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  1. I still support Kelly. But there MUST be changes in our coaching staff.
  2. We need safeties that can cover both the run and pass, and corners that are faster or put themselves in better positions.
  3. 100% agree! Are they waiting for some poor kid to get paralyzed before they protect them?
  4. I am on my phone and wasn't able to post the link to this thread to the comments section, but if someone else could I think that would show Gregg family and friends that we still support him. So proud of this board and the love we have for one another.
  5. So sad. Put down the guns. Innocent people end up getting killed. I agree with earlier posts. Cowards shoot people like this. Disgusting. As a person who went hunting with his grandfather and knows how to properly handle a firearm, it disgusts me when evil cowards get their hands on weapons and decide to pull the trigger. Sitting in my living room in Chicago reading a story a about a man shot by a stray bullet eating at his kitchen table. I'm an attorney and I am constantly "disrespected" by clients, prospective clients, etc., but I take the high road and let it roll off my back. i hope they prosecute all parties involved and get them off the streets and behind bars. So sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to Greg and his family!
  6. I so angry. Angrier than I have been since 2005... Others have stated the same. If I'm this angry, I would expect the team is angrier. I hope we destroy every team we face from here on out. They let their DBs do whatever they wanted and that could have easily been a no call. If you watch it, the day players weren't jumping up and down looking for a flag, they were looking at each other trying to point fingers at the blown assignment. f$U is trash, but if we play with a fire under our butts the rest of the year and do it looking good, then we will be in the playoff IMHO. I would love s rematch in the title game against those cheats. Ala bama vs lsu a few years ago
  7. GREAT LINK!!! .18 miles from the Stadium for $15.00(thanks to your link). I recommend everyone use this. It was extremely easy, now back to work. Thanks again Cincy!!! GO IRISH!!!
  8. Hey Guys, Long time no post. My girlfriend surprised em with tickets to the game. we are just driving down form Chicago during the day and plan on driving back after the game, but I don't have a parking pass and have never been to Indianapolis. I wanted to know if anyone has been to a game at Lucas Oil and can pass along some ideas for parking. i went the the stadium's website and the page wont load. Thanks in advance for the help. Thanks, GO IRISH!!!
  9. Looks like one of those see-through plastic visors they sell as party hats for different occasions, looks just like those visors the dealers in Vegas always used to wear. https://www.webhats.com/Catalog/ProductDetails.aspx?id=341&category=0
  10. Have mercy! If we couldn't win with that at midfield, I'm not sure if we ever will... P.s. She has amazing spirit
  11. Our defense is why we lost. We put up more than enough points to win had our defense showed up.
  12. My guess would be speed off the ball. It is so difficult to add weight and maintain quickness and speed. I think tuitt can do it, but its difficult.
  13. all the person would have to tell T'eo is "cough, cough, sorry i sound so bad, im not feeling too good"...
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