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  1. Its larger scale than wins and losses though too. What I'm talking about is Freeman becoming a head coach. Whenever you are newly hired to a decision making position its hard to know how much to change and how much to keep. Especially taking over a relatively successful operation.
  2. I Stopped worrying when the actions started following the words At his Introductory and bowl game press conference Freeman said I want to run the ball and stop the run ND did NONE of that vs OKST ND did NONE of that vs Ohio State ND did very little of that Against Marshall. ND started doing that vs the 2nd Half vs Cal ND Did that vs UNC I think it took Marcus a bit to say I'm the Head Coach. My assistants have voices but the wins and losses go on my record. The final decision is MINE. I think thats something we will continue to see because this is the first time Freeman has been head coach and has final say on gameday.
  3. To me I want to rush 4 drop 7 and play man to man didn't say press there are variants. I don't like blitzes. A team that can match another team with as few tricks as possible is What I want. Thats why running right up the middle is encouraging, a play as old as football, just execute.
  4. Watch this video until the end. Hear the passion in Josh Lugg's speech. They're getting warm.
  5. Colzie is Coming back from a knee injury in Fall Practice. Thomas looks really talented for sure!
  6. Alot of you are going well we got beat on some long passes. I'd say I'll take my chances. Our man to man looked the best it had in years! Keep in mind coverage is like offensive line play, people only notice if its bad.. But we had a number of pass breakups yesterday and our pass rush is better without free access throws released in under two seconds. What do the best college football teams run? Man to Man or Matchup zone coverage! What happens to ND in big games? QB's hit 70 percent completion against a zone and their teams stay on the field FOREVER. I get that we don't won't them to score 50 easy points. But if we do what UNC defense did 10 yards off and a 6 man box your basically only competing in your own redzone to decide 3 points or 7 points UNC QB run cost us like 1 drive. But Freeman wants his DBs to play man and I like it.
  7. Corners: Freshman Morrison getting Starters Reps! Mickey already Splitting reps! Love the number of Tight ends that got in! WE ARE A NICKLE TEAM: Bracy got 66 snaps of probably 85 or so.
  8. Yup. They allowed us alot in the running game, good teams take what they are allowed and more and ND did. 3rd and 5 I think and Rees is like we have at least 5 and sent Diggs to take it and he went right up the middle.
  9. and a bad UNC defense look at all this space to the bottom of the screen. Irish lead down with Sherwood on a TE slice(pulled around). Play by play called it a split zone. Kyren Williams also loved this play.
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