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  1. But what is also obvious to me is that ND will always have a small margin for error because of our inability to go the JUCO route when we have depth problems.


    I hear you.


    But this wasn't a test of a small margin of error. It was the result of an uncanny confluence of events that included losing three starters to the NFL draft and Tony Sprinmann, Brad Carrico, Jarrett Grace, and Isaq Williams all missing all or most of their senior years due to injuries or suspension then not having Russell in the back end and Moore as depth at MLB and then all the injuries ND's suffered through the course of the season.


    I don't know many teams that can withstand that kind of bad luck/losses.


    Here is the thing.


    The BK's detractors use "all the breaks going for him" in 2012 against him but won't use "so many of the breaks going AGAINST him" in support of him.


    The last two seasons, whether through by fate or the self-inflicted damage done by carelessness with the ball, so much has gone against ND.


    That's why I gladly accepted the good fortune of two years ago.


    You can't have enough of the good stuff to keep chugging in the right direction and you can only absorb so much of the bad stuff before things go off the rails.

  2. I know people hate excuses, but the reality is this is a very young, banged up defense that lost two starters and a fifth-year senior MLB before the first snap of the season


    And one of the absolutely "can't lose this guy" guys was lost to a season-ending injury three weeks ago.


    All of which made it even more incumbent on the offense to take care of the darned ball - which they didn't. Had they, this season looks very, very different right now.


    We can sit here and try to play all the blame game we can muster.


    But sometimes it's all so obvious.


    A young - and now painfully stretched-thin defense - has not been given the necessary support by a turnover-prone offense.

  3. I hear ya Pregame, and I agree.


    But the argument here isn't the concept of grey shirt.


    It's telling a kid one thing until the very last second, then pulling the rug out from under him.


    I know integrity is a "loose" word in the world of recruiting, but there is still a right and wrong way to conduct your business.


    What Mississippi State did to this kid is bush league and they deserve to be called out for it.


    I get it kids flip.


    But that is no excuse for head coaches and premier programs literally lying to teenagers then leaving them hanging at the last second.

  4. You should go back and watch the previous 4 seasons of Notre Dame football. If you do, you will see that Kelly values experience over everything else, and will stick with his guy through thick and thin.


    Kelly will only allow MZ to throw a pass if EG cannot play due to injury. There is no Rees on the roster, so EG won't get pulled for poor play.


    Like the time he started the redshirt freshman QB who hadn't played a snap over the experienced junior in 2012?

  5. Relax Francis. I meant committed and I'm sure you know that.


    Your track record suggests never to make assumptions.


    On what planet do you believe it's a good thing that college football programs begin the practice of pulling scholarship offers at the last second on kids who have been committed for a good amount of time?

  6. Alright I am going to bite one more time and then hit the ignore button. I read your initial post again and no I am not a fan that stands for mediocrity. The thing is we have a different opinion on what mediocrity is in this case. I am a fan of the University of Notre Dame. As a fan of the University I am glad that they hold standards high for their young student athletes. They are not, never was, and never will be a football factory.


    Why would I want to put energy into changing a university that is doing right by its Student Athletes. Shouldn't we be putting pressure on the NCAA to make sure all Football Factories err universities are doing right by their "student" athletes. That really is what is in play here. ND is behind the 8 ball because it refuses to use shady practices that other schools use.


    I am a realist and understand that the NCAA is going to turn a blind eye to football factories because of the money. So I have two options keep rooting for ND or change my allegiance. I don't see ND or the NCAA changing anytime soon.


    If I wanted to root for a football factory (O$U, F$U, Bama, you name it.) then I would.


    I have accepted and embrace ND for who they are. I know there will be ups and downs. That is just going to come with the territory.


    The thing is storm you are comparing apples and oranges when you bring those other coaches up from football factories. It is a different animal to coach at ND. Would those coaches even be as good as they were if they coached at ND? I tend to think not. Does Kelly make mistakes? H#ll yes! Is he bringing in quality depth and moving the program in the right direction. IMO yes. I will hang in there with him for next year.


    Very well put.


    And if the QB would just take care if the ball........

  7. Frankus, they are playing a ton of young guys because they've lost a bunch of experienced players to the draft, suspension and injury.


    If everyone stays and they get back Russell and I. Williams the defense will be very experienced next year

  8. You are on crazy pills. Going up 12 makes them score two TDs.

    Being up 11 allows them to score 1 TD and 1 FG. 12 vs 13 means nothing.


    In no world, in no football game ever was going to two the right call.


    What does being up 13 get you that 12 doesn't? Absolutely nothing.


    EDIT: you are off the crazy pills.


    Like I said I just saw my mistake soon after writing it


    My bad


    Lame call

  9. Call me crazy but it was the right call.


    Being up 12 rather than 11 is no different if they score a TD and kick a FG to win it. Being up 13 means they have to score two TDs to beat you and a TD and FG only ties it.


    It made absolute sense at the time.


    The real bottom line is guys need to hang onto the ball and the defense needs to get some stops.

  10. Any of you still wonder why Cam Plays?


    It's funny how so many fans are willing to let their QB get his head taken off in order to play a flashy high school RB who has no clue yet how to correctly read pressure let alone be able to block it.


    It's a process that plays out on the practice field and in the classroom.

  11. So apparently we can't know what is going on on the field since we aren't players.


    But now we can't even trust the team captain?


    No, Cam didn't start the game, but I doubt he was off pouting by himself.


    Cam is entitled to his opinion, but how do you even compute such a claim?


    What exactly did you see to indicate a flat team to start that game?


    If you wanna say a player or two weren't up to par, I'll give you that.


    I just didn't see a team come out flat. I saw a QB playing careless with the ball.

  12. To whom? Your cat while you're sitting in the basement? If you take issue with his miscues or poor decisions, you sure as hell don't make it known here.


    Don't have a cat or a basement and I can assure you I'm usually never even at home when ND plays. I'm always at work AT a game somewhere in this beautiful country you so gallantly protect (and despite the condescending tone you always take with me I DO appreciate what you do)



    Anyway, you'll have to pardon me for not participating in the game-day experience here and getting caught up in the play-by-play angst. I'm typically working.


    BK makes his share of mistakes. He is human and not above a poor play call here and there. I think he mishandled the NC game, although I do not think him managing it perfectly would have resulted in a victory.


    I think early on in his first year his aggressive nature may have cost ND a game, but think he grew from it and that's all you can every ask from a coach.


    And I also believe ND has as perfect a leader as possible at head coach taking into account program building, program management, recruiting, player development, media, campus and alumni responsibilities, game-planning, game-calling and motivation.

  13. Cam McDaniel, team captain, said the team was flat.


    It is common knowledge that we aren't players and therefore not able to speak on what happens on the field.


    The team captain said the team was flat. I'll take his word for it.


    I barely remember seeing Cam play to start the game, so I'm not exactly sure how he's qualified to speak for the team that started the game.


    ND forced a punt and then drove the field for a FG to start the game. They gashed ASU that first drive.


    The only factors that led to the boat race were a fumble and two picks by EG, all on ND's side of the field.


    I respect the hell out of Cam, but I didn't see a flat team to start that game.


    I saw a QB who coughed up the ball on what, three straight drives, to turn a 3-3 game into a 24-3 game.

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