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  1. It would have been interesting to see Buchner play the past two games with an improved OL.
  2. Some OT names ND should go after (per IB) https://www.si.com/college/notredame/recruiting/2023-offensive-tackles-notre-dame-should-target-after-elijah-paige-decommitment
  3. In general, I like them. I like the numbers. The darker trim around the numbers lets them 'pop' to some degree.
  4. https://www.on3.com/teams/notre-dame-fighting-irish/news/notre-dame-football-north-carolina-2022-snap-counts-participation-chart-starters/ Notre Dame offense Quarterback: Drew Pyne* (87) Running back: Chris Tyree* (39), Logan Diggs* (22), Audric Estime (38) Wide receiver: Braden Lenzy* (74), Lorenzo Styles (59), Jayden Thomas (49), Deion Colzie (4), Matt Salerno (15) Tight end: Michael Mayer* (73), Holden Staes* (9), Davis Sherwood (23), Eli Raridon (30) Left tackle: Joe Alt* (87) Left guard: Jarrett Patterson* (87) Center: Zeke Correll* (87) Right guard: Josh Lugg* (87) Right tackle: Blake Fisher* (74), Tosh Baker (13) Notre Dame defense Vyper: Isaiah Foskey* (65), Justin Ademilola (28), Jordan Botelho (2) Defensive tackle: Jayson Ademilola* (38), Jacob Lacey (9) Nose tackle: Howard Cross III* (38), Chris Smith (7), Gabriel Rubio (9) Strong-side defensive end: Rylie Mills* (31), Nana Osafo-Mensah (24) Mike linebacker: Jack Kiser* (55), Bo Bauer (7), JD Bertrand (11) Will linebacker: Marist Liufau* (56), Prince Kollie (10), Junior Tuihalamaka (3) Strong safety: DJ Brown* (21), Houston Griffith (45) Free safety: Brandon Joseph* (58), Xavier Watts (28), TaRiq Bracy Field cornerback: Cam Hart* (38), Jaden Mickey (27) Field cornerback: Benjamin Morrison* (51), Clarence Lewis (10) Slot cornerback: TaRiq Bracy* (66)
  5. Not sure 2022 has better talent than 2010. OL missed on two classes WR seems like it is missing three classes. Not sure how many starting LBs will get drafted. I do know one thing. If Freeman is still coaching at ND in 2028, it is extremely doubtful that he will only win 4 games like Kelly managed to do in 2016.
  6. How many positions this year have underclassmen who are better athletes than the upperclassmen who are starting?
  7. @tneun89 I'm guessing that you did not play line in school since you want to drop the OL and bump up the skilled players...
  8. Recruiting improved from Kelly to Freeman but declined from Weis to Kelly (who even admitted that he was happy aiming for Top 15 classes) In any case, Willingham was the worst recruiter at ND in the last 40+ years.
  9. ND did hire a first time head coach who, despite only winning 67% of his games in his first season, ended up having a pretty decent career. Fella by the name of Knute Rockne...
  10. BTW, I have heard that ND players are each getting at least $50K from various NIL money sources. No idea if that is true or not. $4M+ per year to support that level of "support"
  11. Right now, ND is basically making it easy on defenses. Football is a type of rock. paper, scissors. For example, if a defense knows that it can play single coverage with outside leverage on receivers with minimal risk of giving up a lot of yards, then it allows them to more aggressively play defense versus the run. So I do think that Rees has room to call a better game. Throw in assignment and/or execution failures by individual players and we have what we have seen the past two weeks.
  12. Stop posting your racist BS. Freeman has legit credentials to be a head coach and upgraded ND recruiting 'instantly'. Let's measure him on at least a season of work.
  13. I know that sometimes things happen (it's why they play the games) but ND should not be in the position where they need three plays to go the other way to beat a Sun Belt conference team at home. I would like to know if Rees is tipping his play calls based on personnel and/or alignment and teams have enough tape now to figure that out. In any case, Freeman/Rees need to figure out what can be run successfully with the current personnel on offense and adjust accordingly.
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