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  1. Congrats Okie!! The power of prayer is awesome!!
  2. chain= Fuddruckers, local joint, The 5-8 club in Minneapolis= The Juicy Lucy!!
  3. Yep... Raises for All!! Don't forget Alford was a great keep from CW's staff!!
  4. “@PedroMoura: Robert Woods: "If the coaches wanted to keep me another year, they would’ve probably got me the ball."” “@PedroMoura: That Woods quote was in response to a question about if his decrease in catches played a role in his decision” Here's Woods' tweets, sorry if posted earlier but classic implosion!!
  5. Thoughts and prayers for you and your entire family...God Bless!!
  6. Bama tomorrow but NC will be decided in the sec championship game!!
  7. The one thing I'm not sure about is if there is a way to measure the amount of marijuana in your system? The breathalizer measures the amount of alcohol in your system. Something like this would be a necessity for how high one might be behind the wheel!?!? just a thought
  8. If so and I think he will. He deserves it but his story is to big for the mothership to pass up. imho.Also, Here's to hoping your handywork gets some Heisman notoriety!!
  9. Well said greeny!! Also, a lot of football left... It's fun to speculate but let's let it all play out!! Go Irish and especially this amazing team
  10. Scott Booker is listed as the ST coach. It's his first year and he's recruiting like a mad man but the special teams play is unacceptable. I believe the staff would agree and will be working hard to improve all aspects of special teams! Thank goodness it hasn't cost us a game, YET!! Go Irish
  11. possibly/probably but there is a ton of football left for all teams involved...ND just needs to keep winning!!
  12. Hah, congrats on the W and isn't that the same Rutgers that Miles Shuler went to to win a national championship at!!LMAO!! Way to go KSU!!
  13. Congrats from the Atl.!! Enjoy the SWEET SWEET victory!!!:thumb Go Irish
  14. Won a game we probably would have lost, in the past. The "program" truly has a different attitude and confidence!! Go Irish
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