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  1. I think Mickens & Freeman need to ask why they’ve done so little to improve the Secondary that he’s the best they can do.
  2. ND has always recruited OL well. None of that matters until they get elite Skill talent.
  3. I assume he was asked a question along the lines of “what makes you special?” IMO, he gave a direct and honest answer without being arrogant.
  4. He’s not on Tate or Brown’s level. He’d be a good 2nd WR in the class, but I’m not going to happy until they get a truly elite talent at that position. This is the level we all agreed was necessary to win Titles, don’t be mad at me for pointing out how they’d coming up short.
  5. There’s no way to answer that question, more information is required.
  6. Who cares about Gallagher? Where is ND with Tate & Brown?
  7. I’ve watched plenty of film on Angeli & Johnson, they’re both terrible. And who recruited them? Rees.
  8. He’s not good, he’s proven he fails more often than not on his top targets. That’s how you end up with a Brendon Clark, Drew Pyne or Steve Angeli.
  9. Kelly made visits to the Cincinnati Catholic HS all the time. I know that for a fact.
  10. That article doesn’t tell me anything. IDGAF about Gallagher, tell me where ND stands with Moore, Vizzina, Tate, Brown, and Hayes.
  11. The fact that many wanted Kelly fired. ND was dogshit in the 15 yrs before he arrived and he got them to where they won 10 games 5 straight yrs and had the program trending In the right direction. That alone makes me smarter than most fans on here. I also don’t buy into any romanticizing or hype, I look at everything logically.
  12. I think it’s good to be confident. He didn’t say he’d be starting right away or he’d be an AA.
  13. I think I’m a lot smarter than your average fan. I don’t get sucked up by the emotional propaganda put on on social media. That video of the players mobbing Freeman in the weight room means absolutely nothing to me. IDGAF how hard some of them play for him, the reality is a handful are terrible players that should never have been recruited, much less start for a serious program.
  14. Freeman hasn’t recruited shit on Offense. Don’t sell me on him recruiting at a championship level until that picks up, bc right now, it’s garbage.
  15. Moore- Michigan Vizzinna- Clemson Tate- Ohio St Brown- Miami Haynes- UGA
  16. That UC Offense wasn’t good. They got lit up early then settled in a bit, but their schedule was bad.
  17. Arnold can be elite, and I flat out don’t trust Rees to wheel in Moore or Vizzina. I know Arnold is technically in the mix, but I don’t think he’s less likely to be at ND after committing than Moore or Vizzina. I’m also pissed off that Johnson is the 4th option. His best offer outside of ND is Wisconsin. And even that wouldn’t bother as much if they hadn’t brought in a stiff in this year’s class.
  18. And right now, it looks like it’s going to be Avery Johnson. Moore leaning Michigan and Vizzina Clemson. I think if that happens, Rees needs to be demoted to where he’s just calling plays.
  19. They looked pretty bad when they weren’t playing v terrible teams.
  20. Do you want ND to win a Title? If so, get off the soapbox. Clarence Lewis has no business starting at Corner for ND, Bo Bauer & JD Bertrand are awful LBs, and Angeli is a low Big 10 level recruit.
  21. Yes, absolutely. However, I don’t know if Fickell would’ve been worth losing the class over. Again, that should show all the dummies who kept pushing for Kelly to be fired, how destructive losing a HC is to your program. Yet, some of you are ok firing a coach every 3-4 years.
  22. We don’t know how good Buchner will be. He needs a massive amount of work on developing his passing ability. And yes, I would’ve taken Arnold. They’re behind on Moore & Vizzina, and their 4th option is the terrible Avery Johnson. You want to risk your QB being a kid who completed 55% of his passes vs Kansas HS teams? Hell no.
  23. You need elite skill talent. The WRs are just ok. Styles might be an NFL talent but the rest won’t play beyond college. Mayer is an elite TE. Tyree can be a special player if they use him in more of a RB/WR role like a Percy Harvin/Deebo Samuel. Diggs might be good, don’t know yet, he looked bad in the Bowl game. Buchner is the biggest Wild Card. He was a terrible passer but showed his athleticism.
  24. How? They’re behind on every major skill player for the ‘23 class.
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