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  1. Started Monday. So glad ND is built by Matt Balis
  2. mason's official. https://und.com/irish-tab-brian-mason-as-special-teams-coordinator/ Kicker competition Punter competition Returner competitions
  3. Most think Washington's at least a good hire. Coached DL at Boston College including Harold Landry. Coached successful LB's including Werner at OSU.
  4. You'll often get guys with reputations as either great coaches or great recruiters. Luckily Elston has coached these guys up. Lets give the great recruiter a shot
  5. I'm rooting here now. Coached at Bama for 3 years under Saban(referenced dbs)
  6. he might not be motivated by money. He might want to a coordinator
  7. Agreed. Especially if ND wants to play more man to man coverage. Freeman made a comment post game that he had switched to more man to man and you saw Lewis struggle in the 2nd half. You won't see Bama and UGA playing a ton of zone because they recruit corners who possess man to man coverage skills. So ND needs to recruit, develop and improve there.
  8. This time of year I take time to evaluate. Here are my list of on field things ND needs to improve on. Run blocking- We "caught" a lot of blocks. I want ND to deliver the block, gain yardage with the block, create new space. Tackling in space- At the LB and Safety level ND was a step slow. Showed up in tackling the ball carrier and covering receivers Pass Receiver routes- ND has such good athletes now that need coached up. There is no reason that ND receivers can't stack a db, (force that defender in a single file line without allowing him to make a play on the ball.). Our receivers struggle with getting open, those things can be taught, they have the talent. I'm sure you guys have 3 too. Lets write them down now and see if they come of the list next year.
  9. Hiestand in this video gets credited for more aggressive run blocking, where quinn wanted to be sure pass protection was first priority
  10. they have until the 17th. I'm sure Freeman's making a ton of phone calls.
  11. The new Era will envolve both things we don't like and things we do. Elston Had his shot to be DC and gave up 37 points.
  12. There will be many changes. Not all of which I like either but we have a new coach in a new era! As he said the honeymoon is over.
  13. ND had alot of safeties come back even portaled one. Jon Heacock runs a 3 safety defense ND just lost their d-line coach ND might hire Jon Heacock, run a 3-3-5 with adjustments or they might hire a guy from Houston who believes in that philosophy ND will allow new DC whoever he is to hire a D-line coach I have NO inside info But lets see if any of my guesses come to pass.
  14. He made some comments during the signing day press conference that raised my eyebrows. Notably that "I'm just the D-Line Coach." I think he wanted to be Coordinator and I think if They do Sign Heacock ND will definitely be more 3 down with three safieties,
  15. I'm liking this. Both offensive hires were made by Rees so if Rees fails its on Rees. If the hires succeed, Rees gets closer to being a head coach I'm hearing an outside defensive coordinator, so Freeman won't have that job. If the defense fails he can hire a new one. My BIG issues with Kelly were the only way to fix the offense and recruiting apathy was for Kelly to move on. Kelly's already showing those tendencies at LSU by hiring Mike Denbrock. Kelly will be involved with the offense at the first sign of trouble. I don't want that for Freeman. Do you think Nick Saban took over for Bill O'Brien on Monday night? I don't. Saban going to recruit the best players he can find and give O'Brien amazing players. I want Freeman trying to recruit amazing players
  16. Yes. McFerson. I think it will be a competition between Grupe and Bryan for kicker and Ryan and Mcferson for punter. Whoever doesn't win a job probably gets kickoffs probably
  17. ND recruited one this year and Bryan is also a guy who can do both. Would I rather the transfer be a pure punter, yes. Am i worried? NO
  18. I think its just a lose a punter, gain a kicker sorta deal. Its probably Brambletts scholarship.
  19. 52 pushed 2 yards back.3 different lineman 3 plays vs a non-bowl team.
  20. 75 here, gets stood straight up. If you look at the line of scrimmage The FSU players whole body is in the backfield. This is a play side outside zone stretch with a screen pass attached. Kyren got 4 yards but if that block by Lugg works better, Kyren gains ground earlier and looks to be set up. Play design very good. Execution needed to improve
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