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  1. I hat the 3 man front every time we have a d coordinator that runs this bull crap we are horrible
  2. This a home game right....because Drew Breese is in the booth all we do is talk about purdue...com on man
  3. I hate Mike Terico if that's how you spell his name....anyway he gets on my damn nerves...
  4. Tyler Buchner and Jack Coan is like Chris leak and Tim tebow....
  5. Rich Gannon type plays when he was with the raiders he would nickel and dime you to death
  6. The play calling has been pretty horrific. Screens work during an over excited defense....how about jet sweeps with Lindsey...wild cat could work right now...
  7. We have major issues....unfortunately ladies and gentlemen we are gonna have to take this season on the chin....we are not a good ball club...
  8. In my eyes we should of fell to 15th. We are not a good team. Unfortunately it is going to be that type of year. We are talented but we are not top 20 talented...we are gonna lose 5 to 6 games this year. We have a good chance of losing to Purdue Folks we are bad. We have a lot of up side though. 2 years from now we will be good again. We don't reload at ND we build in 4 year increments, then we have a couple of good years. We are in the toilet right now.....we have a couple good players and we will be competitive and put up a good fight. Over all though this team stinks and we just need to root for them and take it for what is.
  9. We look really bad. Our defense is not very good. Our O line is pretty bad as well If we can't run on toledo then we are going to face many problems this year.
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