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  1. Who looked very good in the second half of the Spring Game.
  2. ND went with Laser focus. I go from the holders prospective. Those kicker cleats would hurt if they kicked my hand
  3. Yep. The show is not his best i'm sure freeman went over that in film. Can't shift your wait pre-snap that much.
  4. You got it 4. As you see they were prepared for 6 but I bet they wish the back was lined up on other side to help with FOSKEY who got a SACK on an up and under move
  5. Question: If you were Jack Coan, how many defenders do you think are bringing the pass rush in the picture below? A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5 E. 6
  6. Best wishes to Jordan! American Athletic Conference school I believe they score alot of points there but like Cincinnati they often have trouble securing playoff consideration. Jordan will get the chance to shine there and I hope make his case for NFL scouts.
  7. You're welcome. Sorry it wasn't quicker.
  8. I'd start Keys, Davis, Lenzy and Meyer. I'd be 3 WR 1 TE this year. I hope Austin is healthy for some size outside but if not you can detach Meyer or detach Kyren and go inside out.
  9. Here's a video for people that wanted to watch but could not.
  10. Yup the play-action pass possibilities would be great!
  11. When I look at Diggs and particularly Estime, I 'm happy with ND's future at RB. I could even see a formation with 3 backs. No not the wishbone. Imagine ND is at the opponents 5 yard line 5 yards from a TD. You Got Estime or Diggs in the backfield, Tyree slot left, Williams slot right. You could hand to the big back or motion either Tyree or Williams in the backfield to take a sweep run. I know just Dreaming in X's and O's again. But that would be fun. Here's a reference video.
  12. good find there JBROWN. Kelly has to let go of his need for skill players to be perfect before they see action. He uses playing time as a reward for "Being the complete Student Athlete" and such but there has to be another way.
  13. JBrown and I Finally found the term we agree on with Kelly. Almost great is so frustrating. I can see why BK is so uncomfortable most of the time. Alot of pressure to make that last step outside. However, I just don't know how much of it burns inside. We'll see. Is Almost great enough for Kelly or does he have another gear?? Elston does he, rented out billboards all over the country to promote recruiting and has boarded planes to Europe! Kelly made that change. I need to see Buchner get some real snaps this year to be convinced. Not high leverage snaps unless he just wins the job, but snaps
  14. with Gibbons gone it suggests to me that Spindler is at least the 6th man. I really Think if I was guessing it would be. RT- Lugg RG- Spindler C- Correll LG- Patterson LT- Fisher Yes I know thats not a line up we've seen yet but I'd split the freshman.
  15. It is that whole good, very good, or great thing. Under Kelly we had 1 bad, several good and probably 3 very good seasons, Never great by ND standards because greats are measured in Championships. The guy is very hard on his QB's and skill players. You heard alot of traits type comments over the years. When people question his traits he gets defensive. He doesn;t really seem to mind handing over his defense. He has a few more years to find greatness but his legacy right now is an uncomfortable almost great with a side of gratitude for makking the football p
  16. this hurts. guess he did not want the backup center role. Hints that Patterson/Spindler will play left guard
  17. I think so. It provides for the best of Jack Coan, quick decisions, pocket presence. If Buckners in there you'll see more zone read. If Pyne he'll be more max protect with deeper routes and stepping up in the pocket. All Qbs will run this empty but if Coan starts look for it ALOT. Tommy was in this formation almost his whole senior year.
  18. I Know Vanderbilt is asking Clarke Lea, How does ND balance Academics and Athletics so well? They asked Derek Mason formerly of Stanford the same question as their head coach before Lea
  19. How do we win like Vanderbilt in the Classroom and like Alabama on the Football field? Sorry to JBrown as I saw a kid with great athletics on film and yet no ND offer. I looked for the other Academic Schools that ND competes with and they didn't offer either. Any ideas?
  20. I guess we run more RPO's then. But if they have Access to every player and our coaches don't even if we run the exact same scheme, its hard, not impossible but hard. Stanford doesn't Win Football Championships either. I don't know what the answer is but I know its an uphill battle. ND has replaced Stanford as the best high academic football program now the last 3 or four teams play by NCAA rules but ND goes beyond that.
  21. ND will often offer kids that have Stanford, Georgia Tech, etc. I don't know how else to say this JBrown. http://www.espn.com/college-sports/football/recruiting/player/_/id/206258/nick-mccloud
  22. Does not look like he had an ND offer. Didn't have a Vanderbilt (SEC) or a (Stanford Pac 12) either from that list. Not sure its complete. http://www.espn.com/college-sports/football/recruiting/player/_/id/228681/jameson-williams For whats its worth Elston says only 50 of the top 100 each year they can recuit.
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