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  1. Like we are in any position to make fun of another school for being "criminals" right now...
  2. Pretty damn good comparison here
  3. While he isn't wrong about Clausen, I wonder what he now thinks about his analysis for #16, Golden Tate
  4. This is wrong...I think you're trying to be a smartass about the spelling, when in reality you are the one spelling GOLSON wrong...
  5. Story: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/ncaaf-dr-saturday/former-usc-running-back-ty-isaac-says-he-s-transferring-to-michigan-163224992.html
  6. This one is tough...because although they shouldn't count, I know there were a bunch of coaches in the early 1900's that only coached a season or 2 (I couldn't tell you any of their names)...so if they had good seasons, which they probably did, their percentage will be great. So I am going to say...12th
  7. Now official -- story below http://espn.go.com/chicago/college-football/story/_/id/10995308/notre-dame-fighting-irish-readmits-suspended-davaris-daniels-jerian-grant
  8. I don't care much about the price, but I just want to know what to do with a slab of grass? Frame it?
  9. If anything, the second video just solidified that his original video wasn't real. The ball goes about half as far and he barely catches up to it.
  10. This just came out about half an hour ago...not sure if any of this is related http://highschoolsports.cleveland.com/news/article/-3772972822608967473/st-edward-sprinter-shaun-crawford-will-miss-part-of-lakewood-district-track-meet-due-to-suspension/
  11. Gotcha, thanks guys. That would be pretty cool.
  12. They didn't say they wouldn't watch, just stated their opinion on the field logo.
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