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  1. If so, we have to define what progress towards a championship means to us?
  2. How many of you will agree with the definition that Sucesss is defined as progress toward a championship?
  3. So then the title of of this is coach kelly needs to step down Why? A. Where did he fail? For most not winning a Championship B. Because people feel like he's hit a ceiling? have we asked the players if he failed or doesn't that matter?
  4. The last 20 were a failure then? My point our definition of success is so high that only 3 teams reach it. Many teams win conferences we can't do that. Even more win Bowls. However, if ND wins the wrong bowl many see that as a failure. So whoever we hire as coach the standard is higher then they are likely to reach. No wonder few want the job.
  5. I really struggle with the National Championship or the seasons a failure idea. By that Metric all but a few seasons ever coached are failures. I just can't accept that I see so many ND degrees and successful people. Do some really believe Lou Holtz had ONLY 1 successful season? The measure of success has to be graduating from ND and succeeding in life for me.
  6. That was a hard one because Patterson missed spring ball,, Then Does he play Center where he will play in the NFL, or Guard to help Zeke who is a center.
  7. No Doubt he thought Zeke would play better and instead of calling him out he's referencing size. Zeke has alot of time left and needs to play Center next year. I think Kelly did the right thing by Zeke.
  8. Here's an Example Coach Kelly Breaks Down 5 on 5 in the box vs 2 deep is a run read if the your going far enough away from the overhang defender, outside linebacker
  9. Yeah I could see us spending with Clemson. ND admitted to taking a helicopter to see Jack Kiser just to impress him in a recent presser
  10. wow. UGA outspends Bama by a million and most of the SEC by around or over 2 million If I had to guess I'd put ND with PSU at around 1.6
  11. IF a skill guy(Safety, corner, nickel/dime DB) gets in the backfield 9 times out 10 its not the lines fault. Like that safety in that picture is the slot receivers block Missing Tremble ND's adjustment is to count the box. Run RPO.. Say if We have 5 blockers and they have 6 in the box. ND will look to pass. If We have 5 and they have 5, 4 or 3 thats a run look, Missing Tremble shows up when they put extra people in the run box, he would almost never totally miss a block and sometimes be the force player, the guy making a lane to run behind
  12. Yup for awhile they thought Zeke who is better on the move could hold up at 285. That Alot to ask When DTs go at least 300 pounds. Both Alt and Kristofic are over 300 pounds.
  13. We'll just have to wait and see lots of stuff out there right now. Definitely Out for UNC. Kelly Meets with the media again thursday
  14. turns 5 into 30 really fast. A guy that it pays off running RPOs for.
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