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  1. I am guessing that most people did not even notice (or care) that it happened.
  2. Look at the way that Alabama uses freshman and sophomore WRs compared to ND. I believe that there is a strong correlation between getting underclassmen playing time and success in recruiting. Even Pete Carrol at Southern Cal in the early 2000's seemed to know this. Based on the attached stats, Saban gets his freshmen WRs 3 times the number of targets as Kelly. Saban's sophomore WRs get twice the number of targets as Kelly's. Saban's offense throws to sophomores more than any other class. Kelly's offense targets seniors more than any other class. https://twitter.com/ND_FB_Analytics/s
  3. Kelly is like Ian Book. Very good with some ND records due to increased number of games and a diluted strength of schedule but not much success in the biggest of games. As Faith said "almost great".
  4. Some quotes from Is there a legitimate reason why after 11 years, BK seems to still be playing catch-up to other schools? While those schools are offering 2024 QBs, he is still making 2023 offers. While Saban recognized the need to modernize his offense years ago, Kelly is just now saying that ND needs an offense which can score more points to compete in the CFP. It took 10+ years for Kelly to acknowledge that he needed to aim for Top 5 classes instead of Top 15.
  5. Was your comment regarding the lax footage? Did not see anyone 'bragging' if so. Did I miss something?
  6. I had that same thought. There are a lot of OL who struggle to keep their weight close to 300. Not sure that Ty will have that same issue.
  7. Faith, Ignoring academics, I was trying to point out that Alabama is considered a much more desirable destination for WRs since Saban figured out back sometime between 2012 and 2014 that he needed to change his offensive scheme and started to recruit (& DEVELOP) the QBs and WRs needed to run a new high powered offensive scheme as a result. https://www.foxsports.com/stories/college-football/nick-saban-alabama-crimson-tide-offensive-evolution As a result, Saban now consistently develops first round talent at QB and WR (note that Mac Jones was a 3 star) Unfortunately, it appear
  8. But since Kelly has said that he now realizes that ND needs to score more points (14 points or less in 4 playoff games not cutting it), won't Kelly's 2021 offense be much more explosive than Alabama's? Plus Jameson will be a junior so he might not have to sit on the bench for two seasons before catching a pass at ND.
  9. Was ND ever a possibility for Ohio St transfer WR Jameson Williams? Not sure why he would want to transfer to Alabama instead of ND?
  10. Why does Kelly appear so reluctant to play underclassmen WRs? Is his offense that difficult to grasp for that position or is he recruiting untalented players? He has yet to score more than 14 points in four play-off games. Is this because he is using walk-ons, former QBs, and transfers to fill starting roles at WR? Kelly boasted about having a single WR get drafted in past four years (none in the first round BTW). Did anyone tell him it is not against the rules to have more than one WR get drafted in a year?
  11. Good if he had passes thrown his way. Any idea how many snaps Johnson had compared to other WRs? Do not want young WRs transferring because Kelly doesn't seem to want to play them until they are upperclassmen.
  12. Did Jordon Johnson have any passes thrown his way in the Blue Gold game? If not, is it because Kelly doesn't think Jordan has learned to tie his shoe laces properly or is it some other "trait" Jordan is lacking?
  13. Transcript of Kelly's post-game presser http://www.asapsports.com/show_conference.php?id=164761
  14. Anyone know if Del Alexander is the only coach tweeting this? If so, can we read anything into it (i.e. it refers to one of the players he is personally recruiting)?
  15. Hopefully, JOK can have an impact like 2nd round pick Darius Leonard did for the Colts.
  16. To win the NC, it appears that Kelly needs to recruit/develop better offensive skilled positions so he can score more than 14 points in a play-off game. As a result, to help his non OL & TE recruiting, It would be good for BK to have better success putting skilled players into the NFL. The number one criteria top recruits seem to look for is their best path to the NFL. The coaches/schools BK is competing against for the NC have each had multiple QBs drafted in the FIRST round in the past few years. Not to mention RBs and WRs. Kelly's last non-lineman drafted in first round was in
  17. Given that ND has only had one player drafted in first round in the last three drafts (Tillery in 2019), who is ND's best shot as their next first round pick? This has to be impacting recruiting to some extent especially since Kelly's last non-lineman to get drafted in first round was Will Fuller in 2016 (6 drafts ago). Any chance that Jack Coan will go first round in 2022?
  18. Interesting that Northwestern had more first round picks than ND & Ohio St combined.
  19. Seems reasonable. I remember seeing something awhile back which said that I can have 5 "drinks" in first two hours of drinking and then one an hour after that and be OK to drive. So 4-5 drinks for 220 to 240 pound person seems to equal .08. BTW, a drink in this context is a 12 ounce 5% beer not a pint of 9% craft beer which comes in at about 2.4 regular drinks.
  20. Does anyone know if ND will be using these for their linemen? https://www.vicis.com/zero2-trench
  21. "We're going to continue to be the most aggressive and hardest working recruiting staff in the country. That's a goal of mine and that's a philosophy of mine. Let's outwork everybody in the country. That's in terms of evaluations, developing relationships... - Marcus Freeman Since 2010, I am not sure that I remember Kelly ever saying something like this much less back it up with actions. It sounds like something that Meyer or Saban might say (& do). It's too bad that Freeman will probably only last a max of two years before becoming a head coach somewhere. It's also too bad that
  22. Hopefully, this is finally the year when early recruiting promise gets turned into Top 5 reality. It has been a long time since 2013 when Kelly had his one and only Top 5 class.
  23. Does anyone know if every commit gets the same official visit graphic? I wonder if Nolan Ziegler's official visit graphic will include the plane since I doubt he will be flying from Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  24. Given Gavin Sawchuk's upcoming official visit, any change in ND's chances?
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