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  1. Their best weapon. Without him, nobody could stretch the Defense.
  2. Bennett wasn’t a big factor when you look at individual players.
  3. They’re going to get Justus Lowe, 3* who decommited from Utah.
  4. Ironically, he ended back up at Clemson.
  5. Speed entering literally the day after UGA won the title is a red flag. Like your team just won a title and you couldn’t wait a day or two to get out?
  6. Not baloney. Having no deep threat made it easy for UGA to play straight man, and rush more than 4 defenders.
  7. Did you know Williams was going to tear his ACL? Not having that deep threat was gigantic. And Bennett is a scrub. Two good passes in the game, but we’re all going to ignore he was the reason they were trailing in the first place. Sports fans crave this stupid Disney type narrative. UGA won with D bc Bama’s best Offensive weapon was hurt.
  8. Again, tell me how this plays out w/ Williams. UGA’s process isn’t something ND should try to duplicate. We’re all ignoring this was a down yr in college football, you need a stud QB to win at a high level most yrs.
  9. I’m bothered that the outstanding performance of the UGA D is overlooked in favor of Bennett bc that’s a better story. Bama got inside the RZ 4x and only scored 1 TD. That was the difference in the game. Bennett throw two good passes and people are acting like he threw for 400 yards and 5 TDs,
  10. Don’t blame him, but Satterfield’s standing is not good. Another avg season and he’s out.
  11. They didn’t want him to coach DL. My guess is it was a support staff position.
  12. Yeah, Bama’s AA WR blowing out his knee totally didn’t impact the game. And Bennett didn’t win anything. UGA’s Red Zone D is why they won, but don’t let reality get in the way of a good story. It reminds me of that lame butt De La Salle movie w/ Jim Cavaziel. They try to paint DLS as these massive underdogs going up vs Poly w/ 20 D1 players. What that movie doesn’t tell you is DLS had Maurice Jones Drew and he dominated that game. We need to stop romanticizing sports like their movies.
  13. I dont think Buchner is that low tier. I do worry Rees isn’t good enough to help him reach his potential. I don’t see why that’s an unfair criticism.
  14. Why is he still on the team? The staff needs to push him to transfer.
  15. Mickens, Keenan Bailey (Ohio St, worked under Hartline)
  16. This is a flat out awful decision. He’s not getting drafted.
  17. What a dumb decision. Future UDFA/XFLer.
  18. Tommy Rees, the guy who’s been QB coach since 2017. Not the guy who was at ND for 1 year.
  19. It’s almost like a good portion of posters who hated Kelly did the same thing for 10 yrs.
  20. I could see Davis being done with football entirely. Those injuries take a toll on you and not having a real shot at the NFL makes it not worth it
  21. He thinks he can play in the NFL? Peak delusion
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