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  1. Godfather "Listen...You smell that." Ghostbusters. Bring us a pitcher of beer every 7 minutes until somebody passes out and then bring us one every ten.
  2. The Great Outdoors but you didn’t quote it quite right. “Hey bud, let’s party!”
  3. Stepbrothers Mine: 100% pure Alabama black snake.
  4. Damn. If I had to pick another sport he would excel at it would have been sportfking.
  5. No way ND was 2 seed at end of regular season. More like a 4 seed. However, given that bracket it is highly likely ND makes to elite 8. Maryland, Iowa, and NC State is a pretty easy path. Side note: No way Auburn beats Bama twice in same season, especially with playoff game coming on a neutral field.
  6. I heard you can find the recipe in the open forum....
  7. Nothing to see here but... Football!
  8. Why? You want to pigeonhole every coach and prevent them from advancing their career? That's a good way to line up future coaches. Good thing the only think you coach is pocket pool in your mom's basement!!
  9. He was the granddaddy of them all. Best CFB play by play announced ever....even if he didn't like ND.
  10. Yeah, well I heard Eddie Vanderdoes grandma gave Alex Anzalone a lap dance while he was on recruiting visit in South Bend...
  11. Really? Ryan Kallil was 2nd round draft pick, 5 time pro bowler, and 2 time all pro at 6'2", 300 lbs. Rodney Hudson is also a pro bowler this year at 6'2", 300.
  12. Irish 31 (including a defensive or ST TD) Tigers 17
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