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  1. kicker rating services are very closely tied to the kicker camps they go too. Hard to predict. I guess they like 4 years of proof better.
  2. Seems like the days if a freshman kicker might be over at ND for awhile. Preferred walk-ons or grad transfers seem to be the path Freeman and Mason are taking,
  3. flagged Mannaspandey and eric to the profiles start with a letter and just joined.
  4. I marked Roxypeter as spam because it said she joined 7 minutes ago and the profile followed mallexpeter. Watch for the scenenames ending in peter mods
  5. looks like we had a spam bot that posted ALOT of threads quickly and @Mike brought down the spam hammer. I like to bring down the spam hammer but this one called for immediate hammering.
  6. I missed all that, was at work. @Mike's on it. Thanks for the quick response Mike!
  7. I just saw too many players open to be too critical of Rees. Coaches can't make the play. They can draw it, help practice it, call it, but when the time comes only the players can make the play work.
  8. I would think a Grad transfer. I think when the Irish get the players to have a balanced offense Rees will have a year or two that surprises a lot of people.
  9. In all this transfer stuff I wanted to take a moment and make a thread about QB who stayed at ND too. Source https://www.espn.com/college-football/player/gamelog/_/id/4431513/tyler-buchner I looked carefully and noticed the stark difference in gameplan between Rees' gameplan's for Buchner and Pyne My Perception of Rees' plans Buchner: The Idea was to give him space, empty out the backfield. Pyne: Protect him. put 8 blockers in the box when necessary. Question: Can Rees build a plan that allows Tyler enough pass protection and still allows Tyler enough space to be creative and use his mobility gift without getting hurt?
  10. Another Simple thing that impresses me is that Freeman recognizes the path to winning big begins with better players and lots of them. Did he want Pyne to go? No. Was Pyne decision going to effect pursuing a better player by transfer? No.
  11. Sounds like freeman was freeman "We are possibly looking for a transfer QB." The guy is honest.
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