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  1. here's that ND club of Columbus info. https://my.nd.edu/events/27398
  2. No problem at all! Welcome to DomerDomain! I'll move this to general so even more see it to answer your question! If you ever need any help I'm Brian.
  3. Little early as usual. MLB games start at 7:20 so I'd rather do it before I forget.
  4. We know the big show ratings wise for NBC is Sunday Night Football. They elavated Mike Tirico when Al Michaels left for Amazon. Jac was the desk guy and I was sure it wasn't long before he moved up. The analyst chair has been very unsettled. Tony Dungy, Drew Brees, Jason Garrett. Corbett built the new football building, too. Reminds me of Nascar to be honest. Don't like it either
  5. Thank you so much, 18 will get posted around 7:30 PM Tuesday
  6. If you are wondering why i'm slowing the countdown a bit compared to other sites, our game starts at 7:30 PM
  7. 1. Jac is an ND grad, he's been wanting that spot, where dad Chris got a big jump in his broadcasting career 2. Dick Corbett's a big donor to ND who endowed the head coach position. https://news.nd.edu/news/alumnus-richard-corbett-makes-35-million-in-gifts-for-academic-building-and-football-coaching-endowment/
  8. Agreed. If thats the floor though bud its still around Kyren Willams. Imagine having to defend Kyren Williams who can thow plus another RB
  9. What I expect is the ability to run the ball. I expect his 4.68, spe a RB/FB/TE speed to really open the the door for the RBs Its one less defender chasing the RB. What I hope his is passing footwork as improved. Additionally I hope he can avoid taking the big hit.
  10. So is your answer like Buchner? and what does that look like to you?
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