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  1. But everything is attributed to injuries and bad luck though, right? So I guess you aren't expected to own up.



    I don't think the realists here - and I consider myself one of them - simply excused this season by injuries and bad luck and it's highly disingenuous of you to insinuate we did.


    It was the the inexplicable roller-coaster ride of Everett Golson; injuries and BK's mistake of getting too giddy getting his new QB back and heaping everything on him while abandoning the run game and game plan of 2012.


    There is no controlling the injuries. Everett is mostly responsible for Everett. I think yesterday showed how BK is on the road to recovery in incorporating the run game back into the fold.


    What the realists reject is the notion this team quit on BK. I don't think that happened at all. I think it got caught in a vicious injury/bad QB/loss of confidence storm that can sometimes happen to a team from peewee football all the way to the NFL.


    What we saw yesterday was a team that was physically and emotionally recharged and fantastic QB play. And also benefited from a game plan I think will be the blueprint for 2015.


    The sky did not fall this year.

  2. I think Kelly's goal is to be an NFL coach and he thought Golson would get him there.


    It's really not that hard for a coach like Brian Kelly to find his way to the NFL, if that is his "goal" (which I disagree with)


    He doesn't need EG to get him there at this point. The NFL is well aware of him, if he ever decided to go that route.


    Brian Kelly's goal is to win a national championship and become a college football coaching legend.


    Like it or hate it, that is his agenda.

  3. IMO, Kelly could not have put in the game plan he used today with Golson at QB. It was designed to be very dependent on the read option, with QB heavily involved, to be effective. Golson does not run the read option well and is not big enough to absorb the punishment that comes with it. He used both QBs masterfully today




    Two different skill sets

  4. When I stepped away a few steps from the season, the thing that stuck with me is the huge mistake Brian Kelly made thinking he had his prototyope QB and putting all his eggs in EG's basket.


    Brian's best bet, and I think today exemplified this, is by establishing a running game early (in the season and games) and operating off of that foundation.


    That was the plan in 2012 and it worked beautifully. And it can work even better with the even more talented team he has coming back in 2015.

  5. The problem is LSU's offense isn't terribly complicated with a very limited QB.


    Max is a physical freak, but he needs to align his head with his attributes. You are either an asset or a liability and with his talent and his importance in the position he plays relative to getting the back end organized and making the right individual run/pass read, he still has a long way to go.


    My problem with him is his instincts are non existent.


    Even today when they showed the coaches view from the opposite end zone he was making wrong reads.


    I hope the best for him. But he needs a big growth spurt this offseason.

  6. I expect this team to lose badly and look like they don't want to be there, so a loss wouldn't do anything to change my opinion.


    If they win, I'll be absolutely floored. It will honestly be maybe the most unexpected win by a Notre Dame team in my nearly 30 years of life. It won't change my opinion of where this program is, but it'd sure be a shock.


    I was on the sideline at the USC game. I did not see a team that quit or didn't want to be there.


    I saw a whole bunch of kids who were physically and emotionally drained.


    I get it there are some "super heroes" here who have never been pushed to their limit or who think athletes are a bunch or robots or think they, as super heroes, report every day to their lives with the exact same passion and energy as they do every single day of their lives and therefore reject any notion that this team was physically and emotionally spent by the end of this regular season.


    Good for the super heroes among us. God bless them.


    For the rest of us mortals who are susceptible to life and circumstance and reality, we kind of understand limitations.


    Long story short, I saw a rejuvenated team that benefited emotionally and physically from a much-needed break.

  7. This play calling is pretty bad.




    1st down good run negated by a holding penalty.


    If Malik completes the hand off on 1st and 20 there was room to roam.


    When it got bungled and it went 2nd and 20+ you dial it back and be careful in a tied game.


    Trust your defense, don't do something dumb

  8. Welp, this pretty much locks up a Heisman run for Zaire and title run for ND next year.


    14-0 here we come.


    No and No.


    It's really hard to win every game in college football. Too much talent, too much good coaching and too many human emotional ups and downs to expect kids to be on point every week.


    I got laughed at by some people here when I observed upon watching from the sidelines against USC how Notre Dame looked like an emotionally and physically spent team. They had nothing in the tank emotionally in that game after the dlew of injuries and avalanche of emotionally draining losses.


    No one quit, I don't believe. There was just nothing to draw from in the tank.


    The four or so weeks off since then has emotionally and physically rejuvenated this team. This is a very talented club when healthy(and in today's case healthier)


    I don't see 13-0 next year, though.

  9. I look at the first post and am amazed that its not a troll. That's how mediocrity settling our fanbase has become.


    From a poster who talks a bunch of -----but never articulates a plan.


    Your turn meat.


    Who is your choice to coach ND and why and how does ND go about getting your guy?


    So easy to throw rocks.


    Speak up and be heard on your solution.

  10. We scored enough points to win every single game. BK has an offense that works just fine. That includes the turnovers. Are they good? NO WAY! But we still scored enough....


    There is a difference between scoring enough points to win games and constructing an offensive plan that consistently wins games.


    I think BK got too far away from the careful, ball-control plan he used in 2012 that leaned on a punishing run game and an experienced defense to help compensate for an inexperienced QB.


    As BK said, EG rode the bus to that championship game. That was by design.


    BK (wrongly) gave EG full-set of the bus keys this year, thinking he was capable of driving it with no restrictions. In doing so he abandoned the run game and took away a valuable asset for EG.


    That was an egregious coaching blunder, and it cost ND as the season went on as EG simply wasn't/isn't capable of shouldering that kind of burden and when it became obvious he wasn't, BK had no established run game to fall back on in support.


    It didn't just show up in EG and the offenseive play, it left a young and then soon to be depleted defense vulnerable time and time again.


    This is a big year for BK. He's been hit over the head with a big stick telling him you can't simply put it all in the hands of your QB. You're doing a disservice to EG, the offense and the defense when you do.


    Thing is, he has a beautiful blueprint from 2012 to look back on, and I think he will.


    I don't think he's going to go full monty on the 2012 game plan, but there is some definite middle ground he can find that balances things out between a successful pass game and a productive run game.

  11. I can see it now...


    CBK: Mr. and Mrs. Tillery, I'd just like to thank you again for inviting me over, and for also letting my team prepare tonight's dinner. I can't stress how happy we our to have your fine son Jerry joining our program. He truly is...a RKG. I hope tonight's dinner will give a small peak into the type of ship I run. Without further ado, enjoy your Notre Dame dinner experience.


    (After 10 seconds, CBK glances into kitchen impatiently, turns back and smiles at Tillery family. Glances back into kitchen again while mouthing "hurry the **** up" into the menu card he's holding while circling his other hand around and around. After exactly 25 seconds a confused looking Everett Golson enters the room holding a tray full of appetizers)


    CBK: I'd like to introduce you to the young man running the show tonight, our own Everett Golson. As you will quickly find out, Everett's delivery skills are top notch. Speed, agility, and an unmatched plating release are the main things that set him apart. Although he does at times have a less than steller decision making process...


    (As CBK finishes this statement, Golson pauses in front of the table holding the tray of appetizers dangerously far away from his body while pondering how he should get by the large family dog sitting in his way. Instead of taking a few steps back and going around, he attempts to do a quick spin towards the table and promptly dumps the entire tray of food on the floor)






    (Golson walks dismissively right by CBK back to the kitchen)


    CBK: My apologies. We're struggling right now with our opening dish delivery even though we had an entire week to script out exactly how it should go. It's part of the ongoing learning process. As I said Everett has a dynamic skill set will more than make up for that mistake.


    (CBK now slightly pink-cheeked glances back to kitchen while mouthing "where the **** is the bread". After CBK mutters a few other expletives, Golson again emerges from the kitchen almost exactly 25 seconds later holding a basket of bread. Stopping 5 feet short of the table, Golson precisely zips the first 3 pieces of bread right onto the closest dinner plates while CBK nods his head and smiles as if to say "that's my guy". As Golson picks up the 4th piece of bread, he takes several moments clearly second guessing what he should do. The family dog is now sitting up directly between him and the last open plate, but he decides to loft the bread up anyway which results in the canine jumping up and grabbing it before it reaches its intended target.)






    (Head down with shoulders slouched Golson again breezes past completely ignoring a ranting CBK on his way back to the kitchen.)


    CBK: Guys, I'll admit the "bread zone" has continued to be an area that we struggle in. These things take time, and I'd say by year 6 of my tenure at Notre Dame, our execution should be much better. That being said, how does the bread taste?


    Mama Tillery: Mines okay. Nothing special, but it will do.


    CBK: YESSSSS!!! That's exactly what I was going for. You see I actually have two bread bakers from 5-star restaurants under contract that I chose not to use tonight. I didn't like their attitude this week during our test kitchen runs, and both lacked experience with oven coverage. So instead I used a bread baker that was from a 2-star restaurant because of his effort and moxie. His recipes aren't flashy, but damn is his bread gritty. Excuse me, EVERETT CAN YOU PLEASE GET ONE PLATE OUT HERE TODAY WITHOUT TAKING A FULL 25 ****ING SECONDS???!!! WHERE THE **** IS THE MAIN COURSE???!!!


    (A huge series of crashes explodes from the kitchen as Kelly's face goes from pink to purple.)




    (Coach Hiestand pops his head out of the kitchen)


    COACH HIESTAND: Uh sorry coach, but the door leading outside was open and a slight breeze came into the kitchen. Long story short, it blew Elmer and Hegarty clear over straight into Golson who dropped the steaks on the floor. Then Hunter Smith tried to take a tray out of the oven, and burned himself also dropping it on the floor. Maybe we should have him try wearing oven mitts?


    CBK: MOTHER****ER!!! Please tell me Coach VanGorder's D(essert) wasn't ruined.


    COACH HIESTAND: No coach, I'll have it sent right out. Malik's not doing anything and Everett looks pretty banged up from the steak fiasco-should I have hi------


    (CBK interrupting and snarling)




    (A clearly hurt Golson emerges from the kitchen looking completely lost, and instantly slips flinging several bowls of vanilla ice cream across the room.)


    CBK: Don't worry guys, Coach VanGorder made plenty of D(essert). Everett could you please get some more?


    (Golson once again appears from the kitchen after 25 seconds with another round of vanilla ice cream which he once again drops before he can reach the table.)


    CBK: **** it. Everett take a seat on the kitchen bench and have Malik bring the last part of Coach VanGorder's D(essert). Hey Mrs. Tillery can you guess what D(essert) is coming out next?


    Mama Tillery: Uhhh vanilla ice cream?


    CBK: Why how ever did you guess???


    Mama Tillery: Because you guys have brought out the same D(essert) every single time so far?


    CBK: Haha you got us. That was planned though. See coach VanGorder lost a couple of his veteren chefs this week, and even though the new ones have had great success before they came to Notre Dame, we think it's too much to teach them anything but his vanilla ice cream recipe.


    (Malik Zaire (looking poised and noticeably quicker than Golson) emerges with a tray of vanilla ice cream, and promptly delivers them perfectly to each member of the dinner party.)


    CBK: Well, thank you Malik. It looks like there will be an open competition to see who is the main server at the Wimbush dinner next week...


    (CBK leans over to mama Tillery and whispers, "open competition my ***, the job is clearly Golson's haha".)


    Ladies and gentlemen, the winner.


    Fantastic job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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