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  1. Is there any full video version of the game? Thanks.
  2. It was an error. His response was much better than his delivery on the McKay line. Kelly is not that funny and does not have good comedic timing.
  3. https://www.cnn.com/2021/08/08/sport/bobby-bowden-death/index.html
  4. He never could recover from injuries. He still gets a Notre Dame education for free. Now the coaches have another scholarship to use. https://www.si.com/college/notredame/football/notre-dame-football-hunter-spears-medically-retires
  5. BigHead, When you write tentative on your list, that is regarding their attendance at the BBQ as opposed to a tentative offer, right?
  6. Here is an article that I read before I posted this thread. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-08-01/filmmaker-san-diego-police-shooting-dubose Like Kelly said, it's really unclear what happened.
  7. For those in or near the San Diego area who might be interested in joining. https://www.onefootdown.com/2021/7/15/22579518/candlelight-vigil-in-remembrance-of-former-notre-dame-player-demetrius-dubose-nd-irish-all-american
  8. I think that this is a valid question. My view of Notre Dame and what it means to be a great Catholic university likely differs with others based on theology and politics. Nonetheless, Notre is the preeminent Catholic university in nation. Who else is there? Boston College and Georgetown are both well regarded universities, but I would posit that they are not regarded as a better Catholic university than Notre Dame. What other institutions are there? St. John's, Xavier, Santa Clara, ????. The list grows thin quickly despite a number of Catholic universities in each state. I suppose we could include Catholic University, but those unhappy with Notre Dame's Catholicity would likely be similarly unhappy with a university controlled currently by the Vatican.
  9. LOL, I guess I will have to find a new site.
  10. I think, notwithstanding the high red zone numbers in 2019, the overall success in 2020 was more appreciated. Ideally, we have both. This year, the losses to Clemson and Alabama did not strike me as a red zone problems as much as it was our offense could not consistently move the football on either of their defenses.
  11. Not everyone on that list likely even has the basic academics to qualify for Notre Dame. That has to be sorted out as well probably. The interesting one is Clemson with only 1 offer.
  12. Isn't the rocket a mascot for Toledo. LOL! Maybe, that's his safety school.
  13. I wonder how much, if any, ND lost this season. Playing in both the ACC Conference Championship and the playoff semi-finals had to be a payday. I do not see much benefit in ND joining the ACC if the conference television contract is so unfavorable. If Power 5conferences increase the number of games that their teams play within conference, I wonder how that affects ND. If conferences decide that they do not want to play so many sisters of the poor teams, that likely helps ND have a pick of solid teams to play.
  14. It's a worthy fight, but let's get to the CFP first before we draw a line in the sand. Better yet, let's smack down Clemson, win the ACC title, and then challenge the CFP officials.
  15. That would make some sense. Moreover, this is his home state university that he has probably worshipped since he was a wee lad. Even though LSU was uninspiring this year, they just won it all last year. Diggs just got the offer about a week ago. It makes sense that he needs to process it.
  16. I too doubt that Meyer would come, but if he did it would be for the challenge and the go. He would want to say that he is the coach that brought national championships to 3 different programs.
  17. ND offered him today. I guess that means we are no longer in the hunt for Edwards. https://notredame.rivals.com/news/scoop-notre-dame-offers-michigan-state-rb-commit-audric-estime
  18. I just hope his departure 2 days before national signing day doesn't give any of our recruits cold feet.
  19. 48-18 early in the fourth quarter. It seems that UNC scores at will on just about everyone, but ND.
  20. West Bloomfield is a well-to-do suburb of Detroit. No doubt, almost all he here's growing up is Meatchicken.
  21. Very sad. https://www.onefootdown.com/2020/12/11/22170612/former-notre-dame-offensive-lineman-taylor-dever-dead-at-31-brian-kelly-irish-news-nd
  22. I wonder how having great years by both Williams and Tyree help us. Do they hurt us because they both have 3 more years each I think. C'Bo has also had a pretty good year. It might be hard to get him away from the hometown favorite.
  23. He might want to have a sense of whether there is a decent quarterback who will be throwing to him. Otherwise, it may not be worth his while as he cannot show improvement without a good quarterback.
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