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  1. People forget FSU beat UNC at home last year. I’m not excusing ND playing like S**t, but that’s an example where FSU played well beyond their mean, and a lot of that is driven by the emotion of the crowd.
  2. It doesn’t look good. The only caveat I have is FSU clearly played that game on such an emotional high, they won’t reach that intensity level again all year. Watching that game, it felt like the stadium was back to being 20% full. You could hear a pin drop in that stadium.
  3. Holy hell, JST wins on a Hail Mary. FSU still sucks.
  4. Not exactly the same, but I wasn’t happy either. However, It was obvious the QB was the issue. Now, the OL and Defense sucking feels much more daunting.
  5. I don’t understand why anyone would be thrilled with today. I don’t want to fire anyone, but this isn’t up to ND’s standards
  6. That’s fine, if they’d struggled with a mid tier Power 5 program, I’d understand, but not the MAC. This is not good enough period.
  7. I’m glad they’re 2-0 but they haven’t played good football.
  8. Also, if Toledo’s QB was using his brain, he would’ve stopped at the 1 yd line, had 1st & goal, then run out the clock to kick the chip shot FG.
  9. They’re in between reload & rebuild. I don’t expect them to be a playoff team, but I did expect them to win 10 games.
  10. That should be everyone’s expectations, programs with multiple playoff appearances shouldn’t struggle with a MAC team.
  11. I’m much more happy with a win, but point blank, they’re not good enough right now.
  12. I don’t care, that’s not where ND is at anymore. The expectations have been raised where you are supposed to win this game comfortably.
  13. I agree, but they were also playing a MAC team, it should’ve never been this close.
  14. I don’t have 5 points, but this is unacceptable. The OL is garbage and can’t even win the LOS vs a f’n MAC team. Freeman is a terrible in game coach and is getting exposed. Unlike Van Gorder, he can recruit. Buchner should probably start, but I don’t like benching Coan bc it’s not his fault, Buchner just works better behind that abortion of an OL.
  15. I don’t see how anyone could examine the tape and think the 3-3-5 was effective.
  16. Exactly, the goal is to stretch the field, you might have 2 WRs run 9 routes while the other 2 break off and run deep crosses.
  17. That’s not what 4 Verts is, it’s more a concept where 4 WRs run routes that stretch the field, but they’re not all running straight 9 routes
  18. They were good in pass protection, but they need to step up in the run game.
  19. Pump the breaks on that. If he throws for 30 TDs, 3000 yards and completes over 65% of his passes, that would outstanding.
  20. It is easy to recruit at LSU, there’s so much talent in the region. And I never said ND couldn’t nab individual top recruits, they just can’t amass them in large quantities. If this was 10 years ago, and ND was in their current situation, I think they would have a legit shot to contend for a title. But now, the gap bw Bama and everyone else is so massive, I don’t see it going away until Saban retires.
  21. I’m not surprised it’s news, but it’s completely manufactured outrage.
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