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  1. Across the board, it just seems that there is a different vibe around ND recruiting as seen in the 2023 class so far. Probably the combination of elevated expectations (aiming for Top 5 target classes vs Top 15), recent regular season success, good NFL history (especially OL & DL) of ND players and Freeman being a catalyst / role model for other coaches to step up their recruiting game.
  2. Another good addition to Class of 23. Good to see what finally aiming for Top 5 classes will do for you.
  3. He might just want to see Alabama and Florida play (and have a good time)
  4. Trying to run zone read without a real threat at QB to run has been an issue with BK's offense for years. There are many examples of backside defenders ignoring the possibility of a QB run to crash down and stop Irish RB runs for very little yardage.
  5. There are only a few Purdue players who would start for ND. It will be very disappointing if BK loses this week given the talent edge he has.
  6. I now that LB depth is hurting due to injuries and not recruiting any LBs two years ago. But can the WRs afford to lose another person?
  7. Given that Dabo got the monkey off of Clemson's back and given BK's record of losing in big games (especially in the post-season), instead of "Clemsoning", should the new term now be "ND'ing", "Irishing", or "Kellying"?
  8. How many WRs will be on the roster next season?
  9. Notre Dame senior wide receiver Lawrence Keys III plans on sitting out the remainder of the 2021 season, will graduate in December and then decide what to do with his final two seasons of eligibility. ... Notre Dame has now lost five receivers from its roster since the 2020 season ended. Lawrence Keys joins Jordan Johnson, Kendall Abdur-Rahman, Micah Jones and Jay Brunelle as players who have left the wide receiver position in recent months. This has to be a concern for Brian Kelly since so much of it is happening at one position. https://www.si.com/college/notredame/football/notre-dame-football-lawrence-keys-to-sit-out-remainder-of-2021-season
  10. For some reason, Kelly seems to want to go into a "prevent" offense and defense when up a couple of scores rather than continue to pour it on. This keeps the game "close" which then prevents players lower on the depth chart from getting as many snaps and increases the likelihood of starters getting injuries both of which can hurt the team going forward.
  11. Might be out six weeks with a knee strain per UHND.COM
  12. Does the second best head coach in the country hire the following string of OC's? It is likely that Brian Kelly might have won 11 more games in his career hiring better coordinators (both OCs and DCs) including the two that he had to fire mid-season. Charley Molnar (Current QB coach at Idaho) Chuck Martin (Current HC at Miami OH but had never coached offense before) Mike Denbrock (Current OC at Cincinnati) Mike Sanford, Jr. (Current OC at Minnesota) Chip Long (Current OC at Tulane) Tommy Rees (First time OC at ND)
  13. Might be a case of worrying about going with Coan and having Mertz transfer or vice versa and Wisconsin chose Mertz (perhaps simply due to more years of eligibility)
  14. The issue is that Ed O got rid of Bo Pelini much quicker than BK got rid of BVG (and may not had to be told to do so)
  15. Sort of sad that Jarrett Patterson is probably considered the best OL on the Irish roster but he is not getting the same pre-season recognition as Madden
  16. Since 2010, Kelly has only had two QBs be drafted by the NFL: 2017 - DeShone Kizer (2nd Round) 2021 - Ian Book (4th Round) Alabama, Ohio St, and Clemson have all had their last two QBs drafted in the FIRST round. Oklahoma cannot say that due to Hurts but they did have two straight #1 overall picks followed by a 2nd round pick. 2020 - Tua Tagovailoa (1st Round) 2021 - Mac Jones (1st Round) 2017 - Deshaun Watson (1st Round) 2021 - Trevor Lawrence (1st Round #1) 2019 - Dwayne Haskins (1st Round) 2021 - Justin Fields (1st Round) 2018 - Baker Mayfield (1st Round #1) 2019 - Kyler Murray (1st Round #1) 2020 - Jalen Hurts (2nd Round)
  17. And yet it sounds as if Estime is running 5th on the depth chart... Hopefully an indication of the talent ahead of him. It will be good if ND can start to put RBs into the NFL on a regular basis (and have them thrive there) to help recruiting
  18. I was pointing out that Oklahoma has probably had the best run of QBs not Ohio St as NDHoosier had stated. Oklahoma had three straight QBs who were drafted #1 overall, #1 overall, and #53 (second round). Note that they were all transfers. As a result, recruiting of high school elite QBs is not "required" to be successful but you need to be able to recruit elite college transfers at least.
  19. I had written about QBs at CFP contenders. Seems relevant to this thread. Fields was a transfer at Ohio State so helps to show that it is hard to totally ignore the impact / need to use transfers for QBs. That said, ND's past QB recruiting seems to be a notch behind other CFP schools.
  20. Ohio State has been the only school to replace an elite QB with another elite QB.? I guess Oklahoma's QBs must have been just average...
  21. Maybe letting a backup throw a pass every now and then would have an impact on QB recruiting / retention. When Clemson's punter had more passes completed than ND's 2nd and 3rd string QBs combined, it does not help to attract / retain QB talent and may help explain why Jurkovec transferred to BC. (Who, BTW, some are projecting to be a projected 1st/2nd draft pick) https://www.si.com/nfl/draft/nfl-draft/is-phil-jurkovec-a-first-round-pick-in-the-2022-nfl-draft
  22. The fact that ND has to play all of the ranked teams in a row and they all have a bye week the week before they play ND increases the chance that ND might lose to one or more of them.
  23. Perhaps call it the Freeman Effect but the difference is 1) they already have a 5*, a high 4*, and another 4* committed for 2023. and 2) the number of high rated 2023 prospects who visited in June was much higher than normal. There definitely seems to be more of a buzz around ND from elite prospects.
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