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  1. For some reason, I feel a great urge to buy an airline ticket so won't be online this weekend.
  2. Two things: 1) I do not remember either my high school or college HC hanging around the locker room while we got ready. Seems creepy and something that might only happen at Penn St. 2) Jackson St won 43-24 so how much did Deon appearing on Game Day hurt his team's performance?
  3. Pretty sure that the coaches brought those with them. Cool that they are doing that for every visit (I assume)
  4. ND's NIL Collectives could also have an impact on ND players staying. My understanding is that every ND football player (including walk-ons) gets something from the ND associated collectives. As a result, most back-up players who transfer will probably not get the same amount of NIL money from their new school.
  5. ND does a great job of having players get degrees in 3.5 years (early admittance plus summer classes) so second year players may stick at ND for an extra year to get their degree.
  6. Today is first official day for most FBS to enter portal so things should start to taper down in next few days.
  7. My understanding is that when Colorado was last good, they heavily recruited Southern California, Without Colorado playing USC and UCLA, that might hurt that approach.
  8. I think half yard is smallest unit allowed for replay
  9. Is williams limping more the more points Southern Cal is down?
  10. Does ND give a lot of AP credit? My three kids started college with 30 to 37 credits due to AP classes
  11. There are only three 247 crystal balls for Kaleb Smith and they are all for ND
  12. I think that the selection committee would look to include more conferences and the 11th and 12th ranked teams might not be deserving of those spots.
  13. I suspect that CFP voters had Ohio St and Michigan #2 and #3 to give themselves flexibility for the final ranking. Easier to bump TCU out if they keep them at #4.
  14. I have nothing really new to add. They have a really good offense but they have not been tested by a defense as good as ND's. Defensively, they have some weaknesses against which ND can hopefully have success It could be/should be a one touchdown game either way. Turnover margin will probably decide the game.
  15. Note that LSU did not jump Southern Cal in the CFP rankings. They were ahead of them last week. That said, LSU played a nobody this week. That game should not move the needle. Also, one of their losses (Tennessee) also does not look as good since the Vols lost. Southern Cal beats a ranked UCLA on the 'road' (at worst treat the game as a neutral site) seems like a reason to jump LSU in my book.?
  16. Seems that teams which lose drop about 4-6 spots in the polls. So LSU might drop from #5 (assuming that they move up 1 spot due to Michigan or Ohio St losing) to #9-#11 with a lose to Georgia. Teams which beat a higher ranked team seem to rise at least two spots so ND might go from #13 to #11 or maybe #10. So both teams would be around #10 with three losses each. Given LSU having a late loss and ND having a winning streak with a win over the #5 team. Unless the LSU / Georgia game is really close, then I see ND being just ahead of LSU.
  17. If ND beats Southern Cal and LSU loses to Georgia, will ND be ranked higher than LSU?
  18. I still remember when A&M was in its first year in the SEC going 6-2 in conference and an announcer said something about A&M being competitive since they now had SEC speed (in its first year)
  19. One reason for the lack of compelling games is that this week the SEC is padding it's collective record by having a lot of its schools play their fourth non-conference game vs. such worthy foes as Austin Peay, East Tenn St, UMass, Western Kentucky, New Mexico St, and UAB.
  20. He was ahead of his time and spinning "click bait" before the internet was really a thing...
  21. Both ND and LSU are schools at which the true measure of success is winning a NC. Kelly failed to do so at ND and moved on to LSU. He may have won a divisional title (yippee!) but it is yet to be seen if he will be seen as a success or failure at LSU where the last three HCs all won NCs.
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