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  1. https://twitter.com/coachdmc/status/1495820873047150592/photo/1
  2. so glad things are trending like this. Soon I won't need to talk about what scheme ND runs and stuff. X's and O's are nice but do you hear anyone talking about Bama's scheme? I don't I hear people talking about Bama players Great Players make scheme more fun to talk about.
  3. Thought about having Diggs higher myself. Like how you kept the young tight ends in class order. We had the tight end gap the same, 8 spots just bauman vs evans. So your starting formation 21(2 RB 1 TE ) Mine would be 11 (1 RB 1 TE) Guess what? I like @tneun89's list better than mine!! 21 makes much more sense with Buchner.
  4. Alright so 48 hours later picking apart my own list....... 1. ND lacks size and depth at WR 2. Is the tight end gap really that large? Will ND really have to start 3 smaller receivers or will Colzie or Merriweather take the W receiver from futher down the list. 3. Who are your ideal graduate transfer additions?
  5. Summaries Harry Hiestand- Likes Matt Balis alot. Looks rejuvenated after a few years watching his kids play sports Chansi Stuckey- You could really hear Dabo Swinney. Develop the whole person and the football player will follow suit. Gerad Parker- I gotta get the other guys not named Mayer to Uphold the standard of TEU after Mayer moves on. Chris O'Leary- on AL Golden "very down to earth" "Smart" "Football Smart" "Enjoyable to talk to". Freeman led the way to get Brandon Joseph. Happen fast. Was finished in a week. Nice to have the new ideas around the program. Deland McCullough- I pride myself on being an expert at coaching running backs. I called around and found out that guys like Hiestand, Rees, Stuckey do too.. Al Washington- Raved about the best players being the hardest workers, complimenting Foskey and the Ademilola twins.
  6. Thats the Key. Great players make Great plays. Brady made Bruce Ariens a Superbowl winner. No matter how scientific, how much nutrition, how many X and O's give me the team with the great players everytime
  7. I ranked my top 15 ND skilled offensive players. It is your turn!! Top 5 means: starter 6-10: Will play alot 11-15: May play depending on injuries or on Special Teams. 2022 1. Mayer 2. Styles 3. Tyree 4. Lenzy 5. Davis 6. Diggs 7. Colzie 8. Estime 9. Mitchell Evans 10. Tobias Merriweather 11. Joe Wilkins Jr. 12 . Jayden Thomas 13. Cane Berrong 14. Kevin Bauman 15. Matt Salerno
  8. The coach Al Golden reminds me of is Chuck Martin. Al's had a huge career with some of the legends of the game. YET he doesn't seem to have a huge ego. Want evidence? Went from a HEAD COACH OF MIAMI to a Tight End Coach at the Lions under Caldwell(a head coach most say still deserves to be coaching) went from TE Coach to Defense for the Lions(was a hold over) Then to the Bengals. Whats your point faith? Not many guys that have been head coach twice would have been happy coaching a position again. Working under coordinators in the NFL tells me that he is ok with the fact he can still learn more. Chuck Martin was at the top of his level and STILL wanted to learn more. Took a safety coach job (went from leading 100 players to leading less then 10. Switched sides of the ball to lead half a ND team as offensive coordinator. Then took his current job at Miami(Ohio) leading a whole team again. I liked Chuck Martin and I like Al Golden.
  9. Agreed. It had to be done at least like the week before the Super Bowl. After the fact I learned that Golden was in South bend the Sunday of Pro Bowl week(the week in between games). Because it takes longer to write and post a detailed press release and background check someone than 24 hours.
  10. Mr. Faith 22 hours ago... You were wrong again. I apologize to the ND Hiring Process and for my doubt of it. I'll do better in the Future. SIGNED Faith 22 hours later
  11. I love this. Being aggressive on the trail doesn't always mean going after only 5 stars. Cooper Cupp had a resume something like this player, I know he played bigger time college football but there is no reason not to take a player with this resume and experience and see what happens. I like this outside the box thinking.
  12. Agreed. Golden knows Parcells worked for Al Groh, coached with so many others. Been the head guy, worked for guys like Jim Caldwell for the Lions. Was so quotable. I'm ready for footballl season...NOW.
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