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  1. Just read that Xavier Nwankpa is committing next Wednesday at 4 p.m.
  2. I honestly thought he would retire here. I'm shocked as well.
  3. https://www.google.com/amp/s/247sports.com/college/notre-dame/Article/LSU-expected-to-hire-Notre-Dames-Brian-Kelly-as-next-head-coach-per-report-176746060/Amp/
  4. GB releasing Jaylon. Assuming somebody will give him another shot. Sucks seeing him fall so quick.
  5. Guess I should explain a little better what I meant. The reason I like to see the games with the service academies is because of the service members involved. Most of them know that this is there chance on a big stage. Either at ND stadium or at an NFL venue. Playing against ND. They fight hard and they fight until the very end. They're playing a game they've played since they were young. The NFL is likely (not saying it doesn't happen) not in there future. The future they chose is to fight and defend our way of living. For that reason I do like to see the games but I realize there really is no benefit for ND.
  6. I'd say I agree with what SDIrishFan is saying. As much as I like seeing ND play any of the service academies, I just don't see the benefit. I understand the Navy agreement but do we still owe them a yearly game? I don't think so.
  7. It was good to see some pictures of former players coming back to support the team. I saw pictures of Chase Claypool with various recruits. There was one of Tommy Rees with Zac Martin and Tyler Eifert. A few of Jerome Bettis. I would like to see it happen more often. Can't hurt having current NFL players and hall of fame dudes roaming the sidelines.
  8. https://www.ndinsider.com/story/sports/football/2021/09/27/notre-dame-football-roster-kyle-hamilton-ncaa-all-american-defense/5888419001/
  9. Disregard. Just read about it in the SBT. Carry on.
  10. Coach is still mad about 2 guys targeting Hamilton last week I missed this during the game. Is this when the ND bench got an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty towards the end of the game? Anybody have a rundown of what happened?
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