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  1. If one is looking to recruit 5* prospects, then draft results matter since elite recruits want to go to a school which will help them get drafted in early rounds. NIL opportunities may start to come into play as well. From that perspective, then Baker Mayfield looks good. In addition, if you are discounting draft results as a measure of a program's QB development, then what else does Kelly have to offer as an inducement for QB recruits after 11 years at ND? Kizer's 18 games in the NFL?
  2. It was not just against Alabama. In both the ACC Championship Game and the CFP, the offense did not score more than 14 points. Kelly may not have the play sheet in front of him but his fingerprints are all over the offensive scheme and he is the one constant for an offense which has scored 14 or less points in four play-off games. Over the past several years, other CFP schools have made a conscience decision to field more explosive offenses and Kelly seems to playing catch-up. IMO, Kelly needs to step away from the offense and let his OC (be it Rees or whoever) have a free rein with personnel and scheme like he has with the defense.
  3. seljri, as long as you are making broad generalizations, shouldn't you also say that it reflects "badly" on all Texans as well?
  4. Hopefully Rees will be the exception to the less then stellar set of OC's which Kelly has hired. Charley Molnar (Current QB coach at Idaho) Chuck Martin (Current HC at Miami OH but had never coached offense before) Mike Denbrock (Current OC at Cincinnati) Mike Sanford, Jr. (Current OC at Minnesota) Chip Long (Current OC at Tulane) Tommy Rees (First time OC at ND)
  5. In 11 years, Kelly has only had two QBs get drafted. I guess there is progress in that they have been two out of his last three.
  6. BTW, Oklahoma just received commitment from Malachi Nelson, #2 QB and #5 overall rated player for 2023. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/31840371/oklahoma-football-strengthens-impressive-2023-recruiting-class-junior-300-qb-malachi-nelson
  7. Notice the use of players' twitter names? Helping with NIL...
  8. Is it the chicken or the egg? Do you need a 5* QB to have an explosive offense or do you need an explosive offense to attract 5* QBs?
  9. Trying to move discussion about recruiting QBs to this thread
  10. It appears that ND is behind the curve from an offensive perspective. Can ND's ball control offense win a NC? Doubtful given that Kelly has not scored more than 14 points in the four play-off games he coached in at ND. It does not necessarily need to require a coaching change. Saban made the decision in 2014 to open up his offense. It took a little time to get recruiting, etc. aligned but Alabama's last two QBs were both drafted in the first round. Other CFP schools Notre Dame should measure themselves against as well: Clemson's last two QBs, drafted in the first round. Ohio State's last two QBs drafted in the first round. Oklahoma goes against this first round trend in that their last QB was drafted in the second round but the two before that were each drafted #1 overall in the first round. The above schools have all signed multiple true 5* QB recruits in the past few years. ND's last two QBs? undrafted and a surprising 4th round pick. QB recruiting? a high 4* but no 5*'s.
  11. But then after 2022 recruits saw one season of Rees as OC, he could only recruit a QB recruit not in the top 200 . Instead of having multiple 5*'s and high 4*'s competing for the the starting role like other CFP teams, ND is looking to start a 3* transfer and then hope that Buchner pans out in 2022 given that other Rees QB recruits (as either QB coach or OC) are ranked #521, #225, unranked, and #229. Again, the question was "what does ND need to do differently to attract 5* QBs?" because the current combination of coaching and scheme does not seem to be attractive to élite QB recruits.
  12. Top 15 expectations & effort by coaches = Top 15 recruiting classes = "very good football" Top 5 expectations & effort by coaches = Top 5 recruiting classes = "excellent football" Notre Dame where "very good" football is played...
  13. Compare Buchner to the QBs that Alabama, Ohio St, Clemson, and Oklahoma have recruited. He is also the only ND QB recruit ranked in the Top 200 in the last 4 classes. Is he the exception or the rule?
  14. It is a reflection that Kelly could have chosen a OC who might have helped recruit higher ranked QBs. Instead, Kelly named Rees as OC who then did not do anything in his first year to change the narrative for attracting 5* QBs to ND.
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