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  1. Perhaps he simply wants to get a graduate degree from a different school? He is a student-athlete after all... Or perhaps he wants to see if there is any NIL money available should he switch schools
  2. Seems too quiet this week. Other than a few rumblings about Belk early this week, seems to nothing being leaked regarding DC or RB coach. Is it because Freeman is waiting on Al Golden who still has the NFL playoffs going on?
  3. From just a recruiting perspective, Al Washington seems to be an upgrade over Elston
  4. Maybe we get both the dad as DC and his son as LB?
  5. Looks like Michigan did as well. Have to imagine Elston had a hand in that
  6. I am guessing that even $20K-$30K of NIL money may help someone decide to stay in school for an extra year.
  7. Williams was Alabama's best offensive player? I would have thought the Heisman winning quarterback was Alabama's best offensive player
  8. He was coaching LBs at Ohio St and will be coaching DL which is the position he played at BC and which he has coached more years than he has coached LBs. Interesting that he did coach RB at BC for three years but then went back to defense for his last year at BC.
  9. There is a limit of 25 combined incoming freshmen and transfers with the exception you add one more inbound transfer for every outbound transfer up to a total of 32.
  10. Per the Atlantic, Freeman had Chad Bowden stop by Keon's school last Friday to "check in on him"
  11. UGA wanted Al Washington to coach outside LBs from what I saw.
  12. It's funny, when I read this comment from Elder06, "Also, I got news for you, none of those 3 are going to beat Bama. Why? Bc they have the best QB. Bama will embarrass UGA again bc they have a legitimate NFL QB and UGA has a dud." It seems pretty adamant to me. Somehow, not only did Alabama not embarrass UGA, they lost to UGA. But now, Elder seems to be backtracking and not willing to back up his earlier assertions. Did UGA's defense come out of nowhere for the NC game? How much impact did losing Williams actually have on the game? Alabama had scored a total of 3 points with Williams when he went out even though Williams had already played in just under one third of the game. Might want to take any future opinions from Elder with a grain of salt since the Heisman QB lost to UGA's "Dud"
  13. Not sure if you realize that asking for "consistent mid first round NFL draft level talents" would mean that ND has the best CBs in college football almost every year. Even Alabama has not had that type of talent. Since 2015, Alabama has had these CB draft picks: 2015 - none 2016 - 2nd round 2017 - 1st round 2018 - 4th round 2019 - none 2020 - 2nd round; 2021 - none
  14. Some 2021 stats for Belk mentioned in this article https://footballscoop.com/news/houston-stepping-up-big-time-for-defensive-coordinator-doug-belk-with-a-new-contract-and-financial-commitment
  15. Good summary of available DL Coach options https://irishsportsdaily.com/s/16884/potential-defensive-line-coach-candidates-at-notre-dame
  16. If it is Al Washington, then 247 likes him as a recruiter. Rated him sixth highest recruiter. (not sure what time period but he did land four five stars in past few years) https://247sports.com/coach/Al-Washington-1764/
  17. Freeman as DC was heavily involved in their recruitment. Do you really think that Lea and Elston would have landed both of them?
  18. From a post elsewhere, there were 232 DL recruits in the Top 100 from 2012 to 2022 classes (11 years) while Elston was at ND. There were 39 schools who signed at least one of those 232 prospects. ND did not. With Freeman, ND has two Top 100 DL in the 2023 class.
  19. Elston did play football at Michigan and got his coaching start there. I can understand him wanting to coach there. There is a former DL coach available who is known as a great recruiter. He might also want to see ND do well post-Kelly for personal reasons. Should Freeman give Coach O a call?
  20. Sneed is graduate transfer. Multi year starter for Baylor. Anyone know why he's transferring?
  21. #13, 10, & #12 respectfully. Also pre 2021 ranking from August
  22. Given that I thought interview for shepherd was supposed to be Monday, was hoping to have some smoke by now
  23. It's been a quiet few days. Any recent rumblings concerning new DC or WR coach?
  24. There was some type of similar lawsuit in the 80's if I remember correctly
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