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  1. Did you try the ND ticket site? Is it even a sell-out?
  2. But the four (100%) of crystal balls on 247 predicting ND don't spoil anything?
  3. No need to include an actual "performance" clause. Just add the ability for the agreement to be terminated at the convenience of the paying party.
  4. You have to look at percentage of five stars drafted. Not absolute numbers
  5. I have seen mentions that Moore's father is pushing Dante to pick a school to try to max NIL money. Hard to criticize that advice if it ends up being around $2M. That amount can be life changing for most people.
  6. 100% 247 Crystal Balls pointing towards ND for all three
  7. Are there any of the chinese knockoff sites with ND stuff. Ordered a Heston Bears jersey for my nephew a few years ago. Looked just like what you would buy at a Dick's sporting goods and cost something like $15 plus another $20 for shipping. Did take 8+ weeks to show up though.
  8. Unfortunately, I think Chad Bowden might want to do bigger and better things like coach or maybe get higher up into sports management so not sure how long he will stay a RC.
  9. I blame the S&C and OL coaching Sam Young received. Just imagine what having HH and Balis for four years would have done for him.
  10. I am hoping that getting his mother to ND for first time will be enough for Jaqusah to commit
  11. I have a saved shortcut on my phone to just open the "Unread Content" page. Pretty painless
  12. There were five all-Americans who wore 81. Not sure we named them all
  13. Has the class of 2026 even started high school yet? I think that they just wrapped up eighth grade...
  14. I believe that reporters do not talk to recruits while they are on campus. As a result, we should start to hear reports tonight and tomorrow
  15. Just realized the importance of the timing of Carr's commitment. Let's there be a five star QB to help recruit other offensive players visiting this weekend.
  16. Yes, this one of the ND NIL collectives. For this one, you buy a non-fungible token (NFT) basically an electronic "baseball card" of a specially created leprechaun. They all cost the same but some are "rarer" than others. Your NFT acts like a ticket or pass to various ND related online and in-person events. Players participate in these events to some extent. Supposedly 70% of revenue goes to current players. I do not belong. I just read about it.
  17. I've lost track of which day is for which number. Is Thursday #85? If so, then two good choices are: Jim Seymour, WR, (1966-68) & Jack Snow, WR, (1962-64)
  18. Glad to see Freeman extending some 2026 offers Daniel Odom ATH from St. John Bosco (Bellflower, Calif.) Jonah Smith ATH from Mater Dei (Santa Ana, Calif.) P.S. Mods - Need a place for 2026 recruiting posts
  19. Reading what Big wrote, it might be Carr going elsewhere if Moore ends up signing with ND. If Carr can reclassify to 2023, it could makes everything work out well from a timing & "bird in hand" perspective...
  20. It seems that Kelly fancied himself a QB whisperer but did he really deserve such a label? He played LB at a Div III school, coached on defense until he became a HC. But somewhere along the line, he became an offensive genus. He probably picked the brains of some of his early OCs like Charlie Molnar and Chuck Martin. In any case, to get this thread back on topic, sometimes a QB like Carr is hampered by the talent and coaching at his high school. Our local high school is going to be very weak at OL this year. As a result, the QB will probably look much worse than he did last year as a junior. I can see him running around looking for someone to throw to due to lack of good protection on most passing plays.
  21. Is part of Moore's strategy of staying uncommitted and visiting other schools an attempt to gain social media followers to improve his NIL valuation for traditional (as opposed to pay to play) NIL deals?
  22. A Carr commitment Thursday should help with other recruits at least (even if a year behind)
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