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  1. Not that it matters much, but his only twitter retweets this week have been ND related. One from Drew Pyne, and the other from the ND athletics account.
  2. does anyone have a link to a NW ND replay?
  3. Where do people go to watch full game replays?
  4. I will be in attendance and have grown up about an hour from Evanston. I would be very surprised if the stadium is not atleast 60% ND fans.
  5. I know this has been mentioned before, but I cannot seem to remember. How does a recruit early enrolling affect the class size? Aren't they able to count for the previous class? If so, is there strategy to this or is it a minor detail? Interesting to see that all of the OL/DL commits are planning to EE.
  6. Seemed that the highlights contained a fair amount of RPO action. Seems like a good idea to get Wimbush out on the edge to let him make plays, rather than keep him in the pocket and make downfield reads. I did not think Avery Davis looked as smooth as others here did, but an athlete for sure. If Dex can figure out pass protection, he is going to have a strong year. Does look lighter as people mentioned though. I second all Tony Jones, Michael Young comments. Nothing like overanalyzing three minute highlight videos, must be spring!
  7. a few Irish CB's rolling in for Keys in the past 24 hours
  8. I know Irvin postponed his decision due to a family situation that is thought to be serious. Is there thoughts that he is waiting to see how serious the situation is before he decides how important it is for him to stay close to home. In other words, if it ends up not being as serious as first expected, would he still want to come to South Bend?
  9. Same comments were being made before USC. I understand where everyone is coming from, but how many big games does the team need to win to nullify these types of comments?
  10. My OSU friends also like to note that Ohio Stadium has 20,000 to 30,000 more seats, which generally drives down the ticket prices. However, the gameday environment inside the stadium is never great to begin with so I cannot blame those who attempt to sell for a hefty price either.
  11. I have grown considerably more worried about the kicking game after the Temple game. A close game like Georgia projects to be and Yoon could be the difference. Notice most others have noted his poor performance in Temple game reviews, but have not made a large deal out of this for the most part and seem to expect regression to the mean. Knowing how mental kicking can be (Roberto Aguayo, anyone?), are you confident in the kicking game moving forward?
  12. Many see him as the best LB commit out of both the 17 and 18 class.
  13. As camp is about to begin lets hear some peoples predictions on the position battles, excluding the QB battle, all in one thread. RG? Bivin/McGovern/Kraemer? Safety? Redfield/Studstill? CB2? Watkins/Crawford? Who contributes, if any, at WR out of McKinley, Boykin, Stepherson? Any other battles that people are interested in that missed. Should be an exciting camp, hope we come out of it healthy.
  14. He tweeted last night that he will continue to work hard at Notre Dame, get his degree, and help this team win a National Championship. Does not seem like he has any intention of leaving.
  15. Does anyone know the schedule for camp this year? First practice, etc.
  16. Interested to hear reports on Dexter Williams, feel that he may be in a log jam and will not get a significant amount of carries this year. Do Stepherson and Studstill continue to come on and be significant contributors? Who will lock up the RG spot? Hoping Shaun Crawford emerges as a starter and Nyles is finally ready mentally to hold down the middle.
  17. I spend time every now and then debating who I would like to see start come week 1. I find myself in a similar situation that I did back when there was the competition between Crist/Golson vs Rees. To me, there always seems like there is a safe pick. A guy who will run the offense, get the ball where it needs to be, 9/10 wins consistently. That was always Rees in my opinion, and this year it seems to be Kizer. On the flip side, there is also the player who has the opportunity to be a playmaker, take the offense to the next level. Crist, Golson, Zaire. These players have the higher c
  18. Zaire and Kizer have obviously been the main focus of this board throughout the spring. However, after watching the spring game I was impressed with Wimbush more than either of them. Obviously does not have a chance to start this year, but he has the arm and athletic ability to be special. He was 6/8 early with an overthrown deep ball and a dropped pass. Mixed in some running plays as well. Once he finds the touch on all his throws he will be hard to keep off the field. Hope he sticks it out because I am more excited to watch him run the Notre Dame offense than I have been about an
  19. Nobody has talked about this so I must be wrong, but was there never an agreement with the ACC regarding the playoffs? I thought the reason we began playing 5 ACC teams a year is because it allowed us a more direct route into the playoffs. I recalled there being a situation where we would replace an ACC team if certain scenarios were met.
  20. Does this worry anyone else? Have not had a noon kick since 2011 at Pitt, as well. Saw what the difference in time did to a Stanford team at Northwestern. Obviously this isn't as severe since both teams are ET, but it is completely different from the normal routine. Especially with the plethora of night games we play. Something to keep an eye on.
  21. Could not agree more with this. Keeping Sanford safe by saying that it is a committee calling the plays. Not always been a Kelly fan, but he is taking responsibility here IMO.
  22. If anyone is concerned about what happened in the run game last night you need to analyze the game instead of watching it. BK was spot on with his comments. You're not going to gain yards consistently with all of the men UM had in the box. Single coverage outside was Michigan picking their poison. This is the beauty of this years offense. Force the defense to make a choice and then exploit their weakness. Purdue is next week and I would expect 150-200. That is, unless they want to play like UM and get beat down the field.
  23. Does anyone have the full game video? I would like to rewatch the game.
  24. All of the above visits mentioned are at Notre Dame. The school next to the names are who Notre Dame is playing on that weekend. Hoge is not visiting Michigan.
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