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  1. Perfect zone runner for McVey's scheme great landing spot.
  2. I Gotta be Honest. I am overreacting to a game winning Scramble. But I LIKE ANGELI. Always did. One of the more controversial recruiting threads we've had in a while but he's a kid with a lot of poise to him, prototypical size, won't start the Arm Strength Debate but its a non-issue to me. I gave it a week so I could reflect. What's your opinion?
  3. Thankfully RB is a position with depth, taught me that Freeman won't say much about injuries, just that he will get a report later.
  4. @SDIrishFan will you start a "Summer Tid Bits Thread" I know it won't be as long as Spring or Fall, it will give us a place to put like Summer workouts, schedule stuff etc.. Then of course we End that when we have the fall practice thread.
  5. Freeman seemed positive on the injury front postgame. Marcus said he gets a full medical report on the team tomorrow but wasn't anticipating anything serious.
  6. I like that he was coaching until the final second of the Blue Gold game. To me thats true competitive spirit. The 3rd string QB with a future Angeli being CELEBRATED for diving over a pylon. Winning the game, winning the rep, just flat out winning.
  7. Harrison Smith is on there for me. Not sure he fits the underrated part though.
  8. Agreed. Really Nice to see young players like Price and Estime getting so many reps. ND will always be known for running backs and defense. So glad that tradition is coming back.
  9. Lots of competitive spirit. Not sure it will show up in the record but this feels different.
  10. Walk-ons playing hard for the final score, close game. Competitive spirit.
  11. Price really is getting getting praise, as are all the running backs
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