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  1. I agree with you Pregame.... There is absolutely nothing wrong with a professional athlete having fun with the GAME that they play. I understand some people are turned off by some of the taunting and such, But knowing him, I can tell you he really is just HAVING FUN with the game, loving his life...... Nothing that should make people cringe, or not be proud of an amazing talent that is an ND ALUMN!
  2. hahhaaha who hasn't right?!
  3. He is ABSOLUTELY NOT the cocky person you THINK he is. Does he make some questionable decisions on occasion, sure. But in reality, he is a very humble and unselfish guy. Fun loving for sure, but overall, a great guy from a great family
  4. It looks like the jerseys sold on the bookstore website are the " cheap " ones... just mesh material, no embroidered numbers.. is that correct? and if so, is there anywhere to get a more legit New Uniform ?
  5. Anyone have video of his interview ? I was Ina loud bar (going nuts )... Would love to see it , and the entire game for that matter
  6. Maybe just my opinion, but I feel like Hargraves seems like an arrogant little kid, and I'm not a huge fan at all......... Great talent but Stops there
  7. You are correct, i dont believe he fumbled either, but it is funny that you bring that up because i specifically remember him getting hit on the MSU kickoff return and it brough his arm all the way back and he almost lost the ball... Looked like he was being a bit careless with the ball... obv he didnt fumble , and he did take it to the house, but deff remember that! Regardless.. kids a STUD, and seems to have the heart to be a RB and hit the holes hard!.... cant wait to see him improve ! ( not too concerned about fumbles..... yet)
  8. Excuse my ignorance, but are there any "studs" in that list that we can hope committs this weekend or soon after??? ( with malik and onawalu on the case, who knows)
  9. I STILL believe Kelly likes Golson, Yes he has had a few slip ups in the SMALL sample of film we have seen or heard about. But Kelly in my opinion is not the type to rave about his players for the most part. Perhaps last year he was giving the new kid some confidence... But I also remember when he used to ride Floyd about every mistake and all the things he was doing wrong. Hopefully he still believes in Golson, just isnt showing it as much so he can push the kid! ( this is my hope at least )
  10. Could they be refferring to Von Bell? ... i know he is on campus, not sure if he made the practice or not.. but i would deff consider him a STUD!
  11. ANYYYY REASON we can think of that he is not there today???... ( other than the worst thought possible )
  12. " You can not replace a Gerry Bertier!"
  13. but who is Nd1baby's avatar??? that is the question !
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