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  1. A summary if you want Defense looks ahead of schedule Offense has moments. Coan, by who he gets reps with still looks like the favorite to me. The young skill players are talented. They look like athletic upgrades to the kids they are replacing.
  2. Agreed. The more 6'5 6'6 players the better.
  3. https://www.hudl.com/profile/13630004/Darren-Agu
  4. or if they don't want to move them Paterson could play RT. But I assume they move them.
  5. I agree. I prefer to sort the videos in their own threads then discuss every 5 videos or so. A 5 video segment gives me an idea of what is happening, (Not a full picture, but an idea..) Its ok to challenge my ideas too guys.. In Video 5 Jack Coan is clearly running with the starters Blake Fisher is showing he will play this year. Either as a sixth man or a tackle Tosh Baker, John Dirksen, will also Either start or have significant roles. Watch for Lugg to be moved to Guard when the season starts. Kelly hinted this is a media session. Patterson could be asked
  6. QB Coan to TE Mayer: 6'3 QB's can see the Tight End get open over the middle. Spring highlights have the same joyous refrain, Coan to Mayer. Defensive line is winning: No surprise a group that returns a ton of reps beating an offensive line with few snaps returning Finally seeing Young Receivers. Veteran Receiver Avery Davis probable Captain Jordan Johnson and Xaiver Watts in Practice Videos. Defense features a Wider alignment for Rush Defensive End(Viper). I think this suits Foskey and Botelho great. Feel free to comment on trends you see from videos 1-5.
  7. Spring update through 5 practices: C- Zeke Correll, Robby Carmondy RG- John Dirksen, Kristofic RT- Josh Lugg, Quinn Carroll LG- Dylan Gibbons, Rocco Spindler LT- Tosh Baker OR Blake Fisher BIG CONSIDERATION: Jarrett Patterson is out for spring and projects has a starter in fall.
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