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  1. Anyone else notice the difference between Kelly's first meeting with the LSU players and Freeman's? A whole lot of "Me" from Kelly no so much from Freeman. For MF, it was "We".
  2. From the Jaden Mickey interview, it sounds as if ND will take advantage of the rule allowing another official visit if a school has a new head coach "I’ll be taking another official visit up there next week along with the rest of the commits"
  3. I saw somewhere that he resigned instead of being forced to fire one or more assistants. Who knows if true or not
  4. Perhaps Fr. Jenkins wants to be at the formal announcement in person?
  5. One potential silver lining of popular opinion being seemingly against Kelly leaving ND to go to LSU when still having a chance of ND making the CFP, is that it might give ND a de facto tie breaker versus LSU if the two schools are ever vying for the #4 position in the CFP while Kelly is coaching the Tigers.
  6. BTW, eight of the top-14 in the College Football Playoff rankings were first time head coaches when their schools hired them.
  7. If Freeman already had an in-home, then he might not get another.
  8. Are you comparing Coach O's PAST recruiting at LSU (including that 5* QB) to Kelly's PAST recruiting at ND while NDfanatic is looking ahead to comparing Kelly's FUTURE LSU recruiting to Freeman's FUTURE ND recruiting? I know that if I needed to pick Kelly or Freeman as a recruiter, my money is on Freeman every time. Also, in past "35 years", ND had recruited Jimmy Clausen .9968, Dayne Crist .9886, and Gunner Kiel .9878 who all were rated above Walker Howard and his .9837 rating. Given that Walker Howard has not yet thrown one pass in college, high school star rankings about the only thing that can be used to compare talent at this point. (unless of course, you are qualified to professionally scout QB talent)
  9. Aren't you the person who said that might not be worth the disruption that a new coach can bring? While I think there is less risk in terms of a higher floor for the ND program with Fickell, from a program continuity perspective, Freeman seems to caused barely a ripple for the negative so far. I also think that Freeman's ceiling for RECRUITING is higher than Fickell's. How Freeman can handle the rest of the HC duties is yet to be seen
  10. Kelly no. Freeman depending on how the rest of his career goes. I am pretty sure that he will get credit for any wins or losses in 2021 post-season.
  11. Want CFP. I think ND ends up at #5 and misses it NY6 in that case and I have no idea where ND will end up (have not looked at options). I think that they win the NY6 though since I do not think they will play Ohio St or Alabama due to conference tie-ins for the bowls and ND should match up decently against anyone else.
  12. Perhaps Cutt as an analyst? That would be a Saban like move
  13. Supposedly it was in the hallway after the meeting but was overheard by at least a few folks
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