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  1. i have a few fave players over the years but one constant always was and is...Zibby. Love the way he played the game.
  2. All i see in these highlights is the VT QB lofting it up in the air and hoping the receiver comes back to the ball to make the catch. Can't go all Gary Gray here, Love needs to turn his head around and intercept that ****. They only way VT beats us is if their defense stops us.
  3. The man, the myth, the legend...Brady Quinn?
  4. I havent watched much of any miami besides a little of the VT game.. They looked good, but how good is VT when they play away from home. Irish just have to stick to what they do best and Wimby is throwing the ball better and Chase is now a GOD, give him the rock!!!!
  5. ya ya ya NC state will stack the box and force Wimby to pass. We've heard this before from teams. I love how ESPN and the media say Wimby isnt any good as a passer. This is completely untrue and we all know this as fans of this team. He can make all the throws and he will in this game. Keep saying hes not a passer. He's the triple threat. Pass, hand off or spin and run right by you.
  6. i think you are wrong, Darnold might complete alot of sideways passes to the RB or wideouts, thats what he did last year. But throwing downfield he is not accurate. I think our D gets a pick or two. DB gotta play close up as to prevent the quick pass.
  7. agreed along with our stable of RBs this should be a no brainer.
  8. Blood in the water...theyre weak!!! Go get em Jay!!
  9. No Adore or JUJU this year...Darnold is good, but Coney gonna eat him.
  10. EQ man...this guy needs a game here. He has the talent and you know he wants the ball. RUn RUn RUn then send it EQs way..please.
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