings, Total yearly SG&A last year and current, number of associates employed ,3 year wage average. Total yearly Profit last 5 years. This seem to good. Very interesting though.
  8. Ridiculous.....you all need to wake up this is about an election, not the flu....the media is in your head...wake up Irish fans....please Don't feed into their propaganda... Football and all sports need to press on. Stop being sheep... Light always prevails over darkness. Stay to God..
  9. It is every time there is a leap year.......
  10. I have never rooted for Alabama till today....and it hurts.
  11. I like him, but a 5th year would have done him good...he is not ready yet...where do these kids get their advice from...
  12. If he doesn't he is not bought in to what we are doing....
  13. Good for him....but a fifth year would have did him justice...
  14. Believe it or not they were very nice....I was in one endzone 6 rows up.....my brother was in the other endzone...we had no problem....but he witnessed a fight....between irish and iowa st...but that happens all the time....it was a very fun game...
  15. Hope yall enjoy...I hope ND takes this game seriously. 6 of us are going down....its a day of football....gonna be a long day....
  16. Anyone going to the game? I will be there ready to go. 45 mins from the ole house....can't wait.
  17. Thank you for all you do. Merry Christmas and God Bless you.
  18. Well if we think we are good enough for the Alabama. LSU, CLEMSON AND Ohio states of the worlds we should blister the.....we are ND so we will play horrible....cause Kelly suck and wont get them ready...but I got my tickets already...let's go
  19. We can't scream we are good when we can't score On BC...we are so far behind the top 4 it is ridiculous...
  20. I lied....we are gonna win 21 to 20 but it shouldn't end that way....lmao...it is a mute point ladies and gentlemen...we knew we were not that good to begin with.
  21. All I am gonna say is we need a new coach...and see yall in Orlando at the cheese puff bowl...we need a new coach...did I say that already...
  22. FK phil fk Booke...and Fk Kelley....This entire university is a joke...our foot ball team is mediocre at best...our defense is fki g horrible...have you notice there isn't one defensive player on the field with any muscle definition. They are all soft...yall can make excuse for them all you want...but I am telling you it is a **** school with a **** football team. We will never win another national championship. When is Kelley done....he got his *** whipped by one of the worse coaches in college football.
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