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  1. It doesn’t matter if you can’t stretch the field. If You want an explosive Offense, that’s a critical piece of the puzzle. I’m tired of having smoke blown up our a**.
  2. It’s his 2nd game starting and he’s just awful. He has no business being on the field if Carmody is relatively healthy.
  3. I’m still not impressed. IDGAF if he pads his stats on Screens, he can’t throw the ball vertically.
  4. You can’t fix lack of talent mid season. Losing Fisher for 8 weeks was killer. He would very likely have made huge strides by now, but I’m not sure you can expect much in his return. A true freshman with only one half of experience returning after a long rehab isn’t a recipe for success.
  5. 79 is Baker and he’s been downright awful this year. Normally, I’d have a little more sympathy for a 3rd string LT, but this guy was a 4* prospect coming into ND. A little drop off would be understandable, but he looks like a walk-on.
  6. Baker looks far from promising. Olmstead & Maybry are no longer on the team.
  7. No. UC is good but they’re not as good as Clemson last yr even w/o Lawrence.
  8. People forget FSU beat UNC at home last year. I’m not excusing ND playing like S**t, but that’s an example where FSU played well beyond their mean, and a lot of that is driven by the emotion of the crowd.
  9. It doesn’t look good. The only caveat I have is FSU clearly played that game on such an emotional high, they won’t reach that intensity level again all year. Watching that game, it felt like the stadium was back to being 20% full. You could hear a pin drop in that stadium.
  10. Holy hell, JST wins on a Hail Mary. FSU still sucks.
  11. Not exactly the same, but I wasn’t happy either. However, It was obvious the QB was the issue. Now, the OL and Defense sucking feels much more daunting.
  12. I don’t understand why anyone would be thrilled with today. I don’t want to fire anyone, but this isn’t up to ND’s standards
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