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  1. There has never been more of a fine line than right now in college football. So many great players. So much good coaching.


    If ND was getting blown off the ball/out of the stadium with it's front-line players looking ill-coached, disinterested and clueless, I'd be the first calling for a change.


    But so much of this year has been about a VERY TALENTED QB till ironing out some wrinkles (which he should have been doing last year) injuries, youth and some bad luck that left ND essentially seconds/a few plays from being 10-1 right now.


    There is a difference between incompetence/can't win with this guy with "a team is a few correctable mistakes/better health away from being as good as anyone in the country.


    I truly believe the painful lessons of this year will be the catalyst and motivation an EXTREMELY talented, well-coached team will take into this off-season, training camp and next year.


    I'm ecstatic the same coach will be on the sideline leading the way.


    He's a keeper.

  2. Kelly's stubbornness will be his undoing here.


    He went to the NC while devising a game plan that was contradictory to anything he'd ever done. That's not stubbornness, it's flexibility.


    I think he - and I agree with him - believes EG is the right guy for the job right now and in 2015.


    The key is pulling EG out of the kind of mistakes he's made this season, and while that has become painful and costly at times, this hope is for a big pay off next season.


    I do believe BK has shortened the leash with EG, but it seems he felt the turnovers last week were not out of carelessness. Otherwise a change might have happened.

  3. Benching players because they have to show more in practice and need to get better on the field, but leaving a turnover machine in and not benching him for a series or two is contradictory. Its sets a double standard.




    But I also think the QB position is such a remarkably different animal it's virtually a given the handling of it would seem contradictory compared to others.


    It's just something you have to weigh and balance. And while the double-standard might seem glaring from the outside, I think the team itself understands EG is the leader of this team so I don't believe anyone is grumbling about him being handled differently than others.

  4. I know a lot of you guys aren't going to agree with me, but the (growing) pain ND is going through is going to be the anger they take into this off-season and the catalyst for a tremendous year next season.


    This isn't the end of the line for an underachieving group, it's actually middle rung on a ladder being climbed by a bunch of young players.


    And the distance between where they stand today and where they want to be aren't just inches - it's very much within reach for a very, very talented group coming back next season.


    By the way, the year EG is having was the year he should have been having last season with so much more responsibility being thrust upon him.

  5. I don't think that's a good excuse.


    Nothing personal but who cares if that's what you think?


    Point is, not every freshman can step in and play at a high level their first season.


    It doesn't work that way, not matter how badly we all want it to be.

  6. Why not? You think ND couldn't pony up the $$$ to get him here? Texas is the only other school that could do that and I don't see him going back there.


    for various reasons.


    Most significantly, not really looking to get rid of BVK. After one year and three key suspensions and a bunch of injuries, I'm not thinking of making a change I'm thinking about continuing to build with him and the (very) young defense he took over.


    I think ND feels the exact same way

  7. then that's what ND should do all the time now. just shove a player into the returner. maybe the ball will hit them and ND can get the ball on a turnover. don't even let them catch the ball.


    Not sure you understand how difficult it is to manhandle another player like that and then time it perfectly to fling him into a waiting punt returner, but if they can master it, sure :)

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