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  1. I just don't get it. Some of these kids are just plain dumb. I understand the allure of LA and hollywood and all that stuff; but why don't you choose UCLA? I mean, USC is in a HORRIBLE position, right now. I can't believe the NCAA is allowing Kiffin to get away with continuing to pay players. That HAS to be the only way you gt a kid to still come there. That, or Kiffin is giving away free BJs. I'm truly baffled.


    I think you are totally underestimating the power of USC here in Los Angeles - and the west coast in general - and overestimating the impact the sanctions are having on recruits.


    USC is not in the horrible position some seem to think they are, and by 2012 they'll be back in the postseason. They'll take a hit on the scholarships, but the prevailing thought is it won't be the full 30. Most people think that will be cut in half.


    As far as Lane paying kids, that's just ridiculous.


    As Notre Dame fans, we are wasting our time thinking or hoping USC is going to take some dramatic step backward.


    They will be every bit the challenge they have been.


    It's up to Notre Dame ti step up to that challenge - and I truly believe we will - rather than hope USC takes a step back, which I don't see happening.

  2. Not going to change my mind on this nor will I even try to value any opinion that isn't the same as mine on the Tulsa game.


    Which is fine, you are entitled to your feelings.


    But as long as you're a fan of Brian Kelly-coached Notre Dame you might want to prepare yourself for the fact that as long as he has plays at his disposal he will never leave a game in the hands of a long snapper a holder and a kicker. That will always be his last resort, especially on a windy day in which he already saw a PAT attempt get blocked and returned for points.


    That was not a difficult play, even for a freshmen quarterback.

  3. New guy here, but pretty well connected to the recruiting process.


    Not just Notre Dame - living in Los Angeles as I do - but the process in general.


    I just feel Aaron didn't want to upstage Ishaq yesterday after Ishaq made his announcement. That was Ishaq's day in the spotlight and Aaron respected it.


    I truly believe we will get word very soon.


    And I do believe he will be choosing Notre Dame.


    Lets all hope for the best!!

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