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  1. Estime Waking up Bettis Echoes late here @SpeedsterX?
  2. Nice. Thanks for that @SpeedsterX and @Tailgate Approved
  3. sure hope so. Radio was acting like it was serious
  4. Touchdown GOLD! Jadarian Price again @Big23Head! 50+ screen pass.
  5. Here's the free radio feed https://v7player.wostreaming.net/4462
  6. blue scores with a walk-on whose name i can't spell 10-0 Blue.
  7. Pyne Salerno Diggs et al moing the ball for blue.
  8. More Jadarian Price opportunities sound good. Not much Diggs and Tyree. Youth getting a shot here
  9. Been the Brandon Joseph vs Jordan Botelho show according to radio
  10. Joseph had 7 interceptions in first 7 practices according to radio
  11. The Estime/Angeli Show is back, now price. Joseph seems to be doing well.
  12. Here's the radio feed again for anyone who needs it. https://v7player.wostreaming.net/4462
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