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  1. As voted by the dbs from the other team (Mac Jones voted best on other team). https://247sports.com/Article/Senior-Bowl-2021-players-of-week-awards-each-position-Mac-Jones-Ian-Book-Alabama-Notre-Dame-160165356/
  2. My biggest takeaway from Clem v ND II... protect from sign stealing! Don’t be stupid, these win or take all programs up at the top don’t give a flying ____ about stealing. Second, and it may just be me here, but take away DS with KH initially... perhaps we can’t contain my fellow NoCal stud Najee Harris, but having him grind for yards vs easy over the top yards to DS = a solid chance if our offense can perform in an unintuitive, clever, sustained manner. Ultimately, go ND... but I’d much rather have NH bludgeon is slowly than DS rip our hearts out... and I’m 100% all-in on KH 1v1 again
  3. https://www.si.com/college/recruiting/football/kahanu-kia-highlights-evaluation
  4. With so many dumpster fires that we have traditionally fought recruits for — i.e. Penn St., Fichigan, Stanford, UCLA, etc., etc., should I feel: 1) optimistic that we’re going to start poaching more recruits, since to all appearances it appears our current staff player talent ID is freakin’ incredible in EVERY position group (except perhaps corners and special teams... even if Bramble can tackle lol); Or 2) skeptical because there’s more and more parity across D1 football and we should probably expect more Jacksonville St., Coastal Carolina type stories?!? I feel really split on
  5. (From a poster on UHND) Link: https://www.post-gazette.com/sports/Pitt/2020/10/25/notre-dame-pitt-football-uniforms-mark-whipple-pat-narduzzi/stories/202010250172 Cool, intelligent observations... some of my favorites: 1) on the Foskey punt block ND had adjusted to the Pitt punter’s run to the right rugby kicking style and stacked 2 players outside. Pitt kept one on the edge freeing up Foskey. 2) Book was 7/10 for some 160 yards when Pitt brought 5 or more; wasn’t sacked when they brought 5+; and he also had several rushes for chunks of positive yardage. Narduzzi was extremely c
  6. Anyone know why MTA isn’t listed on the two deep this week? Guessing it wasn’t just isolation, and if quarantined, might have more than mild symptoms... Thanks in advance for any help here...
  7. Anyone wonder if the major props Freshman Clarence Lewis has been getting the past couple weeks has anything to do with this?
  8. https://247sports.com/Article/Transfer-Portal-2019-tracker-Power-Five-names-players-destinations-134441755/ When does the athletic director 86 Shaw?
  9. https://247sports.com/Article/Best-true-freshmen-college-football-by-position-247Sports-All-American-Team-140139047/ Love watching him...
  10. Gold Stars: -Doerer (feeling a little more confident in our kicking game) -first half defensive strategy (keeping them in front and forcing the run hamstrung them) -Drew White (finally feeling like we have a solid MLB) -the reverse to Lenzy -the run game and stuffing 300 yds down USC’s throats, especially the last TD drive -which of course means Jones and the OL deserve some **Edit! - Totally forgot to give Hamilton the mad props due him for just being a beast at safety (think, barring injury, he’ll be a first rounder when he comes out) Frowny Faces: -The second ha
  11. Not upset that 2020 GA 5 star OL Myles Hinton verballed to Stanford today, but when looking at his offers, ND wasn't one of them! WTF Kid attends a Christian school, and almost every big hitting recruiting school (Alabama, USC, Michigan, OSU, Georgia, etc.) offered him... EXCEPT ND! Dumbfounding, especially since this kid is smart enough to get offered by Stanford. Didn't think this needed a separate thread, since it's just plain proof of ND's recruiting failures when talking about 5 star recruits! :puke:
  12. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/12/26/18133414/notre-dame-playoff-preview-defense Really enjoyed this thorough article...
  13. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2811749-justin-yoon-sets-records-at-notre-dame-while-staying-true-to-south-korean-roots?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_campaign=editorial&utm_medium=referral Great kid...
  14. Any chance the five star DE transferring from UCLA is on our radar?! Any chance he could be?! Would love to hear we’re after him, NoCal
  15. I’m going there... I predict Ian will not only play on Sundays, but be a great one — barring injury — because he has so much ‘it’ factor that he’ll figure it out. Best, Nostradamus
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