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  1. How do we know they haven’t? Need a QB that can throw that ball. The reason the WR was decent enough last year is they could run good, crosses. curl and out and in routes; and they had good hands.
  2. Interesting perspective. I have seen more and more Pacific Islanders joining the team in recent years. USC was eating them all up under Carroll, good to see ND grabbing this population. The islands create some great defenders.
  3. Lol, good one. About 10 clips came to my mind from Kelly saying he has been coaching for 20 years.
  4. Not sure how the effects ND. I do think a lot of the players sign up for the degree, so it could be beneficial idk. I can only imagine this hurts the big name programs though. A 5 star sophomore DE sitting on the Alabama bench, could easily get a call from Auburn with a guaranteed start. Not sure all the parameters, but it sounds like someone could get told they are not starting in August and enroll right away at a different school. Crazy, throw the red shirt out the window.
  5. Tyree is going to be so good. Williams is a beast, but with the weight gain and seeing lanes more clearly, Tyree is going to be something else.
  6. I agree with you. Us peasants (domerdomain anyways) should post what we want. However, if I were CEO of a company, I wouldn’t want my leadership telling people there are body parts in vaccines or selling Sidney Powell dvds. “I edited my above post it was too strongly worded and I apologize for that.
  7. Like all new things, I am sure this is just a learning curve for all. Can we get have a discussion with the moderators and administrators pushing crazy conspiracy theories?? That would be ideal. I am all for different opinions, but crazy conspiracy hurt the board.
  8. Dantonio, Kelly, and Jones would say different. Unfortunate that they hired Tommy Tuberville to ruin that program for a few years. Overall, it was a great success.
  9. No, because you were able to update rosters in the earlier games as well. They are still modding 2014 with up to date rosters.
  10. Wood was recruited by Weis and constantly in the doghouse under Kelly. Hernandez murdered someone while at Florida and Urban and his cronies prevented the police from investigating. I think that is a big difference.
  11. I am an idiot when it comes to this kind of thing, so how could this be that valuable? I could only see a competitor trying to get some secrets for their own game or to counterfeit this game. I imagine the source code is distinct and it really would not matter for any future games from the developer? Idk
  12. Honestly, from my experience the best investments are solid etfs. Spy, Vanguard, ect. They are always consistent and you will make money on the dips and the highs. Some even have dividends, so you can auto reinvest for more free money being invested. This is not financial advice, just my experience seeing the market play out.
  13. Few things things. Of course this happens when ND has unproven qbs. Going to have a 77 rated player (who knows if the game will have real players/teams). Next, here’s my money! Sorry work, sorry family.
  14. Indeed, and dangerous due to being so balanced. At times, the imperial or triple IPAs can have too much sweet malt flavor, this one did not. I drank it like a 7% versus slow sipping lol.
  15. Not sure what it had to do with the relief Bill, but i thought this was interesting https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/10/us/ufo-report-emergency-relief-bill-trnd/index.html
  16. Woah! Respect my brother. Great sounding lineup and yes I respect you handling that hangover. I ended having a 10.5 other half ipa something and 2019 BCS.
  17. Ahh that makes sense. I guess it seems like it is possible without big time donors ND is unwilling to put up the funds for staff. I am sure it is like this at other schools as well. Just interesting. Thanks for the info.
  18. Maybe someone can explain why Bob Hinton was in the tweet? I think that may the story, I guess he endowed 5 mill a year ago to the d cord position? Wondering if he decided to pay Freeman’s salary, I may be totally out of it, but I have no clue what that tweet means. “Please welcome Bob Hinton Defensive Coordinator/LB coach, “ Again I may be crazy, when I first looked at it was wondering if Marcus Freeman had an alias, before I looked up who Bob Hinton was.
  19. The NFL changing its policy that you need 3 yrs outside of HS to be in the draft would change the landscape real quick.
  20. Pretty stupid to go after a coach who the current coach used to work for. Urban “hey Tom, Texas called me”. Got this from somewhere “ With Texas' firing of Tom Herman, FBS public schools have committed themselves to as much as $107.6 million in buyout-related payments to football head coaches and assistants this season”.
  21. OSU is a direct competitor to ND even though they never play. They consistently compete for Midwest recruits. I could argue that OSU is NDs biggest rival in the grand scheme of things, despite never playing each other.
  22. Tom Herman has that Charlie Weis money! He will get another job and be paid by Texas while not coaching Texas. It’s amazing that taxpayers allow this to happen.
  23. Then why would you be miserable and root for ND? Lol. If it isn’t about being at a higher standard, might as well root for Bama and be happy every year. By all accounts, other than the bag man, Saban runs a clean program. Clemson has a very high graduation rate indicating Dabo cares about his players getting their degrees. The difference is ND has the Highest grad rate AND their players are not getting exercise degrees.
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