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  1. Anyone who thinks the head football coach of a major college program has anything to do with the student assistant filming practice simply has no grasp of the reality of big-time football. As a suggestion, I'd advise some of you guys to check out a college football team's media guide and then scan all the staff members associated with various aspects of the program. There are a ton of them. And somewhere in that large group of football operations and quality control and video directors and coordinators and staffers and assistants you'll locate the person who oversees the practice video arm of the operation.
  2. Bottom line is, he's had multiple chances to return to South Bend. And there are specific reasons why he had pause. And it's the same reason other high-profile coaches have said no over the years.
  3. I wrote the wrong year. When ND went looking for a coach after firing Charlie in 2009 they gauged Urban's interest.
  4. ND reached out to Urban after firing Charlie.
  5. I hear ya Cory, but ND back-channeled him again in 2011 to gauge interest. He wasn't interested.
  6. I love me some Urban, but whatever he is or isn't relative to BK, this much is certain: Urban had shown time and again he doesn't believe he has what it takes to get it done at Notre Dame, under the rules Notre Dame runs it's program.
  7. ND has every bit the talent their opponents do.
  8. What ND needs is for BK to understand he needs to run the ball more - and more effectively - and take pressure of his QB until he gets a QB who can handle everything he heaps on him. And a healthy defense. He was right when he said it's a personnel issue - and he needs to adjust to it. EG isn't capable of flinging it around all game - Malik probably isn't either. So make the adjustment to pounding the ball to help them out. The defensive injuries are another story. That's just bad luck
  9. I don't think BK survives an 8-win season next year. He's had two legitimate excuses the last two years: Tommy being forced back on him as the starter, EG falling apart and the defense suffering on extraordinary amount of injuries on top of the Frozen Five. But EVERYTHING is working in his direction next year, be it Malik decisively taking control of QB or EG bouncing all the way back coupled with talent and experience across the board. There is really no valid excuse for only eight wins next year. That said, I'd be shocked if they don't go 10-2, 11-1. The talent is there. And BK is smart enough and flexible enough to make the necessary adjustments.
  10. ND is no worse than any other fan base. We live in impatient, impracticable, entitled and (in sports) often drunkard times. There is a lack of perspective and nuance. Little reasoning and very little patience, especially among the "fans" who drink their way through the weekend. Notre Dame fans are not unique in that regard.
  11. Some of you dudes are out of control with your BK hate.
  12. It's not a Triple Crown winner to a plow horse, it's apples to oranges. Lou had no chance at ND once regimes and restrictions changed.
  13. Speedster, at the end of the day it matters very little what anyone here thinks or wants. BK has the support of the people who count and matter. As much as people want to say "it's been five years and......" to start their argument against BK, the people who count say: "It's been five years of mostly unprecedented success with the last two seasons marked by incredibly bad luck from a suspension/injury front and an almost inexplicable amount of turnovers from the QB. They, like reasonable fans, understand what this model looks like when it's humming and healthy. I can't explain what happened to EG. I can only guess too much was asked of him. And I think/hope BK understands that and reverts a little more to 2012 when he took pressure off the QB with a punishing running game. The talent is there to make that adjustment. All that said, none of it really mattered over the last few weeks of the season as the utterly young, inexperienced defense forced into action due to suspensions and injury was not capable of stopping even a pedestrian Division I offense. The people who count understand that.
  14. The defense has a chance to be very good, but Redfield needs to pull it together. He needs to make a Harrison Smith jump this offseason - although at this point he's miles behind where Harrison was after his sophomore year from a mental perspective. The d-line should be very, very good. So many of the freshmen flashed over the last few weeks, but their bodies simply weren't up to the challenge on a play-by-play basis. Another off season in the weight room will be critical. And if the front-line guys stay healthy, it's going to be high-level group/rotation. Golson has a fight on his hands with Malik, who impressed the heck out of me Saturday with his leadership and confidence qualities. He's got a swagger you can't teach, and as much as I like, respect and am rooting for Golson, he simply doesn't project a high-level amount of confidence.
  15. Fair enough, VC. Yes, there are definitely coaching adjustments that need to be made. In retrospect, I think BK failed by putting so much on his shiny new and improved QB toy, EG, thinking EG was capable of carrying so much more responsibility compared to the 2012 season. I think BK felt he had to be that aggressive with EG because he wasn't comfortable the defense was stout enough to keep scores down. And I think he felt EG was mature enough to handle it opening the offense up and being aggressive. That was an epic fail, as it turns out. EG took his game to another level at times, but he wasn't capable of sustaining the kind of consistency needed to pull it off on a game-to-game, play-by-play basis. As a result, rather than compensating for what looked to be a young, vulnerable defense by leading the offense to 35+ points per game, EG consistently did the complete opposite by putting his defensive teammates in terrible situations with critical turnovers. And that took a remarkable toll. Looking forward, I think BK might consider following more of the 2012 model - although not quite as conservative - understanding he's got two dynamic running backs and an experienced offensive line that simply needs a green light to become the punishing unit it's capable of being. And with the defense being more experienced next season - and God willing staying healthy - I suspect he'll be inclined to use more of the ball-control type offense he used in 2012. In other words, take less off he shoulders of whoever the QB is and put more of it on a running game that can be lethal if utilized correctly. I get it that some here are concerned BK isn't flexible enough to make that adjustment, but as recently as two years ago that is exactly what he did. The key now is finding balance between the ultra conservative offense of 2012 and the way too wide open one he used this year that put too much pressure on a QB unable to handle it.
  16. I'm glad you asked this. If you go look at the open forum there is a thread in which grown men are discussing when they finally fell upon an emotional coping mechanism to deal with the ups and downs of a season they are so passionately invested in. And how in their 20's ND losses would ruin them through the rest of the weekend and into the following week. It's so interesting that they brought this subject up as I sometimes wonder if they realize the same type of toll a season takes on young players. And I wonder why they dismiss the role those emotions can take on players while openly admitting they themselves are deeply affected by the roller coaster ride of a season. Anyway, to answer your question I think the offense and team that showed up yesterday was emotionally spent from a series of gut wrenching losses and a ton of injuries. It sucks. It's disappointing. You wish it didn't happen. But I really believe this season simply caught up with a bunch of kids.
  17. There is no need for a coaching change or sweeping changes in the program. Everything ND needs to win 11, 12 games next year either boarded a bus outside the Coliseum late Saturday afternoon or was sitting back home in South Bend. It was a bitterly frustrating year on so many levels, but you simply can't discount the toll the suspensions and injuries took on a very young team. As I stood on the sideline yesterday I was astonished by how many true freshmen and backups were playing on defense. There is no way you can dip that deep into your depth chart and expect to compète. For me the biggest disappointment was the regression of EG. He simply looked lost yesteray, and it's a look he's worn for a few weeks now. He truly needs to take a step back and regroup. Whether he does or not remains to be seen. On the flip side, Malik played, acted and looked the part of a quarterback a team can easily rally around. I reject the notion there was little to play for when he came in. He had EVERYTHING to play for and he responded when called upon. He either wins the job or pushes EG to another level. ND benefits either way The team I saw yesterday across the board just seemed emotionally and physically spent. Considering everything they've been through and how depleted they are, that isn't a big surprise. On tip of that, they were down to backups of backups across the baits defensively. I fully expect them to regroup over the next month and thus offseason and come back ready to contend for a playoff spit next season. The talent is there, even if a lot of it was holed up in the emergency ward. The coaching is there too.
  18. The def coordinator is as on board with collinsworth playing as the HC, if not more. And while Austin gets beat, at least it's while getting everyone organized correctly on the back end. Max'a problem is getting beat AND not getting the backend organized. If Max wants to play, it's on him to get back on the field. Two years in and he's still pretty clueless
  19. Wow, what a wonderful piece of advice for anyone hoping to illicit conversation and perhaps be the catalyst for positive change in their work environment. Don't like it, quit. That's a GREAT plan
  20. I don't agree. He's grown a whole bunch in my opinion. In fact he has a tremendous amount more on his plate now than he ever did in 2012, and for the most part he's responded. But with added assignment comes added responsibility. I think he's still adjusting to that reality. And it's not so much about confidence, it's about attention to detail. He still thinks he can make a full turn to avoid a pass rush while holding the ball low - but he can't. The opponents are too fast and good, they swipe the ball away. If anything from last Saturday pleased me, it was EG turning halfway, covering the ball and taking the sack on a mad rush, and living to make another play rather than turning it over.
  21. Were you in a deep slumber in 2012 when he went to the NC with a first-year starter? That was a tremendous (experienced) team effort around a redshirt-freshman QB This year is an extremely young team around a QB who lost his second starting season to suspension. Next year looks to be experience across the board.
  22. Not sure you can make that claim. But either way: Ideally If/when Malik takes over it will be his 4th year in the program with 2 years of eligibility. Or, one of the younger guys win it and they'll be in line to start three seasons. So, BK will either have a well-groomed, mature replacement for EG who will start the 2016/17 seasons or a dynamic young talent who won the job and is in line to play three seasons. An let's hope none of them mess up scholastically and cost ND or themselves a full season of valuable experience.
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