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  1. I love Countdown projects to start the season. So I figured I'd start a 30 plays in 30 days countdown next Sunday. In order to do that I needed a reference point. So on Youtube I found this top 10 games list. If we order 3 plays from each of these 10 games we get to 30 days. Figured since ND vs Pitt 2012 was 10 on the youtube video we'd start there. So your interest in this project will determine how far it goes but I thought it would be fun. Basically two threads. 1. this one where we vote on the play(I'll change the poll daily or so) 2. a countdown that will start I think next Sunday has that is or might be the 30 day mark(help me with the correct date) If it fails, I'll order the plays, I just thought it might be a fun concept) Thanks, sorry if it bugs you in advance. Brian
  2. Its good that ND now has an AAC defensive Coordinator in Freeman who has played Memphis quite a bit recently. Cincy beat memphis soundly last year but lost to them twice in 2019 when Norvell was there, now at FSU.
  3. HI Welcome to DomerDomain!!!!!!!!!!! Milton Brings them alot of experience. FSU played 3 QBs in spring like ND did but as with us I doubt they take a grad transfer unless they project him to start. FSU was very busy in the transfer portal including our own Dillion Gibbons. So I project Coan vs Milton in a closer game then people think. I just hope it doesn't have USF vibes of years back. ND should win but I remember that thunderstorm delay too well after Crist v. Rees to be confident, its a tricky opener.
  4. I think I'll add another bullet point.
  5. go to the tool beside inbox and hit empty
  6. He just means even if your 6'5 your looking around bodies. QB's would need to be over 7 feet tall to completely see over the offensive line during a play. QB's read alot of things, the mike, how many are deep, are they playing close, off etc. Am I running the play, am I checking with the sideline am I changing the play, etc.
  7. He also didn't read coverage as fast as other QBs. Kelly often says , no QB looks over the line. You are VERY CORRECT though Book waited so long to decide that may times the play was over and he had to extend it, outside the pocket.
  8. I figured I 'd summarize after a few days here. Rees wants to mix explosiveness with efficiency. In other words you cant get in good field position to take a deep shot without a few first downs. At the same time you can't expect to make 8 first downs on every drive. Rees Compared your 5 skill players to the 5 on a basketball team. Sometimes you'll have a bigger more powerful lineup. Sometimes you'll have a smaller quicker lineup. Sometimes you'll mix and match to get a match-up Rees agreed with Freeman on recruiting. You'll always have the guys who fit right away to ND. But he said the key is getting a guy like Owusu who didn't realize he fit and he worked at fitting. He finds value in using his career low moments as things for the players NOT to do. Very self aware. Made a Busch light(beer joke) about which company would have promoted his name image likeness. He also gives alot of advise about how to handle hard classes. Said an interesting thing about Xavier Watts. Said he's more the body type we've had Success with, enough speed but with good body control as well. Think he was referring to the TJ Jones' instead of the Lenzy's Hinted that Pyne called him and said the Jayden Thomas was doing well. Could have been just an example but I don't think he'd be that specific by accident Rees when asked when this years over, what do you want people to say, He said, "I was more aggressive" He said a lot in about 60 minutes worth of interviews while the coaches are on vacation. Players on with Balis and then with Player led workouts afterwards. Feel free to listen to BOTH the podcast and watch the video above. They both asked Rees different questions. Irish BreakDown about scheme and strategy more. Shamrock podcast about recruiting and culture more.
  9. Problem I had with Ian is he knew he could run a decent 40 time so instead of throwing the ball in a tight spot. Problem is Bama an Clemsons linebackers and safeties could out run Ian. this was a play vs BC thats covered. Ian backs out totally changes the direction of the play and throws a bootleg touchdown. Works vs BC. NOT vs BAMA
  10. Tommy Rees has the opportunity of a lifetime this season, His first chance to respond to graduating a starting QB and offensive line. He's had a QB and an offensive line hold over for his first season + extra bowl game as offensive coordinator. Like him or not he did not mess it up, it being an ND team and offense at its most experience. Now he has has to build his own core.. Be the architect, the innovator. Show his spin on the BK offense, which we know Kelly will be close by, but we also know that Kelly doesn't spend much time around the call sheet anymore. I'd love to hear the names Chris Tyree, Styles and Colzie called. The easiest names to call will be Kyren Williams and Michael Mayer. However, if those names are called too much, defenses will tilt towards them Of course you all the veterans too. Slots(Davis/Keys) Veterans(its gotta be now) types in Austin and Lenzy. Then these QBs which I think its 60/40 Coan for game one starter and an Offensive line who has enough on paper to compete. Somewhere there's an offense in there that takes ND back on a nice run. Its Rees job to find that offense. The season hinges from a mediocre floor to a good to very good ceiling based on how well the offensive puzzle is solved.
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