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  1. How do you replace BK when no one out there we can get would be any better? Yes, I will take BK until someone better comes along. What are the other options? All you guys want to do is whine like ND NATION and then provide zero solution.
  2. Who else will come here and do better? Who do you think will come here and in 8 years get us to a National Title Game? Did we forget how much the fan base thought that season was lost? Who is better than BK right now that will come here next year? Again... I will wait.
  3. Do you think that BK maybe shifted this way when he realized we can recruit really good OL at ND? That was always my thinking but I could be way off here. I just felt like he came in thinking Cincy 2.0 and then realized, "Well damn, can't be Cincy but I can get some maulers!" and then any failure from there fell into bad coaching, training, etc. Was curious on your thoughts.
  4. Someone name a better coach that would come here... I will wait.
  5. I will go back and read through the thread but I had to comment on this one. I will take the 9th season and BK "Playing Down" to our opponents over everyone since Lou. Go to NDnation you Trog.
  6. You got your wish. November 10th against FSU
  7. Funny you say that. pOSU used a TE Seam for a score early.
  8. I will be at this game and I hope like hell I am freezing my balls off because that means they're suffering!
  9. I love it! Definitely adds to the experience and I feel it was used properly. I am a huge fan of the addition.
  10. There is a video out there breaking down the kickoff. Rule change like this helps but the kickoff team is already 40 yards down field colliding with players in front of them, blind side hits, etc. causing injuries still. Half the play happens before the ball is fair caught or marked as a touch back. I'll have to find the video again and post it.
  11. How are you a fan of the athletes if you don't like the honor code of the University? I have known several of these athletes to go into ND just as many here and in many cases, those kids stood out in HS. They are well spoken. hard workers, well educated and in much better position than most. Gifted for sure IMO. Yet, you expect them to not be held to the same capacity that the University expects? Then go cheer for USC. You can get a great education there and not have the same honor code. Half those kids can't form a sentence but you would hire some graduates to run your business one day. Whoever said this guy isn't a true fan is right. What a joke. Yes the University made a mistake but it wasn't one at the time. They now know the parameters the NCAA has put in place. I personally believe this is as big an issue as it is because ESPN and the world knows, ND will find the right way to change the NCAA (or remove them) and will have some HUGE supporters in doing so. They won't just become scum like teh rest of the P5.
  12. Elko with the 2012 squad could have beat Bama or at least played all the way to the end. Better talent back then and better scheme today.
  13. #7 Penn State at #24 Michigan State (11:00AM, Fox) - UPSET PLEASE!!! #4 Clemson at #20 NC State (2:30PM, ABC) - UPSET PLEASE!! #6 Ohio State at Iowa (2:30PM, ESPN) - Don't care #21 Stanford at #25 Washington State (2:30PM, Fox) - Don't ruin this Stanford #5 Oklahoma at #11 Oklahoma State (3:00PM, FS1) - Sooners because I like them #19 LSU at #2 Alabama (7:00PM, CBS) - Duh #13 Virginia Tech at #10 Miami (7:00PM, ABC) - Miami needs to win this #22 Arizona at #17 USC (9:45PM, ESPN) - USC by 30 would be awesome If this weekend played out like that I would sleep till Wednesday.
  14. Drue and Harrison are the same size. I see Drue coming on late like HS did and I think a surprise to many, HS is doing damn good and exceeding expectations. IF Drue were to get a 5th year, I think he could absolutely play into a 2nd round pick. He is everywhere and that stands out in the NFL for sure now a days.
  15. Could not agree more! I think this is the most realistic expectation right now. If we were to go 11-1 and fall out of the top 4, anyone coming up with those scenarios would also have to be in agreement that we deserved to fall. That, IMO, is how ridiculous things would have to get for it to happen. Win and we are in. I do also agree we can't 2012 our way the rest of the year. We need double digit wins in most of these games.
  16. Maybe that other "factor" is school? Have you considered the fact that we expect our athletes to go to class? Tuitt was sat a game for being late to class twice. We suspended 5 people for a tutor issue. The factor is, school. Bring Stanford up, PLEASE!! But first tell me when the last time they went to the NC Game was.
  17. Only 4 teams have averaged 9 or more wins since 2012? There is 130 in FBS....
  18. Irish win by 13. Had them at 17 earlier but pulling back a bit.
  19. Vegas pretty much spots 3 points to the home team. Meaning if ND was -3 it would pretty much be a pick em. It was right around this and then QB goes down, they move it to -6.5 ND. Vegas doesn't think much other than ND is more likely to win here with QB down but not by much.
  20. Notre Dame: 52 Temple: 10 We rush for 300+ yards
  21. Has anyone stopped to consider the fact that Georgia is the following week? Maybe, just maybe, BK is looking ahead a week. I am not saying he isn't focused on Temple but maybe he has a few set packages he feels we can win against Temple with and then will unleash our full offensive potential come Georgia. The WR's look like we have speed set up for Temple and will mix in 6-7 more guys as the game moves along. Long also likes to leave the same package on the field and no sub. That could be the angle here. Come out fast and strike quick with our speedy and experienced receivers. This also helps break in BW to start the season. Some comfort and leadership out there within this offense. Jumbo packages coming week of Georgia!
  22. The only thing I have gathered is both are experience and one comes from under Chip Long so he knows the offense. One can only imagine this is a comfort level game 1 but no clue. I hope/assume Claypool will get solid time and step up to only start against Georgia. Then again if these 2 show out and Claypool also comes up big, can't be too upset there.
  23. I posted somewhere keeping under 21 would be key. Someone else shut me down with facts I didn't even think would be true but apparently, if we keep people at 20, we likely will make the playoffs. Someone else can go pull the data
  24. I think you all make very valid points in every category, I just would grade it out differently. Offense: B for the simple fact of the unknown. I think we will always be in the game with this offense but are they a 20 point team or a 40 point team. I think both are possible and that 30 range would be nice. Defense: C- at this point. We need a lot of promise to payoff for sure. They have the potential but if we can even be top 40 this year, I wouldn't be shocked because of the talent... more shocked because we did it! Special Teams: B+ because I don't know what to expect. I feel we have been more solid here but can we take over big games with special teams this year?
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