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  1. It's not really a small town, it's more of a suburb about a half hour outside of Cincinnati.
  2. I really think it's down to Penn St & ND. Right now, he's probably leaning Penn St but ND has the weekend to make one last push.
  3. Yeah, I'm not really happy with the Offensive recruiting in this class especially when you compare them to what the Defensive side is pulling in. I was never and will never be on board with Angelli as the QB but now you're just making it that much more difficult down the line pairing him with no real skill talent.
  4. Anderson to Oregon. Williams & Merriweather become even more important. I do think they'll land Carnell Tate in the class of '23, but they need as many quality WRs as they can get.
  5. That's why I question this decision. He's not up to their normal standard of recruit for OL. I feel bad saying this and I do not have any ill will towards the kid, but I truly believe this is a mistake.
  6. You've never been President, so when the President signs off on a new bill, do you have no opinion? I'm not benchmarking the coaches ability against fans, I'm benchmarking them against Staffs from other high profile programs. OSU decided he wasn't good enough, yet ND took him on the spot. I think that move was premature. I could understand if this was November and Signing Day was closing in, but to take this kid in June? Bad move.
  7. He went to OSU camp and they passed.
  8. OSU worked him out and did not offer. That's a red flag imo. ND can recruit the OL well enough where they don't have to take OSU's leftovers. His competition level is also extremely weak.
  9. It's not a small town, it's basically a suburb of Cincinnati. The competition he goes up against is extremely weak.
  10. I think ND jumped the gun on him. IMO, they could've either held out for a better prospect in this class or even waited altogether until the class of '23 to fill out a pure interior OL slot.
  11. I'm going to be blunt, not impressed with this pickup. I think ND could've done better, even if that means waiting until the class of '23 to get a pure interior OL prospect. I don't think this is damaging to ND because they have recruited the OL so well over the years, but this is definitely one of their mulligans.
  12. Pretty sick LB core already, might even get better with Sneed.
  13. You can't really trust what these coaches have to say. It's not entirely their fault, imagine after the devastating loss to Miss St he was like "Yeah, I might go, depends on how much $ they offer." All that said, I'm glad LSU decided to hire the Arizona Coach.
  14. WR recruiting isn't where it needs to be, but this is no big loss.
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