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  1. I got to watch the Highlights. QB: Pyne had a very solid group of clips today. I still think it is 1A vs 1 B in favor Coan BUT. . Not scared of playing the 2nd string QB whoever he is. WR Lawrence Keys has had a great camp. I see if in EVERY highlight package WR Joe Wilkins is also in every video Less of Braden Lenzy Bo Bauer is in every video Clarence Lewis intercepted Coan today Kryen Williams catching lots of passes Line today was. LT FISHER, LG SPINDLER, C CORRELL, RG KRISTOFIC, RT BAKER.. LUGG MIGHT OF GOTTEN A DAY OFF
  2. wish he would but he doesn't. His rise to get the ND job had alot to do with getting D1 players who had not played much in D1 to transfer to Grand Valley. He's smart, but a organization and development kinda guy. Freeman's talking about a Frank Leahy type approach, which is close to my heart.
  3. Elston did say his strength is the creative ways to get a recruit to say yes. Credited Polian with better administration, roster numbers etc
  4. Positions will depend alot on where they put Patterson in fall, at guard or tackle. Kelly said its not about a 2 deep in Spring.
  5. thought I posted this one already but it said it came on youtube today So heres mike elston wired
  6. When you think about the ND offense. I always start here looking for clues. Our OC was a QB at ND not long ago. Not saying all the plays are the same, but Jack Coan reminds me alot of Tommy himself. When I think about the Defense I look at Freeman's last game for the bearcats
  7. darn. i liked that guy alot, rest in peace.
  8. I think I hit a wrong button before. My apologies if any of these threads have been locked in the past. I'm learning how to do things on the new software, and with my hands(my CP and fine motor skills can be a challenge) anything is possible.
  9. Yeah they are really working hard on a back-up center. Correll the back-up last year slates to be a starter so they can have Patterson move to OG or OT when he is healthy.
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