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  1. Each week I try to put together something we can review at the end of the week: 

    This week its a confidence game.

    We get 100 total confidence points


    For my example

    QB: 10 confidence points- This is an average rating because we're going to rate 10 factors

    RB: 20 Confidence points: Above average i'm high on the running backs, i've used 30 of my 100 though,

    OL: 10  Confidence Points: Average: I like Hiestand

    DL: 20  Confidence points:  depth and NFL talent

    LB: 10  Confidence points:   not as athletic as I'd like yet

    TE: 10 Confidence points: LOVE Mayer, not sure other wise

    WR: 5  Confidence Points: too many questions, intriguing talent

    CB:  5  Confidence Points- same as WR

    S:   10 Confidence Points- like the transfer

    Kicking: 0 Confidence- nobody returning complete unknown, missed kicks in spring game.


  2. 5 hours ago, Mike said:

    You shouldn't have to visit the subforums. If you click the main board (circled below) that should show everything in recruiting & the subforums. You shouldn't need to click the sub-forums if you don't want to. If the Recruiting board, or any of the sub-forums are bold, just click 'Recruiting Board' and you should be covered.




    thats all i do. the subforums are an organizational tool. But, the recruiting board link will always be there as Mike has boxed in red, click that,

  3. 10 hours ago, soulpatch said:

    The blueprint at ND seems pretty clear. And, as chance would have it, it's a blueprint that's most often found on championship teams. Dominate the trenches. Get a dynamic QB. Don't beat yourself (aka, be disciplined). Put the FIGHT in fightin' irish. 

    so is that the order you would put them in?



    Turnover Margin/Penalties

    overall toughness, fight


    That'd be a fun poll question.

  4.  Are you a defense wins Championships believer? How about a franchise QB means everything? Or wait.. Players consistency and culture? Do we build it like the pros?

    Confusing. Lots of questions no wrong answers.


    My opinion has changed

    Before Kelly: I was big on plays, coaching and such.

     After Kelly: I realized you can have a library of plays but without the top players those plays only take you so far.


    Its all confusing to  me:

    So where do you stand? Has your opinion changed or stayed the same?

  5. 37 minutes ago, Big23Head said:

    Plays in the Triple Option so that's a definite. ISD likes him at RT too.

    Yup he was blocking guys 6 yards downfield in that film. I'd much rather the staff teach guys with big frames to pass Block then have guys add weight to run block.


    Its where BK, Jeff Quinn and Hiestands opinion differ the most. Hiestand will always have a big physical line, that will get beat around the edge once in a while. Quinn's ideal line didn't get beat around the edge much but could get bull rushed and pushed back in the run game. I prefer Hiestands line of thinking we'll see.

  6. I wanted to see this last year as in my opinion Patterson will play Guard in the NFL. That was NOT BK's opinion. I base my opinion on that I compare Patterson to Zach Martin. BK Compared him to Nick Martin. We'll see what Harry Hiestand thinks 

  7. 7 minutes ago, jessemoore97 said:

    Agree.  And I love a good run game, but we also got to get the passing going too.  I'm a little concerned about Buchner and injuries, he doesn't take the slide option and will try and lower his shoulder fir more yards.  While I really appreciate that mindset and competitiveness, he has to take care of himself.  Book was really good at getting out of bounds on a run, we need that level of awareness and style.  With the talent at RB we think we have, utilize them moreso than Buchner.

    Yup. I hope they are smart and run the QB at the edges(zone read) instead of like a fullback in power read. I'd much rather the QB have the opton to go out of bounds or take on a corner then being Tim Tebow like against bbig linebackers and defensive lineman. Let Estime(same size as LBs) deal with the LB's. If I were Rees I'd make it a play-action type passing game and mix some RPOs so he doesn't hold the ball very long, the quicker he releases it the less likely for big hits.

  8. 24 minutes ago, jessemoore97 said:

    I think most carries is entirely dependent on how a game is going and also based on the opponent.  I would love to see a mix of all three during a game ala ND '88-'93ish.  Nothing pleases me more than watching a Bettis type RB beat the shit out of a D in the 4Q!

    I believe with Buchner's running ability, these backs and the running back coach and the O-line Coach it be a shame not to run the ball alot.

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  9. 3 hours ago, ND_JACK said:

    I voted for indifferent but I must admit during the fall I am more focused on football. With the games and all going on I just get more into it.

    I respect that too. Most of it comes available during coaches clinic season which is in the offseason. So I'll just compile it now and add to it once in awhile.

  10. Great Running Back Debate:  Speed back vs Power Back vs Slasher Back


    You get 1 football 40 carries who is getting most of them?

    I'm going Estime when I vote because I want people to get tired of tackling him by the 4th quarter. 

    There are no wrong answers.

    Let the Debate Begin...

  11. that was closer then I thought. Angeli really closed the gap and changed some perceptions with his Spring Game. Somewhere Tommy Rees is smiling. Believe me, Rees doesn't want a perceived gap he wants Pyne to believe he is being chased.

  12. Alot of teams will fill their roster with players with 1 attribute, (For example, height, weight, strength speed..) and recruiting is done quick. No fighting in February. That was the Kelly Approach later on. Early he fought for Tuitt, Lynch and a few others


    Freeman being 36 has a lot longer "fight window" He'll fight for the high 4's or 5's then still have enough energy to get a 3 or a transfer when he has too.

    36 vs 60 makes a big difference. I will say Saban who is older then Kelly will still out recruit Kelly.

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