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  1. I feel like ND goes through this over and over with either offensive skill or defensive speed/skill positions. WR/RB/CB in particular RB has been answered. They a.) changed position coaches from denson to taylor b.) made weight/size exceptions c,) let them play regardless of experience. Kyren had next to none, Tyree had none CB- a. Changed Coaches from Lyght to Mickens b. Committed to larger corners c. Letting younger guys play. Looks like it,
  2. Angeli wins "boom box" trophy for accuracy at event
  3. Book took over for Wimbush by game 3 of 2018. That could very well be the case this year too.
  4. He's Book 2.0. Your not gonna out work him. Coan better be working hard too...
  5. Prince Kollie LB Khari Gee S Audric Estime RB JoJo Johnson CB Kahanu Kia LB Josh Bryan K Jayden Thomas WR Deion Colzie WR Logan Diggs RB Chance Tucker CB Joe Alt OL Pat Coogan OL Jason Onye DL @Big23Head would you mind letting me know how I did? (did I list every player?) Thanks buddy! I listened too and stopped the video everytime but I I know in recruiting you have followed every one, Much appreciated my friend
  6. Check back this is a weekend topic since Freshman reported on Friday!!
  7. wasn't moving up the depth chart at all, not real suprising to be honest.
  8. Here's a better summary.. https://247sports.com/college/notre-dame/ContentGallery/Notre-Dame-football-Brian-Kelly-Kelly-Cares-Talks-to-the-Media-166238171/#166238171_8
  9. 2-3 week would be like the 28th of June. He'd run for a month before fall camp, should still be ok. But like you said if he woulda got surgery earlier his timetable might have been different. I think he was deciding which surgery to get, and decided on the bone graph this time
  10. Grad transfers add depth/support not necessarily a starter Freshman start summer programs at ND on Friday, Veterans by sunday Injuries are mostly healed , notably Patterson and I think Austin hard to hear. Moala needs more time but is close image and likeness will be settled by the Supreme Court, but ND has a plan. that BK is confident in. Graduate transfers easier then undergrad because of academics aka transferring credits Patterson's best position is center he will be placed considering whats the best 5, best for the players around him and best for his future.
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