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  1. I'm confused, and guess I don't follow all the teams closely. I thought Wimbush had a very good first game, now he's not playing. What happened?
  2. Here's the NDNation.com article, with some more (appropriately-opinionated) details: https://ndnation.com/nftg-strange-bedfellows/
  3. After being the go-to guy for all news related to ND athletics for 40 years... "NDNation.com recently broke the story of a senior-level reorganization that had no role for John. Several other sources have since confirmed it. He apparently was not offered any comparable position at the university." Full story at: https://www.southbendtribune.com/news/community/moor/after-four-decades-john-heisler-moves-on-from-notre-dame/article_4e40a4c7-7312-54e9-a204-6ffd8976eace.html
  4. FWIW, South Bend is in Eastern time zone. So, 1 hour difference for Texas and 3 hour for California
  5. He comes from a stellar high school program, Kettering OH Alter. Current and former players from Alter: Nick Coleman Malik Zaire Chris Borland (retired from the NFL after his rookie season) Nick Mangold (longtime NFL center) Jeff Graham (11 year NFL WR) And, from another sport: John Paxson (ND and Chicago Bulls)
  6. What I do remember about that season is the TREMENDOUS scare of the Clemson game. The Irish were riding high, it had been a few weeks since the green jersey USC game, and Clemson almost ended it all, with junior QB Steve Fuller. Enjoy a little Lindsey Nelson on the ND Replay Network: [ame] [/ame]
  7. Definitely NOT Father Ted, but humorous nonetheless!
  8. +1000. As someone who lived their first 25 years in the South Bend area and the last 34 in Dayton (deep in OSU territory), the difference is absolutely incredible!
  9. But Smith now says he never told Meyer about this.
  10. Anybody know where I can find one online? There are plenty that show row numbers. I am sure in at least one recent year I was able to pick the specific seats from a map at the ND ticket site (like you can with Ticketmaster). However, this year it just gave them to me. My main question is how close to an aisle is Section 104, Rows 24 and 25, Seats 16 and 17?
  11. ND has a new contract this year and they want more local personnel. https://www.southbendtribune.com/sports/college/notredame/don-criqui-and-allen-pinkett-are-out-as-notre-dame/article_f547131b-212a-5c57-8e31-eda3058c9000.html
  12. I was reading the other topic regarding the new fair catch rule and it triggered another kickoff question I had. Why, on touchbacks, do several of the kicking team players continue making the run all the way to/through the endzone, long after the play has been blown dead?
  13. Happened with Muschamp under Mack Brown at Texas in '08. Only lasted for 2 years until he left for Florida
  14. Not by much, though. Braxston Cave was 6'3"/304. And he was a finalist on a lot of awards lists.
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