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  1. I hear ya but the 17th visitor list ain't too shabby.
  2. My confidence level isn't as high as it was after his visit for the blue and gold game. Still like our chances however. After adding Pendleton if we could add Freeling, Absher and Jagusah (possibly Paige too). That would be insane. Just the price of admission to watch our O and D lines compete everyday at practice would be well worth it.
  3. Sullivan Absher announcing May 13th. NC State, Clemson and ND. Hopefully good news for ND.
  4. Final 4 of ND, Texas, South Carolina and Oklahoma. Would be a HUGE addition.
  5. Siereveld announcing May 4th between Ohio State, Alabama and us.
  6. Greathouse > Tate ? I'd like both but if I had to choose.....? Think I'd take Greathouse. Just my opinion.
  7. Awesome news. Just kinda wish they picked a different name. FUND. I don't know. FU-ND. Just doesn't sound right.
  8. Not sure if this is accurate. Would suck if it is.
  9. Maybe he's prowling for a new lady friend?
  10. That article about Tate is both frustrating and gives me hope. How could we not get his mother on board from the start? That makes zero sense to me. Seems like the life after football talk with his mom would have been a huge selling point. Head scratcher. Glad to hear the new staff has rectified that and the article now makes it seem like a reality he may choose the Irish.
  11. Good buddies with Preston Zinter too I believe.
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