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  1. The ‘like’ for posts...realized I had used it in another thread already... I ate paint chips as a child.
  2. Nevermind...already a feature
  3. Dammit, now I have to buy a new console.
  4. Armed? What they did was absolutely horrible, but they weren’t armed.
  5. And that’s the problem. This whole ‘my side is right and your side is wrong’ will not lead to anything positive. I’m not saying that Trump didn’t start it, I actually said that he did in my previous post. I’m saying that without the mass protests and riots we’ve seen as a nation over the past several months, this may not have occurred.
  6. I think it’s a bit more nuanced. This behavior was acceptable over the summer. While Trump has truly effed this situation with his constant speeches and tweets about a stolen election, people are reacting based on what was already shown to be ok in our country. Media, tech, etc supported the BLM protests and did not condemn, and in some cases did not acknowledge, the violence that occurred. This was bound to happen today or on the day of the inauguration. Saw this coming a mile away. The level of violence will continue to increase with each protest moving forward unless it is squashed at
  7. Agree 100% soulpatch. And to add, even if a rogue employee or group of employees decided to push a nefarious patch, it would undergo code review by multiple resources, QA testing, etc prior to the patch being pushed. I just don’t see how something like this would not be caught. That’s not to say all code pushed to a production environment is 100%...it’s not and never will be, but to say something this large could pass all of the scrutiny it would undergo is hard to fathom. ...and if it were to get pushed out to the machines, having everyone involved keep their mouth shut would be unlikely
  8. Just saw that they added green jerseys to the Hammes Bookstore site. 42 - 27 Clemson
  9. Ammo has been sold out since the COVID lockdowns started
  10. Not as many as I’d like. I’ve driven from Georgia to Maine...visited the South Eastern states, with the exception of Loiusiana. Flown out to Arizona. Would love to visit South Bend, New Orleans, Montana, Colorado, etc.
  11. My bad. As a side note, the right isn’t the only side with conspiracy theories
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