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  1. You guys keep worrying about this, but the committee put ND No. 5 for a reason. It's a human perspective. They look at circumstance. They understand nuance. They account for and will put in perspective late-game dynamics of a blowout win.
  2. I'm honestly questioning whether some of you guys are being serious. At 21-9 in the 4th quarter every conversion sheet in the world tells you to go for two as there is no difference between 21-9 and 21-10 - you still need two touchdowns - which ND got incidentally. But there is a huge difference if you get it to 21-11 for obvious reasons. A TD and FG ties it. You can't blame the coach for doing exactly what the conversion sheet suggests just because the players screwed up and gave up a FG to change the dynamics. Tough loss in hostile territory but proud of the way the team battled back. You can't turn the ball over 4 times and expect to win,either. Bounce back and adjust the goal to 11-1
  3. I hear you brother. But he's along the lines of Luke Kuechly and Sean Lee size wise with as good instincts and I'd dare say faster. He's plenty big enough
  4. I'll bet ND is the only team in the top 25 to be 2-0 opening exclusively against Power 5 conference teams, too.
  5. If Notre Dame DB's continue to play balls in the air as poorly as they did yesterday, it will be worrisome. But I have to figure that will be a point of emphasis in practice and moving forward, and the issue is very correctable with better technique/focus. Otherwise, guys were typically where they were supposed to be. It's the second week of the season. As long as injuries don't kill ND the defensive unit will continue to improve. Just have to get better. Clean some things up.
  6. None of which has anything to do with what you said to start this thread. But I applaud you for trying to turn attention away from what you wrote
  7. Yo OP, after you turned the TV off like a teary eyed heart-broken 16-year-old girl upon hearing Justin Beiber had a girlfriend, ND's redshirt freshman QB led the Irish on a game-winning touchdown drive. The Irish came back to win the game. They're 2-0.
  8. I mean, this was a 7-1 team that, arguably should have been 8-0 last year. With a QB that began coughing the ball up. And then a CRAZY bunch of injuries hit to destroy the defense. To answer the question? I don't know that there any signs that things are different. It's literally going to come down to whether the QB can avoid turnovers and ND can avoid too many injuries. Let's see where ND is QB and health wise after week 8.
  9. Way too much rationalizing going on here. If true, what Prince did was disputable, insanely cruel and diobolicle. He deserves whatever penalty he gets.
  10. Funny to me how people on their couch can claim EG completely dissed BK, yet BK, who gets accused by some of those same couch potatoes of being an egotistical non-bending tyrant, either completely misses the diss or finds it in his heart to forgive? Something doesn't add up. Me thinks EG fell into a rut he could never climb back out of. I don't think it ever got personal between EG and BK I don't think anyone inside the organization ever even considered it did. He wouldn't still be here if it did. An improved EG makes this team better, be it as the starter or the back up.
  11. Ideally yes. But a lot depends on them getting their heads right. But rest assured Tranquill will be in mix and a big- time player moving forward . Ball player, straight out
  12. Hell of a football player. Was on his way last year, exceeding expectations in the process as a first-year contributor. Not sure what some of you guys were watching/expecting/thinking about. And oh by the way, he didn't play because Redfield got hurt. He played because he emerged as the better option. Not saying he is better than Max long term, but at that moment, he was. He deserves credit for that, even while we scratch our heads at Max's struggles.
  13. Totally just a thought, but any consideration that he isn't a top-notch coach? I'll give him his due as a recruiter, but aside from a very vague title upgrade at OSU his coaching responsibilities haven't varied very much. And it wasn't like anyone was knocking down his door to come run their offense over the years.
  14. It's certainly not as simple as Charlie could only win with Ty recruits and BK only winning with Charlie recruits and it's laughable people try to play that card.
  15. NicePost, for sure. How does anyone get so worked up about such things?
  16. Right, because most people on this board really think you can with a championship with three stars. And not that three stars can develop into solid contributors and help the four and five stars win championship.
  17. Quite literally may have found the future successor to BK. Grand Slam.
  18. Wow talk about knocking it out of the park . Home run hire
  19. True that. Man, there are some dudes going off a deep end right now.
  20. Hard for me to believe the Ohio State coach just all of a sudden agreed to move to the Bears, or that Urban didn't know and already was in contact with Tony and that ND didn't already know and was already in touch with possible replacements. And that all of it was on the down low and delayed so as not to disrupt recruiting classes.
  21. Obviously this is not an issue exclusive to ND, but it is kind of weak how this gets handled and how immediately the coaches officially leave as soon as the names are signed on the line that is dotted. Not really sure how to better deal with coaches moving on, but it does rub me the wrong way how programs will sit on moves they absolutely know are coming simply to keep their recruiting classes intact.
  22. Oh good gosh. We can acknowledge the loss without predicting the demise of Notre Dame. We can also regret the loss while also hoping or expecting a replacement every bit as good. Let it play out.
  23. Define equal to? Pay? No. Lower academic admission standards? No However, ND is superior to Ohio State in things non conducive to winning National Championships. That isn't a BK problem. That's what makes Notre Dame spectacularly special. Losing Alford is a big loss. But it's not like Notre Dame is going to fall apart without him. For as long as I've been a ND fan, there has always been an outstanding recruiter on the staff. I'm not the least bit worried someone will emerge to fill the void.
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