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    Too many to mention here, but my fav hobby, heavy beer drinking while cheering on for ole Notre Dame


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    FIGHT,FIGHT,FIGHTING for Old Notre Dame, and me pay raise is long over due !
  1. Where you been? Haven't seen you on here?

  2. Move aside kid ya bother me,,, Rise up fellow ND fans everywhere!! Feel the holy truth pulse through your Irish veins,, VICTORY is with in reach!! Never turn yer back on the Holy Spirit knocking at the door,,, NEVER lose faith in the Glory of the University of Notre Dame.. I can hear the Victory March now..... Shes just waiting to be sung!
  3. Go Irish!! Navy,, I want to see them DEAD! The Michigan brothers,, DEAD!! And that filth out west,, SoCal Trojans,, DEAD!!!! HERE WE GO IRISH, HERE WE GO !!
  4. I just can't take another season of watching Tommy Rees forcing the ball into tight coverage. Let him transfer to Indiana. I don't think even Tommy believes he has what it takes to lead the team to victory.
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