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  1. We all love this kind of stuff! It's just one of the first smells of the football season!!!
  2. Haha, congrats buddy!!! Hope you have lots of fun!!!
  3. Well you can always change those things, you know
  4. Yeah.... I pretty much agree with you guys, I'm probably not gonna buy it either, I mean the past few years all of the games have been the same for the PS2, no changes..... Unless something else changes my mind I probably won't be buying it... Maybe I'll rent it first just to see...
  5. Ugghhh noooo lol I hate it the old one was the best!!! It was unique unlike the other boards that are just plain and stuff!!!! And where did the Staff Forum go???
  6. UGGGGGHHH!!!!!!! This is the first time I've been on in awhile and all I have to say is WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?????? Uggghhhhh DD is really going on a downward slope.....
  7. Haha I love how we always complain about this kinda stuff, lol.... Yeah I'm pretty nitpicky about the NCAA Football games since I always have bought them once they came out, but after the past couple of disappointing games from them, I may wait a while to buy it this year. Or maybe not. Who knows.
  8. Hahahaha ohhh yessss this is a double whammy for me!!!! ASU IS GOING DOWN
  9. Ahhhhh Tucson..... It's finally starting to get warm again!!!!!!
  10. These are the posts that spark riots but I'm gonna try and put this in the most polite way possible because it furthers this discussion. An SC offer is the most prestigious offer in college football, plain and simple, so to say (insert school here) didn't offer, really means very little. I beg to differ Heisman, there was a time not long ago, before Petey came to town, that you couldn't give a SC offer way. I will admit that now SC is among a group of about 5-6 schools that an offer from is above everyone else. I would say that in todays game offers from ND, SC, LSU, OSU, UF, OU and possibl
  11. Welcome to DD man!!! Sweet avatar, too!
  12. Perfect example/reason why BQ dropped-- the stupid ass Sugar Bowl game.
  13. I kind of miss the days of "Fat German Grannies with Soviet Bloc Transvestite Sheep Herders"....man those were the days.... hahahahahahaha man don't even get domeanddomer started!!!! lol!!!
  14. if i didn't know better i'd think this kid is full of it, but since he belongs to me i can vouch for him. yes, he is 11. somehow he cracked the code and figured out how to get a membership. thanks for everyone's patience. he really is a good kid. i will now go and reign him in.............LITTLE SCHELL!!!!!! lol
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