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  1. Well I'm sure a good majority of you guys could understand me when I claim not to "expect" anything until after we play The Maize and Blue. I think that's the best diagnostic tool when it comes to our seasons expectations. What I'm looking forward to?? Hmm... Well definitely watching our defense and their continuous improvement. I can only imagine what it will be like watching our Team with a nationally stout defensive core. And on top of that, our running game, what a lot of people don't grasp is: our offense thrives off a running game. No matter how vertical it is or how much Kelly likes
  2. Oh yeah, I totally agree with you. As much as I like to stay realistic w.r.t. college football; its hard not to take on the "we're innocent until proven guilty" facade at times. In relation to the reasons for accepting money, I think that is the farthest excuse from validation they could give. Like you said, Universities pay for everything. I have two fellow teammates from high school who play for tOSU and all they do is brag about the "hook-ups" they get from the university; not to mention the student checks they receive each month for "expenses". Their real reasons for accepting money
  3. Interesting article via Bruce Feldman via The Daily http://www.thedaily.com/page/2011/06/22/062211-sports-lonnie-1-4/ Reggie was just striving to be like his predecessors.
  4. Nope. In about 6 more years I plan to be; just got accepted into a few med schools. DomerDoc just had one hell of a ring to my ears.
  5. Just wanted to introduce myself fellas. I've been creeping around as a guest now for over a year and I felt it was time to join the clan.
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