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  1. He's actually one of the more affable head coaches to deal with, too. Lends much more insight than most guys. And certainly doesn't come across personally as overly arrogant. I just think hardcore fans of teams have a weirdly odd obsession with overly analyzing everything the head coach of the team they live and die with says or does.
  2. It's funny how you criticize BK for not being a warm and fuzzy person, yet when you are asked a simple request you resort to kind of a F---ed up response. You seem like a good dude. And I mean that sincerely. I wasn't asking you as an A-hole, I was honestly asking you for some examples of players who spoke poorly about BK. I'd absolutely defer to those examples too. Yet your response was to tell me to drop dead.
  3. I've talked to plenty of former ND players who speak highly of him. And by all means, link us all up to the guys who speak poorly about him.
  4. Having met and dealt with him on a handful of occasions - and plenty others in his exact vocation - I completely disagree with this. As in COMPLETELY. So I have to ask you, exactly how have you come to such a specific conclusion about him? I'm assuming there has been consistent interaction between you and he? Or verifiable supporting proof from people who have met, dealt and worked with him? I'm not trying to be a jerk. But you are saying something in such a way that you've had personal interactions with him.
  5. Oh boy, here comes Mel Kiper chiming in with his brilliant analysis
  6. He was a stud, and highly productive while basically playing Day 1 (and out of position and with multiple DC's and let's be honest, not a ton of help in front of him) Fast. Tough. Smart. Productive
  7. Just pulling nonsense out of your butt while ignoring the overwhelming data that obliterates your flawed, lazy argument. BK has shown zero hesitancy to start the player with less time invested in the program. EG beat out Rees. Malik beat out EG. At least be man enough to say: "You know what, I swung and missed on this one."
  8. That's an important part of what we do. And it's important some of these guys improve that skill set. I think Jones is a future star. And the more ways they are comfortable lining him up the better. Even if the handful of reps he gets at that spot are out of necessity right now, it could be beneficial when he's used there strategically rather than out of necessity.
  9. Why? Seems like a position with great depth, versatility and in Jones' case a big-time weapon who is still getting better in other areas (blocking)
  10. There is so much wrong with all this I'm not even sure where to begin.
  11. With all due respect, but he's obviously got bigger concerns about this decision than whatever "excitement and expectation" his addition to a recruiting class will create. As long as he shows up Day 1 for practice/classes - at whatever school he chooses - is there really any net negative to him prolonging the decision?
  12. I think the point the poster is making is that JJ and Clay simply prove recruiting is an inexact science, and that argument is bigger and more important than the numbers indicating the percentages of All-Americans that are delivered from the various star rankings. Of greater importance is that productive players can emerge from across the board, and it's ludicrous for fans to dismiss the potential of a productive player simply because he's a walk-on. J.J. and Clay are indeed lottery ticket examples. But there are examples on plenty of teams - good teams too - of good, productive players starting out as walk ons or low-end star ranking.
  13. As a LONG time fan my take is ND's consistently played a difficult schedule and that's always been reflected in the record. But somewhere along the line - probably after some really super down years of Ty/Dave - some ND fans remembered yesteryear a whole lot different than I did and started thinking it was 12-0 11-1 or you are a dog!!!!! I never remembered it being that way. I've always been cool with consistently being a top program and being in the NC hunt every few years. But sometimes circumstances (injuries bad luck) getting in the way. It's the 5-6 and 6-5 regular seasons in which ND is just outclassed talent wise, program wise, that I won't tolerate. (TY/Charlie/Dave/Jerry) The Kelly run has actually been very good/acceptable.
  14. Winning a conference (stanford won't go, TCU and Baylor didn't go last year) or winning a conference championship game? It's so lame! Great, you add an extra game, against an opponent you should have played in the regular season - or perhaps did!!!! - and you call it a CHAMPIONSHIP GAME and everybody goes crazy. It's Just Another Conference Game (that you should have played already or maybe already did!!!)
  15. Not sure anyone said it was a great season. Some just feel that, given the circumstances its certainly within reason to be absolutely proud of this team.
  16. Really good staffs/players on that other sideline too though. Not always so cut and dry
  17. eh, there have been a ton of long drives. you don't average 220 yards rushing and 267 yards passing simply relying on the big play. That balance is as good as it gets. There are a bunch of 6, 8, 10, yard runs and 9, 15, 20 yard pass plays in addition to the big strikes.
  18. Little bit deceiving. Lou - if memory is correct - also worked with a 95 scholarship max rather than the current 85.
  19. No worries. This has been an remarkably fun team to watch. The program is in an incredibly great place in which outstanding recruiting and development can now make up for injuries attrition etc...etc. The head coach is the clear leader for coach of the year. Everyone in college football understands that. The talent from 1 to 85 is as good as its ever been in this program at ANY POINT in its history. The people without agendas clearly see and appreciate that.
  20. And aint nobody on that committee who thinks Temple is inferior. Or that the USC team ND beat that crushed Utah and beat Cal on the road isn't ridiculously talented. The committee has and will get it. Just need to win out
  21. The man who was (sarcasticly) searching for and obviously expecting the need for excuses making after game 2. And will never be mature/classy enough to admit he was wrong.
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