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  1. More to come, Drew White with a high ankle sprain.
  2. Special Teams coach Polian spoke to the media on Tuesday...
  3. Everyone is excited about the defense! Why? CREATIVITY Lets take 1 player: DE Foskey and explain why he can be used in 3 different ways Outside- Rush End, We've seen this. Inside. Wait? What.. Yes inside. What are the responsibilities of an offensive center? 1. call blocking assignments. 2. Snap the ball. 3. Block a DL or LB. If Foskey's the center 3rd priority, and the center has no help, in other words all the other 4 blockers have a man, the centers in trouble. Whats the quickest way to the QB? straight through the Center. In Coverage, Foskey Blocks Punts,
  4. If you like the clips with commentary Same clips full speed with music. Media gets the clips from ND.
  5. I think a few more players transfer out each year. Increasing the size of recruiting classes and the number of mid-year freshman.
  6. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/31258180/ncaa-allow-transfers-play-college-football-basketball-sitting-season-report-says This could change rosters ALOT. I expect player movement to increase substantially.
  7. I loved walking around campus the few days I was there.
  8. He's throwing to walk-ons as the 4th QB right now, less likely to be highlighted so to speak. Looks to have a good arm and to be capable. Kelly does do a nice job of getting the mid years in because he realizes they give up the fun stuff in high school like prom and such.
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