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  1. U of M is pursuing Jones and the new Tight End Coach (Jay Harbaugh) is calling U of M “The New Tight End U”. I would recommend these clowns have a few TE’s drafted and successful before taking the title from ND….. http://www.freep.com/story/sports/college/university-michigan/wolverines/2015/01/19/michigan-wolverines-football-jay-harbaugh/22031283/
  2. Michigan Florida Penn State (great history plus it would further upset the scUM fan base.)
  3. For the love of Christ, can we stop new threads about this investigation or keep them all on one until something substantial comes out? Back to scUM, Muck Fichigan!!!
  4. I doubt this would happen, but if it did it would be a double victory for those Lion rooting scUM fans. No Kelly @ ND, and Kelly with the Lions.
  5. I could not ask for a better Birthday present than this class. How sweet it is
  6. Just received mine yesterday. I live in Michigan so your should be arriving soon
  7. http://www.freep.com/article/20130113/HSS1201/301130234/Mick-McCabe-Cincinnati-coach-Tommy-Tuberville-leaves-Lansing-Everett-s-Jaleel-Canty-twisting-in-the-wind?odyssey=mod|newswell|text|Sports|p Another article with a little more inside about Canty and the new Cincinnati Coach
  8. Even if he plays offense he will be higher on the LB depth charts than AA
  9. Rule #1 on voting : Must include no less than 3 $EC teams but nor more than 5 in the top 5 at anytime. Just win and the haters will eventually run out of undefeated $EC teams to vote for
  10. Someone needs to remind Bell that at MSU, everyone scores except the football team
  11. Will be there - Section 21 Will be waiting for Teo to run out of the tunnel and take a knee right in front of us.
  12. Our young and inexperienced DB’s will bite on too many play actions and allow Denard to arm punt his way into a very close game ND 28 scUM 27
  13. I never root for players to get injured, but in this case I would like to give him a fee golf cart ride off of the field
  14. I had another great experience as well. It's easy to find common ground with MSU fans by yelling Muck Fichigan or White Sox Suck. We had one small issue with a drunk d bag sitting next to be. I had to give the old "score board" once or twice. He left before half and never returned.
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