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  1. They could Stanford us or that Harbaugh game at Michigan. Chyst also beat us in a weird game at Pittsburgh in 2013. The defense literally stopped playing after they caused a sack fumble that was 28-21 Pitt at Pitt. They had James Connor who we helped get drafted by the Steelers that day. When they played PSU, I didn't see that 1st round NFL running back though. If ND tackles like they did vs FSU, gonna be a long day If they tackle like they did at Purdue, its gonna be a close game. If ND wins the turnover battle, I still think they win the game.
  2. Neutral sites I believe changed to road games. Used to be counted a home game as NBC had ARMY game at Yankee stadium I think it has to do with the 7-4-1 format. Could be wrong.
  3. No decision on Carmondy availability(ankle) Wisconsins outstanding, sum greater then their parts. we need to make big plays kurt hinish has a lingering injury badgers nose tackle is good 2 gap if they are 3 down, 1 gap vs 4 down, get 4 hands on him, kevin austin: hard worker, Great work volume, lots of pride Jordan Botelho: Farther long, will be getting more snaps: Buchners improving Box reed, tempo play. Needed to pass, processing. game reps matter for Buchner attention to detail, focus traits. ND changes plays with personnel but not traits Still working on traits
  4. Drew White Depth necessary highlighted JD alot more blitzes badgers game, physical, need gap integrity does NIL and charity work at the same time JD is never satisfied, hardest worker ability to be the best, but we're not there yet excited for the atmosphere. I just need to do MY JOB Physical at point of contact and being assignment correct 1 of 11. Houston Griffith Excited to play in Chicago first time playing at home again since high school great atmosphere badgers a program that runs the football control the ball put pressure on receivers get off the field ND record: tunnel vision. Process not outcome. Likes Peanut Tillman from the Bears Chris Tyree Never been to Soldier Field Toughness for Badgers Stay Patient, set up blocks RB passing game keeps the defense honest 2 QBs have been impressive Kelly's been the same guy all the time, Happy to be here Josh Lugg Expect a physical intense game Faceless opponent, execute fundamentals top down leadership, tight unit cummunication has gotten better, great center, tosh doing great executing higher level, fixing mistakes goin back to fundamentals need to set better in pass pro, communicate in linebacker blitz. excited to play in nfl stadiums rbs work hard and finish strong every week, chip on our shoulder, execute fundamentals consistently cherishes every game. I want to play my best to honor people who have helped me get here
  5. Excited about Shamrock Series Nationally ranked opponent smart, physical, balll control controlling line of scrimage like navy mertz is good smart and well coached team big 2 gap DT Smart Physical, typical badgers ND's in good shape health wise Not to much intel from Coan New chapter for Coan BIG LB's for the Badgers More OL rotation Carmondy Tosh rotating outwide Joe alt finding a role need to sustain drives offensively Prince Kollie is available Buchner in hamstring treatment, probable OL needs technique but also game experience transitioning on the Offensive line- rocco mentioned holding down the fort while we transition Tosh, Blake, Mike and Joe have bright future at tackle 3rd and short is ok, base dive play averages 6 yards likes the running game we have big play guys we need to make big plays and get off the field on defense Senior receivers are sent confidence preparation matters will see more flipped corners not sure on Coans extra year of eligibility Coach that has not won a National championship Talking to your coaches before players is important we can't mix messages Like to be on the same page What they hear after the game matters Controlling locker room narrative Joe alt could do some Tommy tremble jobs, need to recruit more trembles likes to play in NFL venues, selling point to players Prettly level headed coan. Kelly yelled at Coan, Jack handled it great JD needs a break. Kollie might help Pryor can really run, playing to those strength Stretch of games is tough, Need to stay healthy and grow as a team defense played with confidence, need to tacle better, focused on the fundamentals, much better against Purdue Need to force badgers off schedule new recruiting rules. 25+7 gains recruiting flexibily, not big on it for ND Christ is outstanding, togh physical etc.
  6. If you ask me why I can't vote in the storm poll I created. I just believe Kryen Williams and Kyle Hamilton have what Charlie Weis used to call the "IT" factor. When the chips are down and their backs are against the wall I just think those two respond, Some one compared Kyren to Golden Tate, while I think both are very good, and Golden can run faster and jump higher, I'd put the heart of Kyren against anyone. Kyle is the 6'4 Georgia player, one of the best safeties i've seen who took the road less traveled. He like Manti, could have been 1 of 11 at a Football Focused school, but he chose to be a Notre Dame Captain. I refuse to think their will be a storm while these two players are at full strength, and honestly I'd rather be wrong then to think it will happen first.
  7. Another rough call in the PSU-Auburn Game. Auburn Linebacker trying to keep a guy out of the endzone hits a defenseless player(going to the ground) with his shoulder to deny the ball from crossing, He's ejected, Not sure how he avoids that.
  8. Less Marquee guys for sure. I think an indicator of that is I can't name 3 guys for the Heisman. Guys like Trevor Lawrence leaving early does effect things
  9. Kelly post game on peacock will post it later Kelly applauds home crowd Level of preparation and performance improved Tosh baker, others hung in there So did cam hART elimated big plays on defense 4 down, executed better tackled better growing pains hit and missed big plays, highlighted avery 105 wins means good administration, consistency leadership alignment of minds we played more players to stay fresh un the secondary spent alot of time on 3rd down guys need to play to get experience gotta get young guys ready, can't play scared needed to catch more footballs execute better, teach better nice game withought austin an mayer, great diversity tommy found other match-ups on 2 qbs, buchner the change of pace guy, had a tight hamstring Joe alt at 6thlineman big te, helped the big run kyle hamilton on 4th down was good more max protect for purdue DE Cam hart had like a hip pointer kelly trumped analytics a few times, on the downed punt still evolving as leaders accountability important Tosh baker gave a good effort He battled, loved competing O-line is growing LG highlighted, Lugg complimented Botelho only played special teams, legs werent there
  10. 1. 13 points allowed. first game under 20 in the freeman era. You know i feel that under 20 is the magic number 2. Defensive signs worked well for communication, only one real mistake lining up that we could see. 3. Positive turnover margin. Won the turnover battle. Lost by 3 last game 4. Made a run inside longer then 10 yards, to close the game 5. Avery gave Mayer a break. The safety has to respect Davis or Mayer will get doubled.
  11. Dave Portnoy is a Michigan Alum. So I don't expect much good coverage there
  12. direct link https://www.domerdomain.com/forum/chatbox/room/2-domer-domain-chat/
  13. Welcome to DomerDomain. I'd give Rees a solid B to B +. What I like is he sticks to concepts that are working. For example last year the running game in general and the split zone and counter plays in particular. This year the 4 verticals passing concept, and the RPO game. I question how much say he has and whether he would be allowed to make many changes
  14. Again guys these are my notes. they go in order but not completely spell checked/grammar checked things of beauty. Defending Purdue WR Bell: Variety of looks, bracket,trail robber, mix it up Normal week of practice: During fall camp and after a sunday game practices were messed up. But we got after it this week. Raised level of preparation Carmondy- Game time decision Botelho, Diggs are available! Jordan can help us at Viper on third Down, pass rush Watts, game was too close for developmental time. Kiser: took helicopter down wanted him to feel special QBs; ALL 3 are getting reps Growing Tylers plays Zeke and Cain will be replaced by Andrew Kristofic will play Purdue QB: Accurate, keeps plays alive, doesn't risk the ball Return game: Kelly chose the fair catch, getting better blockers Jojo Johnson: ACL(season) Osida achillies
  15. I'll Summarize thoughout the day but here it is
  16. I've got Kelly cued up explain the Choice play within the 4 verticals concept that Resulted in the game winning score. Hitting the play should start right there. Starts around 16:53
  17. Good points. Everything you said is fair and well reasoned. I'm on the fence. This team has some serious potential along with some serious potential problems. I think many people are the wait and see. I admire you for sharing your opinion.
  18. I feel like ND has won so much lately(25 at home), I think like 12 regular season games now, we are waiting for a rain storm and almost trying to be the one that predicts when it happens. The teams fighting and clawing to hang on and we're just waiting to see if they'll climb up or fall down. One thing I will caution everyone is dark clouds sometimes pass without a storm, We could also witness a big storm. Either way there will be lots to talk about.
  19. Looking at the opinion poll its about as normal bell curve looking as it gets with most of thinking Notre Dame by 7-13 and a few each way of the average.
  20. I looked at several boilermaker Youtube channels and the word they come up with is aggressive. Coming from Diaco I believe we went to Vangorder who was complicated and aggressive. It doesn't surprise me that Post Diaco Purdue would go more aggressive too. I think its more like a college coach aggressive then BVG aggressive though. So look for when to add on to the pass rush, Pass protection will be a key point. Let's hope the protection is more like 4th quarter then 1st quarter for nd
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