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  1. I agree the QB recruiting isn't good enough. I'm not a fan of Angelli at all in the upcoming class. However, I'm not so worried about Malachi Nelson, because I think Dante Moore is their best option for the class of '23.
  2. I find that a bit scary. However, keep in mind, IF Coan is the starter, that's not his blindside.
  3. Blake Fisher is running with the 1st string. Make of that what you will.
  4. ND knocked it out of the park with this kid.
  5. That was stupid to think that. He's a true Freshman and hasn't played in a real game since 2019.
  6. No sugar coating, the staff has massively SUCKED recruiting the skill positions in this class. They're failing pretty badly up to now.
  7. This is definitely a value play, but this kid has so much potential.
  8. Recruiting at the skill positions needs to step it the f up. Defensive recruiting is outstanding, but Angelli, Price, and Walker as the only commits isn't good enough. Rees, Taylor, and especially Alexander need to get better.
  9. That’s pretty idiotic, but Peacock is free. They’re scummy and had the better content under Peacock+ but I doubt that covers live sports.
  10. More proof Orgeron is overrated and trying to get by on his personality. What a total idiot.
  11. I think he could be anywhere from 3-7. It’s hard to get a real gauge for a few reasons: Ryan Day has been extremely successful but it’s with Urbana’s players, he could be an elite coach we just don’t know. Secondly, coaches like Campbell and Fitzgerald don’t have the greatest records, but they’ve built their programs into respectability under the most difficult circumstances.
  12. I think he’s top 10. Winning at Vandy should be enough to cement that by itself. However, outside of last yr, he’s had Penn St at 9-10 wins every yr, which is what they were in the 90s and mid 00s.
  13. Same High School as Freeman & Mickens.
  14. Right now the only part of recruiting that’s not elite is at the skill positions.
  15. If you’re talking about Leysinski, he was already on staff.
  16. If he keeps growing, he might end up as an Edge Rusher.
  17. He’s the crown jewel of the class at this point. Huge pickup.
  18. ND Offered Arch Manning. I’d say there’s less than a 1% chance they actually land him, but it’s still an offer they had to make.
  19. At least Book will have a useful degree. And I don’t pretend like these kids are students first, but the academic bar is so low in the SEC, it’s shameful. Now add into the fact they break every rule imaginable, maybe they need to STFU about being “kings” of college football.
  20. Real intelligent when he washes out of Football in 5 yrs.
  21. I tell my UGA friend this all the time. I’m sick of them acting like they’re special when they just have the lowest standards & ethics.
  22. I hope so to, and that’s why ND is right to make that decision. However, I’m just tired of these idiot a holes acting like they’re the greatest thing to ever happen to college football, when they just cheat. Remember how the announcers gushed over Mac Jones’ “intelligence” and the dumb mother f’s degree was in “Sports Hospitality”, f them.
  23. People lie all the time when they’re unknowingly being recorded in casual conversations. Screw these mother f’rs. They act like there’s something so special about the SEC and the only thing special is how good they all are at cheating.
  24. Shocking, I know. These SEC dip s**ts that want to rag on ND for not being competitive can kiss my ***. It’s awfully easy to win when you can recruit kids who are borderline retarded, don’t have to go to class, and get paid. All of this SEC mystique is built on a corrupt house of cards. They wouldn’t dominate without having lower IQ standards than a day care for crack babies while also paying thousands of $ under the table to players. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ajc.com/sports/georgia-bulldogs/uga-compliance-investigates-rush-propsts-allegations/JX35D7YS5BAQ7PWL2FBGYGXXGY/%3foutputTyp
  25. Did you not see Bama absolutely kill teams with a simple RPO?
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