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  1. https://v7player.wostreaming.net/4462 found a radio broadcast
  2. I'm on strike to this time. I will forget to unsubscribe and it will cost me 60 bucks a year.
  3. Hi guys, I'm never sure how to approach these streaming games as a poster. So this year I'm going with a poll approach, to see whats best Resources https://und.com/bluegoldgame/
  4. At least Ohio State won't see him either.
  5. That puts him right around Kevin Austin numbers wise. a 3 or 4 year version of Kevin Austin without Kevin's personal struggles off the field would be awesome.
  6. Looks like Shaun Crawford started a podcast!
  7. I can definitely see the Kyren Williams style comparisons in these clips.
  8. Yeah, Kelly's acting like a loser. I want ND players coached by a hardworking winner, who makes no excuses.
  9. Yup with Price doing well he's very much a guy that can have his 4 games, and get ready for the future.
  10. Rocco Spindler got mentioned by the media again. From all reports this team has worked on running the ball and stopping the run. I'm not expecting flashy but I am expecting physical next week.
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