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  1. Not a big fan of this place anymore outside of recruiting news. Hope all of the old timers are doing well though :yo:
  2. "I think I'm 100% committed to Notre Dame". How does one say something so certain and uncertain in the same sentence?
  3. Wasn't Heistand the second coming of Jesus just two years ago???
  4. This thread is a great example of why I come to this website about 4-5 times a year now. What a sh !t show...
  5. Personally, I think Golson is too comfortable being "the guy". With nobody nipping at his heels, he continues to make critical errors. I am absolutely baffled that he wasn't pulled in the Northwestern game. 20 turnovers in the last 8 games is the sign of somebody that isn't playing like they are scared for their job. Doesn't have to be the entire game or half, but put the next guy in for several series, if for nothing else, to send a very clear message. I'm tired of the "he understands that he cannot turn the ball over" routine. He understood that in 7th grade. This is major D1 football. Turn it over, sit. Not very difficult IMHO.
  6. Kelly wasn't kidding when he said the team's timing was off after the break. In those videos, 2/3rds of the passes from QBs were either off the mark, late, or both in a zero pressure single read drill. I'm hoping this was because the drill was meant to have a full route run for receiver and DB practice.
  7. Not everyone owns a car either, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't pave the streets around campus. Either keep up with technology or don't complain about being left behind. Your choice.
  8. Would you all please take your Ritalin? I had confirmation about this plan 4 weeks ago and it was accurate right down to the date of announcement. Please understand that announcements are specifically orchestrated for various different reasons. Nowhere in there did it say that a Jumbotron is not going to part of the expansion and the announcement specifically left out the turf. Both of which are hot button topics to people that, quite frankly, have a much bigger requirement to be satisfied than you or I. How is it that some of you cannot or refuse to understand that ND goes to great lengths to differentiate themselves from the SEC, Michigan, PSU etc? ND will NEVER be those places. Until you recognize and embrace that fact, you will be continually disappointed. What were you expecting from this renovation? 25K more seats? 200 luxury boxes that you and I would never step foot in? A full bowl expansion completely blocking TDJ? A move of football facilities from the $40 million Gug? Seriously people. Relax.
  9. Every time this happens to an athlete the conversation turns into what SHOULD be the law instead of what IS the law. Look, you can't break a drug law and play college football. It really isn't complicated. He knows it. I know it. Everyone knows it. Perhaps sparky would understand that if he wasn't blazed all the time. He is more than welcome to forfeit his future NFL millions, move to Colorado or Washington, and toast himself Ricky Williams style. He'll probably run into Cierre Wood there.
  10. Urban came to tOSU because of a forced fire of a head coach, not because the head coach was tanking the program. Urban had a hell of a lot to work with on the roster. Way more than any other first year coach. Match that with a playmaker at QB that didn't turn the ball over in critical situations with a patsy schedule and you have the recipe for a great run. Play a good team and everything is exposed.
  11. 24-2 is a direct testament to the weakness of the Big 10. OSU lost to the only two good teams it played this year. I ran some numbers on Ohio St. Ohio St's 13 opponents went a combined 77-80 record this year. 46% of their schedule isn't even eligible for a bowl game. Of the games they actually won, their opponent's combined record was 65-79. Ohio St beat 2 ranked teams all year: Then #23 Wisconsin and then, unbelievably ranked, #16 Northwestern (who I might add is a bowl ineligible 5-7 right now). Michigan St scored a paltry 17 points on a pretty bad Notre Dame defense, 14 points against 1-11 Purdue, and 14 points to mighty Big Tweleven conference foe Minnesota. They managed to put up 34 points on tOSU. tOSU has benefited from being a decent team in a really really bad conference.
  12. But, but, but.....global warming "caused" hurricane Katrina so where the hell have all of the hurricanes been since? Heck, the US should be hit with at least 2 dozen of those by now. Oh yeah, we have had a record LOW landfalls in the last 2 years. So the hippies will have to wait until the next major disaster to cry global warming. I also laugh when the global warming types say that extreme weather is caused by global warming. So to set things straight, unless the weather patterns are exactly the same from now until the end of eternity, we have a massive problem ensuing. If historical data said June temperatures in the midwest in 1955 were 81F and this year it was 88F...we are all doomed. It is December now and we have February weather in the Midwest. I saw last week that 63.3% of the US was under snow cover. I suppose that is an effect of global warming? Last year it was a normal winter. The year before that it was 60F in South Bend in Feb. So which is it? Oh right, the blanket, easiest explanation is that the FLUCTUATIONS are now because of global warming. In the 70's the earth was too cool and the scramble was on to try and figure out how to warm it up. This planet is 4.5 billion years old and we are flipping out over data that is 100 years old....and the board's resident liberal is lecturing us on perspective and morality. Perfect.
  13. What in the world does Catholicism have to do with government policy? You belong to an organized religion. Good for you. Structure your life and your financial givings accordingly instead of trying to shove it down the throats of the rest of us. Religion has absolutely NO role in setting government policies. Your "moral compass" might not be the same as the rest of the country's "moral compass" which is EXACTLY why it is not used to navigate off of.
  14. Kizer is redshirting. Basically it would be an extreme case for him to see PT. Furthermore, he will be a scout team guy next year with EG and Malik getting almost 100% of the reps. Like it or not, it seems that Hendrix would be a better gamble as a #3. Given his body of work this year in a back up role however, I tend to agree with you that we cut him loose...if he hasn't cut himself loose already.
  15. Will someone please change the title of this thread to "Several d..k wads pissing on each other's shoes". Thanks.
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