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  1. Big. Or anybody for that matter. Just curious which prospect you like better. Angeli, or Allar?
  2. Just saw a little blip about it on Bleacher Report. Ugh. WTF.
  3. I'm not sure on him but I've also read rumors of FSU Safety Jaden Woodley as being a possible grad transfer.
  4. Matt Freeman had something on his Twitter about everything being fine and Blake will EE. Blake commented on his Twitter about it. Sounds like everything is good. I sure hope so. That'd be a huge blow.
  5. Any way you see us getting back into the game with Landon Tengwall?
  6. Big. That's what I was referring to. Rocco had something similar in a tweet.
  7. Blake Fisher and Rocco Spindler seem excited about something.
  8. Good lord. This Rona virus has really hurt us. I felt so confident prior to all of this. Now it just seems like we're on a roller coaster. One minute it seems we're getting a little bit of good news and the next we're screaming down a hill. Lately it seems we're going down a hell of alot more than going up. Shipley just seems to me from what I read like such an ND kid. Hopefully we can get things back on track and get some forward momentum.
  9. I think this shutdown is really hurting our chances. Meanwhile during the dead period OSU picks up 2 CB's in JK. Johnson and D. Smith. Interesting.
  10. Thanks jbrown. Couldn't remember who it was.
  11. Did I see correctly that Tengwall put ND and PSU as his top two recently? I saw the other day that a crystal ball was put in for Shipley to Clemson.
  12. Does this say anything about our current RB situation?
  13. March 20th is a Huge weekend. That OL list is something else. Wish list is Rucci, Tengwall, Spindler.
  14. That OL haul would be amazing. Fingers crossed.
  15. Lol. Thank you. Just curious if there has been any new names or ideas floating around. I do understand ND likes to go through a big vetting process.
  16. Anyone heard anything on a DB or TE coach? Just curious.
  17. Any news on the new DB coach? Read the other day about the possibility of the DB coach from the Bengals. Daronte Jones. Not sure how accurate it was. Also curious about a TE coach.
  18. Christian Parker according to his bio on the GB Packer website was a defensive analyst at ND in 2017. Worked with Julian Love.
  19. If HH doesn't come back to ND...I really hope the Lions hire him as their new OL coach. Yes I am a Lions fan. It's so frustrating.
  20. Did I just see that right? ESPN just had Cole as the 6th TE according to Kiper. That's just ridiculous.
  21. I see we just offered Aaron Armitage from NJ. 4* DE from NJ with an impressive offer list. Does ND have a shot? Seems like he's pretty high on OSU.
  22. As expected. Us, Penn State and Meatchicken.
  23. From what I understand Landon Tengwall is dropping a top three tonight. Hopefully we're in it.
  24. Hard to understand why DB recruiting can't seem to get any traction. Lack of depth is really going to show after this year. We lose alot and I've recently read where Crawford isn't going to seek a 6th year from the NCAA.
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