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  1. yes the address is and no, i don't have that one.

  2. Forgot to Answer, I'm sorry. Just did.

  3. Hey Tim. Will check with DJ on the password request. Yeah, We'll be fine, this week. I'm a big Elko fan. The middle between Diaco and BVG is perfect. Look at the difference in a Kurt Hinish Already. Defense will steadily become a strength. Wimbush will get his feet under him. I still have high hopes.

  4. Drew that pass up for you. They both chased that bootleg play-action pretty hard, instead of covering the slot

  5. Hey Okie!


    I think we can score on FSU. Ok State out of a spread got 31 and NC state got 41. The question is with that speed can we hold them under that? I hope so. Go Irish!

  6. I just realized I put to offensive guys at 26-27. Two things..


    1. Could we do Collinsworth for Shumate?(Austins a senior and should get his time. Elijah will have next year?"


    So I'm asking for Collinsworth at 25, and a mention of all the lineman at 28?




    25. collinsworth

    26. Prosise

    27. Shumate or collinsworth

    28. all remaining O-lineman

    29. Rabasa or Councell

    30. Brindza



    2. Can you mention guys like Lombard Elmer, McGlinchey. Nelson at 28

  7. lets change things up and meet some freshman.. I don't wanna argue with folks about the last 10

  8. we have to sub out Springmann, Collinsworth, Cage?

  9. I'm Thinking

    17. Okwara

    18. Cam McDaniel

    19. Isaac Rochell

    20. Chris Brown

    21. Joe Schmidt

    22. Will Fuller

    23. Tony Springmann

    24. Amir Carlisle

    25. Elijah Shumate

    26. CJ Prosise

    27. Steve Elmer


    You can alter you wait for others if you want, your thread..

  10. 3 pressures in the spring game, a great frame, its his time

  11. Defense, so probably like Okwara or Tony Springmann, Would be nice to save Niles Morgan for fall camp(no pic yet). Kyle Brindza is a wild card around this time too..

  12. Think you said Greg Bryant

  13. Ok.


    next 2 are:


    15. Ishaq Williams

    16. Greg Bryant


    at this pace we'll need to 35 players because we're averaging more then 1 every 2 days. No Biggie.

  14. 13 was Riggs.. Corey will be 14

  15. I like Ishaq there as well. Getting tougher because remember in my original list I wasn't alternating. When I started the list for this thread and we mutually decided to Move Golson was when I wanted to alternate.


    For 16 would you like to go with Fuller or Bryant or someone else?

  16. 13. riggs(just posted)

    14. Corey Robinson

    15. Isaac Rochell/Ishaq Williams/Romeo Okwara you pick please or choose someone else

  17. Who do you like next? Its a spot I had Riggs, But we Could Reach with Councell, Ishaq, Okwara. Hard to go Grace given we don't know if and when he'll play. Let me know.

  18. I guess Nick Martin is next whenever you want. It looks like you all were having a nice discussion about cornerbacks, so take your time

  19. look at the councell thread and try it. I don't want you giving up on posting youtube videos

  20. I isolated Luke's deflecton from the spring game within the full spring game video so they can watch that clip, I'm getting pretty good at this buddy:)

  21. Who's next? I guess I had Luke. Are you ok?

  22. I put up some on MAX. Not many ND pictures of him as he played so briefly this year

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