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  1. Maaaaaaan. You gonna make me wanna start to believe again. I just don't see it. 3 losses is what I see.
  2. I know that's it's a highlight video. But is it me. Or did it seem like our WR's were just running by our DB's as if they were standing still.
  3. Great job at coming to concrete conclusions from HIGHLIGHTS.
  4. Ok. I'll admit it. It was a drunk post. But, I do think that HH is worth the equivalent of what CW got. He has proven that he can bring in studs and put together an o line that produces very good results.
  5. Just asking. Just read a piece that said we in great shape with Smith. I mean really. If he can get Smith into the fold. Can we say that he needs to get something along the lines of what CW got? Respective to position. Just curious of some of your thoughts.
  6. ND lost this game in the first quarter. They stood strong after that first period. As you said. They didn't come out ready. A day THATS what killed them.
  7. Yeah. It happens. Just ask Floyd, Teo, and Stanley. Why would these kids stay if Kelly was such an arse? Maybe... Just maybe they like their coach.
  8. Or... maybe, just maybe he likes Kelly. Lol. Boy you are persistent.
  9. I missed the Fuller trash talk. What was said?
  10. Can someone point me to some Clemson boards? Been wanting to see what they have been saying about the game. The only one I know. Is the one on scout.
  11. Thanks for the videos Faith. Kizer is a well spoken kid. Seems confident in his abilities. Ok. Is that an NBC Sports cap that Fuller is wearing? Does it semester out of place? Or is it just me?
  12. Auburn just fumbled inside the 10. J'ville ball. 3:06 left in the game.
  13. Just my rusty 2 pennies. To me. The mentality on this team seems to be different from yrs past. There are guys on this team that just seem determined. Day, KRuss, Smith, JS. Just to name a few. They seem more like a "TEAM." They play for each other. Fight, Scratch, and Claw. MZ. This kid has "IT." Whatever "IT" is? He has it. He's a true gamer. He's confident not 9nly in his abilities. But in HIS TEAM. I've played with guys like him growing up playing sports. From HS to College. And players like Zaire. Will make you push yourself to the limits. Not because you want too. But because you
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