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  1. I thought this was the case for Sam Mustipher, not Montellus...
  2. I definitely wouldn't have had OU in there, Baylor and TCU didn't have their starting QBs and OSU was extremely overrated. OU didn't beat anyone of significance and those that were ranked, were down key people.
  3. This is why Michigan was so good with Denard Robinson. If he made one guy miss, it had potential to be a big play. The problem with those Michigan teams were they played no defense. On top of that, Borges tried turning Denard into a pocket QB, instead of letting him be a wildcat QB who could throw to keep defenses honest. The biggest con with this style of offense is that it is completely feasible for a game or two, but when your QBs start taking a pounding over a full season, you won't be able to keep them on the field.
  4. I believe the biggest issues with DaVaris and Ishaq were that neither one continued to take classes to stay in good academic standing per NCAA eligibility requirements while they were suspended. KeiVarae had continued his education and I think has a much better shot of getting the waiver from the NCAA. Does he want to take the risk, is the question, though.
  5. As good as Schwarber is at the plate, I think the Cubs would be smart to look at trading him for a great, defensive CF and young SP. He has no real position and will be a liability for the Cubs in the OF, especially since Soler is just average in the OF. I think they will give both a chance, but won't keep both if they don't improve, defensively. Trade one and put Heyward in RF, Soler/Schwarber in LF, and the trade in CF.
  6. Everything I hear has OU in front, with ND and Michigan vying for 2nd. The biggest plus here with Kelly's recruitment is he has been to every school on his top list...except for ND. Get him on campus around all the other talent and "wow" mom with the atmosphere and academics/support that is available. I have a weird gut feeling about this one, that he is blown away and we are pleasantly surprised...
  7. It's probably nothing, but he lights up when he speaks about Coach Denson and ND. All the others his body language is the same, hunched over, stoic, and monotone. When he speaks about ND, he smiles and shifts around a bit.
  8. If Fowler wants 4 years at $15 mil a year, I say offer Heyward an extra 5 and sign him for 8. Heyward is 4 years younger and historically, a better hitter than Fowler.
  9. I think the Rose Bowl will take OSU no matter who wins the Big Ten. If Temple wins the AAC, they will not pit them in a ND rematch, so I could see us playing Iowa, Baylor, or FSU...My hope would be Baylor...
  10. It's the all too common playing not to lose, instead of playing to win...he wasn't going to let his overtly aggressive play calling be the reason they beat ND, even though Hogan carved the secondary up all game when given time.
  11. The interesting thing will be if Navy wins out and there is carnage in the rest of CFB. I'm talking Michigan winning the Big 10, Florida losing to FSU and beating Bama in the SEC, and a 2 loss Big 12 champ. With it being guaranteed to have at least a 2 loss Pac 12 champ, would Navy possibly get in the playoff with a 12-1 record and AAC champ? You could see Clemson, ND, and Navy in the playoff...
  12. I think we have a "letdown" game against BC, but that will still mean a 34-13 win...
  13. Treat these like pre-season matchups in the NFL. Let your starters play for the first half, get them some meaningful reps, build big leads, then rest your starters in the 2nd half with the 2nd team getting good experience. Ultimately, you get your starters some rest before the biggest game at the end of the season without hindering them too much. I doubt Stanford will have the luxury of resting guys the last 2 weeks with potential blow out wins...
  14. If Navy knocks off Memphis, they will more than likely play Temple in the AAC championship. Then USC and Stanford play in Pac-12 championship and ND wind out, then you'd have wins over some pretty impressive foes...
  15. Temple has been tied or losing at halftime in 5 of 8 games this year...
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