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  1. Wonder which came first, Irvin's decommitment or what seemed to be the recruiting of three RBs for the 2023 class?
  2. Wonder if NIL has changed the timing for QBs. I think 5 out of top 10 QBs are still uncommitted.
  3. One thing to note is that you do not need to be "perfect". Clemson won their NCs despite not putting many OL into the NFL. Instead, they had great QBs and DLs and enough WR and RB talent to make up for their lesser OL talent.
  4. Even if Young is only visiting to gain followers for NIL reasons, it is still worth having him on campus since you never know what might happen. Would love to have him at ND.
  5. His dad made Owen look like a high school freshman and not a 270 pound lineman
  6. The ND staff may believe that they are big game hunting by taking Owen.
  7. Will all visitors on June 10th be on official visits? If so, is that so ND does not have to worry about following the different rules for unofficial and official visitors in terms of meals, allowed activities, etc.? Otherwise, it is hard to believe that Drayk Bowen would not be there as an unofficial visitor.
  8. All 247 CB's for Absher are now for ND. The two for Clemson were switched to ND earlier this week.
  9. Saw elsewhere (NDN) mention that Patterson might play guard while Correll plays center in the belief that gets best 5 OL on the field. Supposedly, Correll does not have the bulk to play OG while Patterson can play either C or OG. This might mean that Lugg loses his starting spot depending on how the other guard spot shakes out.
  10. Even without endorsement dollars, a shoe company can have an impact on recruiting. I knew a top female high school soccer prospect who only considered Nike schools when she was deciding on a school.
  11. I'm not concerned. He's a 290 pound high school junior. Good chance that he may have a few extra pounds on him. That weight should change for the positive with college S&C.
  12. What I like is that 6'4 1/2" is the shortest of the four commits
  13. Given Loy's CB to ND for Jason Moore, would ND take five DL if both Devon Houstan and Jason Moore want to commit?
  14. The path to win a NC is not a 20+ year (from 2002 onwards) journey. Instead, I would argue that ND has tried three times to find a NC capable HC and failed all three times. In any case, we should have a good idea in five years as to how the fourth effort this century will turn out. Rosters completely turn over every five years and I believe that about 70% of NC winning coaches win in their first three years at a school. Yes, ND is rolling the dice with Freeman. He at least seems to be 1) working harder than most other people (especially Kelly) 2) hiring assistants who are willing to put the effort into recruiting and 3) embracing what is special about ND and promoting it as an advantage instead of criticizing it as a roadblock. We need to see how he performs in terms of winning games but at least he is raising the talent of the roster from a recruiting perspective.
  15. But that would be impossible since supposedly no HC can recruit elite DL to ND...
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